Origins of Islam and Muhammed Succession


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This slideshow is the third in a series of 4 Pecha Kucha style ppts created by a group of high school students in an attempt to represent their understanding of the Islamic faith.

All 4 ppts are part of an emerging collaboration project between a SE Asian and a Middle Eastern school aimed at fostering a greater understanding and tolerance of each others' faiths'.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the ppts are as constructive and diplomatic as possible some of the issues raised are undoubtedly controversial. If anyone who views this, or any of the other 3 ppts in this series, is offended by the content and feels the need to respond by all means do so. However, please bare in mind that the presentations were created by school students and are aimed at developing understanding and empathy through collaborative debate as opposed to fostering ill feeling and resentment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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  • While you mention that the prophet Mohammad is the only prophet this is true if you mention he is the last prophet out of a series of prophets in Islam.
    You then mention similarities between the Quran and the Bible. Your explanation of the creation story was well done; the fact that you mentioned the Quran’s explanations is true, because yes in fact in Islam the Quran is an extension of the Torah and the Bible (Anjeel). It came after those holy books.
    One very important point is that images/photos of the prophets whether its prophet Mohammad, Ibrahim, Jesus, etc, they are never portrayed into a concrete images. While prohibited is a strong word, they are not allowed. Think about it this way, if we all drew our interpretation of the prophet an image will be still in our memories, and since we are not sure of how he looked back then why make inaccurate assumptions. (This includes your image of Gabriel and Ibrahim).
    Then you discuss the differences between the Quran and Bible, we wanted to make sure you are aware that Ismail and Ibrahim are mentioned in the Quran, you mentioned the opposite. Please refer to Surat Al Saffat.
    Then you mention the conflict between the Sunni’s and Shiites. Yes, it is true the conflict occurred over Ali’s succession, and the ruling head is Ali for the Shiites, for Muslims it was the ruling Caliphs at the time, but this only applies to that time period. Additionally, successors are not limited to Sunni’s and Shiites but to all Muslims.
    We really liked how you ended our point about the ways in which Sunnis and Shiites are portrayed negatively on the media, especially when fighting breaks out between the two, and we tend to forget to mention the ones who really “live in harmony”, well said. Good job 
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Origins of Islam and Muhammed Succession

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