Wauwaa DrupalCamp Stockholm 2014


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Wauwaa.com case from DrupalCamp Stockholm 2014

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Wauwaa DrupalCamp Stockholm 2014

  1. 1. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Wauwaa Growing Babies – Growing Parents DrupalCamp Stockholm 15 March 2014
  2. 2. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com “Wauwaa is built on the premise of providing great content and curated products for new parents and growing families.”
  3. 3. Why Drupal?  Drupal was selected as it was fastest to implement the business case  Aggregated content mixed with flash sales e-commerce  Drupal set-up was quick and could be extended with minimal amount of coding  Alot of readymade modules, such as payment gateways, social media integrations, etc.
  4. 4. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com The Wauwaa model New parents Great products Genuine own content Medical advice Marketing Revenue Validation Comprehensive selection for all parenting needs Parent to parent videos and blogger network NHS partnership • UK median age 27.8 • Increasingly educated and affluent • 810K UK live births per annum - 560K firstborn babies • Average spend £5,200 in first year • UK birth rate highest in 40 years • 2nd highest in Europe • 2.4% and increasing
  5. 5. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Wauwaa timeline June 2013 Secured initial €395K funding 30 Oct 2013 Retail launch 18 Sept 2013 Site released with content Nov 2013 The Baby Show Dec 2013 Further €85K of shares sold to current investors Dec 2013 Surpassed 50 suppliers Dec 2013 Passed 2,500 social media followers followers Feb / Mar 2014 Over 12K Social followers 2,500 reg / users 100+ suppliers 1 day of revenue In MAR > JAN Jan 2014 Product and content expansion, always on sales added
  6. 6. The Major Components  Drupal + Drupal Commerce  Major modules: Views, SOLR, Drupal Commerce, Feeds, Rules, OneAll Social Login,AddThis, Cache Control  Varnish  eZ Marketing automation
  7. 7. Architecture Customers Tem Unifornuserexperience Internal systems External systemsBackendsystems SoMe Apache/Nginx Linux Content+products IntegrationsasDrupalmodules MySQL Datastorages System producedby Exove Drupal Cacheandloadbalancing SOLR Varnish Content Search Marketing automation Feeds
  8. 8. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Market and how do we approach it?
  9. 9. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Humanisation of commerce We approach and communicate with our users “personally” Content drives the Wauwaa experience across all mediums – a reason to visit, learn, laugh, share… and shop! • Social has less than 5 minute response times to posts or messages • We Engage with content and products throughout our social media presence • Product reviews and blogs from the parent community • Present our brands for what they are – special! • Proactive customer service communications about the status of your order. Written by a human, not a script, for the situation and person we are communicating with • No customer is unimportant! • We engage the user and do whatever we can / must to make sure they have an amazing experience. If we fail in any way we own that failure, tell them and make amends proactively! • We don’t die by the rules, we think on our feet and act as we would want to be treated One of our competitors claims that they are a part of the customers life. But all they offer is something to buy - shopping. If that is being part of your customers life, that seems a bit shallow…
  10. 10. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com How do we attract the customer? The “browse and discover” model • Provide merchandise that delivers value for money, quality and uniqueness • A constant “freshness” of products mixed with unique and interesting always available products • Make wauwaa.com a “HABIT” – Deliver a reason to visit every day, be that content viewership or shopping. Drive impulse discovery and buying behaviour. The visitor to the site does not have to be “intent” on buying. • Wauwaa serves the browse and discover shopper best but also will have a comprehensive offering across baby, toddler and kids so that the shopper has confidence that they can get what they need
  11. 11. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Content difference We create and use great content to add value to the user and open completely unique marketing opportunities... Creating or curating great content isn’t easy but it is worthwhile... Increases our discovery reach – Services like Taboola Diversifies the marketing message from “BUY” to “Learn” Gives the user another reason to visit the site and share Social media engagement is increased through content We approach content through three main drivers - Own production “Parents for Parents” talking about their experiences - Bloggers Diverse topics, reach through their networks, curated by us - Licensed In our case the NHS Content library of videos
  12. 12. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Combining great blogs, own videos and NHS content gives us breadth and increased marketing reach Wauwaa produced video example
  13. 13. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Combining great blogs, own videos and NHS content gives us breadth and increased marketing reach NHS Licensed content video example
  14. 14. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Combining great blogs, own videos and NHS content gives us breadth and increased marketing reach Wauwaa Blogger content example
  15. 15. Encountered Hurdles  Salesisbasedonshorttermsaleseventwithlimitedstock,thusstockneedsto alteredwhenmovingitemstoandfrotheshoppingcart  UsedRulestocreatesystemforstockchangesandhandledvariousedgecases–such ascartexpiration,logout,productamountchanges  Customised'AddtoCart'implementation  Frontpagemustbedynamicandbasedpartiallyonaggregatedcontent  Systemtofetchalternatecontentusingmultipleviewsresultsets  Neededdynamicmenusystembasedontaxonomytermusage  CustommoduleformultitermURLaliasingandforrebuildingthemenustructurewhen modifyingnodes  eZMarketingAutomationintegrationdemandedalotofcustomcoding  DrupalCommercestillabitstiffforourpurposes  Neededpatchingandsomehacks
  16. 16. Successes  Drupal Commerce integrates with Rules very well  No need for much custom code for non-typical business case  Payment system integration was smooth – we use WorldPay  Checkout flow is done mostly using Views, easy to modify to meet the needs  Blog feeds aggregation was done quickly, very little custom code needed, used Feeds and Feeds Tamper modules  Agile project execution -> value to the customer
  17. 17. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Wauwaa in numbers60,000+ site visits 74% uniques 26% repeats 14,000+ social media followers 16team members 100+brands sold 16bloggers under contract 37M+ Content campaign impressions EUR470K+ Current funding 45,000+ blogger impressions 209,000+ nursery industry PR coverage 26% open rate for newsletters 0.4% opt-outs
  18. 18. 5 4 3 2 1 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Wauwaa is well positioned to succeed: Multi million € fragmented market Fresh, innovative and genuine Proven team with global track record of success Achievements outperform expectations Parents must spend on their children
  19. 19. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com “Wauwaa – from parents for all your parenting needs.”
  20. 20. 19/3/14 © wauwaa.com Thank You!!! Ivan Lopez i@wauwaa.com / +44 7907 798 314