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Drupal 8 - What to learn from Symfony

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Drupal 8 is based on Symfony framework. What are the key pieces to learn for Drupal developers?

Drupal 8 is based on Symfony framework. What are the key pieces to learn for Drupal developers?

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  • 1. DRUPAL 8 – WHAT TO LEARN FROM SYMFONY? Joonas Iivonen Senior Developer
  • 2. Symfony2 in D8  Drupal 8 will use Symfony components… What does that mean?  Go and check D8’s core/vendor/symfony and core/vendor/symfony-cmf  What of that do we need to learn in order to start developing modules for Drupal 8?
  • 3. OO, Namespaces,…  Ok, not really Symfony  Drupal 8 is much more Object-Oriented and uses Namespace than before  Most of configuration is in YAML files
  • 4. Routing  No more paths in hook_menu().  Routing matches Request to a Response Imagesource:https://drupal.org/developing/api/8/routing
  • 5. Routing  Routing file modules/example/example.routing.yml  Or routing method returning an array of SymfonyComponentRoutingRoute objects or a SymfonyComponentRoutingRouteCollection object  Also possible to alter routes by extending DrupalCoreRoutingRouteSubscriberBase
  • 6. Services  Services are decoupled reusable functionalities like database or emailer  Modules can define services in modules/example/example.services.yml file  Services are provided to objects using dependency injection
  • 7. Twig  Ok, not really Symfony again  Twig is the new templating engine  Much nicer than the old PHP templates
  • 8. PHPUnit  Yes. This is not Symfony either  Simpletest is still used for web tests and DrupalUnitTests that need Drupal  Real unit testing uses PHPUnit
  • 9. And there is more  Symfony  EventDispatcher  ClassLoader  Validator  Translation  Process  Serializer  Composer  Doctrine / Annotations  Guzzle, HTTP client  Assetic  EasyRDF  PSR-3 logging  Zend / Feed + all the new or changed Drupal concepts like Plugins, Entity API, Fields, Forms…
  • 10. Drupal 8 is coming.