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Full Slide Deck of slides used at the General Physics Sales Conference in Novemeber 2011. Based around three components: …

Full Slide Deck of slides used at the General Physics Sales Conference in Novemeber 2011. Based around three components:
What is SharePoint
Why do organizations want to use SharePoint
What does General Physics offer our customers
Great session which not only answered questions around the SharePoint platform but also inspired meaningful dialogue afterwards on ways that the platform can be deployed to assist their clients.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2010, Information Workers are can set up web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.
  • The SharePoint Platform is divided into 6 areas:Sites - provides a single infrastructure for business Web sites. Share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information to customers.Communities - delivers great collaboration tools—and a single platform to manage them. Making it easy for people to share ideas and work together the way they want.Content - makes content management easy. Set up compliance measures ”behind the scenes”—with features like document types, retention polices, and automatic content sorting—and then let people work naturally in Microsoft Office.Search - cuts through the clutter. A unique combination of relevance, refinement, and social cues helps people find the information and contacts they need to get their jobs done.Insights - gives everyone access to the information in databases, reports, and business applications. Help people locate the information they need to make good decisions.Composites - offers tools and components for creating do-it-yourself business solutions. Build no-code solutions to rapidly respond to business needs.​
  • The reasons for using SharePoint varies dependent upon the group using the platform. In the SharePoint community there are three main groups that are targeted for using SharePoint 2010. Those being End Users, IT Professionals and Developers.
  • For End Users SharePoint 2010 helps them and their team work better, faster, and smarter. Access the right people and information at the right time to make better decisions and get the job done. Plus, work comfortably and confidently in SharePoint 2010 with a familiar interface and direct connections to Microsoft Office. Specifically they want to:Work Better Together – They want to be able to connect with their colleagues in new and creative ways. Easily find and work with people who have the right skills, expertise and shared interests.Work Faster – They want to be more productive. SharePoint 2010 works seamlessly with technologies they are familiar with and currently use, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Unified Communications.Work Smarter – They want to make better business decisions. And easily find the correct business information-regardless of who created it, what format it’s in, or where it resides.
  • SharePoint 2010 delivers a powerful, easy-to-deploy infrastructure that can help them make their company more productive. Flexible deployment options let allow them to customize the system so that people can do their jobs effectively in a secure environment. Plus, with centralized administration and management features, they can be confident knowing that they maintain control over a system that is ready to respond to any business need.Be More Productive – SharePoint 2010 gives deeper insight into operations. Features include an easy-to-use Central Administration Web site, new capabilities to manage and monitor SharePoint farms, and Microsoft Windows PowerShell support.Managed a Unified, Scalable Infrastructure – SharePoint 2010 provides a single, scalable infrastructure that allows better control over server resources. For example, they can manage large lists more easily and improve data management and protection using high availability. Scalable services architecture also helps them centralize services like Search, My Sites, and Taxonomy. These services can be managed through Central Administration and scripted by Windows PowerShell. Plus, because the architecture is extensible, third-party companies can build and add services to the platform.Maintain Control with Flexible Deployment Options - SharePoint 2010 provides a simple installation and configuration process, including a smooth upgrade from SharePoint 2007. Also, new features help manage how their people use SharePoint 2010. For example, someone can allow site administrators to upload custom code with Sandbox Solutions. They also have more control over how the system is set up: If they want to maintain a centralized SharePoint system, they can block decentralized deployments through Group Policy or track them with Active Directory marker support.
  • Developers - With SharePoint 2010, a development team can build custom applications and components to rapidly respond to business needs. With familiar tools, it’s easy to create Web Parts, external content types, and workflow activities for use in SharePoint solutions. A full set of extensibility APIs also lets them customize their SharePoint implementations. What’s more, they can count on community support and training opportunities to help them do their work in SharePoint quickly and effectively.Be More Productive - ​Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 gives them a complete set of project templates, designers, and packaging tools for SharePoint 2010 solutions. Plus, they can install SharePoint 2010 on Microsoft Windows 7, making it easier than ever to develop SharePoint applications.Fully Use Platform Services - SharePoint 2010 helps them build powerful business solutions using new features such as Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to SharePoint, OData Services, and the Client Object Model. They can also use Business Connectivity Services to pull external data, complete with read/write capability, into SharePoint 2010.Deploy and Monitor Flexible Solutions - SharePoint 2010 delivers on the promise of flexible deployment options: Use Sandbox Solutions to limit code CPU time, Microsoft SQL Server execution time, and exception handling. Take advantage of the Microsoft Silverlight Web Part and the Client Object Model to offload custom code from the server. Plus, use these same technologies to deploy custom code to SharePoint Online.
  • We offer a full range of SharePoint Services:Hosting – As a core part of the business we offer world class best of breed hosting services of SharePoint deployments for customers.Implementation – We are able to offer the complete installation of a SharePoint farm for our customers, be it small, medium or large farm topographies.Upgrade – We are able to upgrade a customer’s current SharePoint environment from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010Development – We have SharePoint developers on staff who are able to customize SharePoint farms, forms, web parts, lists and libraries.Training – We offer premier customized SharePoint training for our customers. This training is full lifecycle training from end users, to IT Professionals to Developers.Consulting – We are also able to offer consultation services in the areas of:User Adoption – Getting the user base to use the platformGovernance – Setting up the Rules of Engagement for monitoring and using the platform.Usability – Showing ways that business processes and practices can be optimized through the use of SharePoint.Best Practices – Providing customized targeted best practices for the customers’ implementation of SharePoint.


  • 2. OUTLINE • What is SharePoint? • Why Do Organizations Want to Use SharePoint? • What Does General Physics’ SharePoint Practice Offer Our Customers? 2
  • 5. WHAT IS SHAREPOINT? • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. 5
  • 7. OUTLINE • What is SharePoint? • Why Do Organizations Want to Use SharePoint? • What Does General Physics’ SharePoint Practice Offer Our Customers? 7
  • 9. WHY DO ORGANIZATIONS WANT TO USE SHAREPOINT? End Users SharePoint IT 2010 Professionals Developers 9
  • 10. THREE TARGETED GROUPS FOR SHAREPOINT • Work Better Together • Work Faster • Work Smarter End Users 10
  • 11. THREE TARGETED GROUPS FOR SHAREPOINT • Be More Productive • Manage A Unified Scalable, Infrastructure • Maintain Control with Flexible Deployment Options IT Professionals 11
  • 12. THREE TARGETED GROUPS FOR SHAREPOINT • Be More Productive • Fully use Platform Services • Deploy and Monitor Flexible Solutions Developers 12
  • 13. OUTLINE • What is SharePoint? • Why Do Organizations Want to Use SharePoint? • What Does General Physics’ SharePoint Practice Offer Our Customers? 13
  • 15. WE OFFER A FULL RANGE OF SHAREPOINT SERVICES Hosting Consulting Implementation Training Upgrade Development
  • 16. OUTLINE • What is SharePoint? • Why Do Organizations Want to Use SharePoint? • What Does General Physics’ SharePoint Practice Offer Our Customers? 16