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A list of books for sale

A list of books for sale

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  • 1. TITLE AUTHOR CONDITION TYPE PRICE ON OFFER NEW Effective Coaching Myles Downey G PB £6.99 £2 The Portable Coach Thomas Leonard VG HB £15.99 £6 NLP Workbook Josepth O’Connor G PB £12.99 £5 Co-Active Coaching Laura Whitworth G HB £30 £5 Tales for Trainers Margaret parkin G PB £18.99 £4 Masters of Networking Ivan Misner G PB 12.99 £3 Counting Chickens Phil Olley G PB £14.99 £3 Thinking Styles Fiona Beddoes-Jones G PB £9.99 £3 Effective Teambuilding John Adair G PB £5.99 £1 NLP for lazy learning Diana Beaver G PB £8.99 £2 The 6 Success Strategies for Winning Wolf Rinke G PB £17.99 £1 at Life, Love and Business And Death Came Third (networking Andy Lopata G PB £14.95 £5 and public speaking) Fearless Living Rhonda Britten G PB £7.99 £1 Bare Knuckle Selling Simon Hazeldine G PB £25 £7 Bare Knuckle Negotiating Simon Hazeldine G PB £15 £7 Positivity Barbara Fredrickson G HB £16.99 £7 Outliers Malcolm Gladwell G HB £16.99 £5 The Power of Your Subconcious Mind Joseph Murphy G PB £7.99 £2 Self Coaching-How to Heal Anxiety Joseph Luciani G PB £9.95 £2 and Depression Solutions Focus Paul Jackson G PB £16.99 £5 Tales For Coaching Margaret Parkin G PB £16.99 £5 Blink Malcolm Gladwell VG PB £9.99 £1 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell G PB £7.99 £1 Test and Assess Your Brain Quotient Philip Carter VG PB £8.99 £3 Embracing Uncertainty Susan Jeffers G PB £8.99 £1 Body language Allan Pease G PB £7.99 £1 The Architecture of All Abundance Lenedra Carroll G PB £12.99 £3 Persuasion James Borg VG PB £9.99 £3 You Can Have What You Want Michael Neill G PB £9.99 £3 Leadership For The Ages David Hanna G HD £19.99 £3 Mind Watching Hans Eysenck G PB £7.99 £2 The Big Book of Team Building Games John Newstrom G PB £15.99 £5 Leading Your Team Andrew leigh G PB £12.99 £3 The Weekend Life Coach Lynda Field G PB £8.99 £2 Unlimieted Power Tony Robbins OK PB £8.99 £1 Awaken the Giant Within Tony Robbins G PB £8.99 £1 Get Clients Now C J Hayden G PB £15.99 £3 NLP at Work Sue Knight G PB £14.99 £3 Niche marketing for Coaches Hannah McNamara VG PB £14.99 £5 Mindstore for Personal Development Jack Black OK PB £6.99 £1 Mindstore Jack Black OK PB £6.99 £1 Letting Go Of The Words (web Janice Redish VG PB £29.99 £10 content writing) Running a Limited Company David Impey G PB £10.99 £2
  • 2. Marketing With Email Shannon Kinnard G PB £19.99 £5 Creating a Life Worth Living Carol Lloyd G PB £14.99 £3 Why Choose This Book Read Montague G HB £20.99 £4 The Selfish Gene Richard dawkins G PB £8.99 £2 You’re Too Kind Richard Stengal G PB £6.99 £1 The Wisdom paradox Elkhonon Goldberg G HB £10.99 £3 Business The Richard Branson Way Des Dearlove VG PB £9.99 £2 Business The Bill Gates Way Des Dearlove VG PB £9.99 £2 What Do I Do When I Want To Do Barbara Sher G PB £10.99 £3 Everything The MindMap Book Tony Buzan G PB £14.99 £3 Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Jackie Arnold VG PB £14.99 £5 Workplace Confidence Rob Teung VG PB £9.99 £2 Coaching For Performance John Whitmore G PB £12.99 £3 The Secret Rhonda Byrne VG HB £12.99 £5 The marketing Secrets of a multi- Jonathon jay VG PB £9.99 £2 millionaire Entrepreneur