How to Harness the Power of Promotional Products


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This presentation was given at ProFest 2012, Promotional Products Tradeshow in Wayne, NJ. The presenter and Master Advertising Specialist, outlines how you can harness the power of promotional products and add them into your marketing mix, particularly at trade shows.

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  • Versus just 33% for print, 27% for TV and 11% for online advertisers Versus just 7% who do so after seeing a commercialVersus just 68% for TV, 60% for print and 31% for online ads
  • How to Harness the Power of Promotional Products

    1. 1. How to Harness the Power of Promotional Products Presented by Joel Schaeffer Wednesday, April 25, 2012 ExhibitCraft Headquarters Wayne, NJ (973) 686-9393
    2. 2. Come To Your Senses Can you taste an apple on your Apple ? Can you feel soft on Microsoft ? Can you smell the roses on ? Can you hear the news in the newspaper? Can you remember the Super Bowl commercial ? Can get a hole in one with postcard ? Can you promote a brand by wearing a magazine ? Do you recall the last billboard you saw ? Dimensional EngagementMore relevant today than yesterday, in a digital age people will crave a tangible dimensional experience with your brand. (973) 686-9393
    3. 3. What Mad Men Can DoWhat Promo Consultants Can Do (973) 686-9393
    4. 4. A 2007 study conducted by Microsoft and Starcom10 – 15% of adults between the ages of 17 and 35 go out of their way to dodge traditional advertising, branding them “Ad Avoiders” (973) 686-9393
    5. 5. Fundamental Advertising Strategy Awareness Interest Desire Action This core strategy engages the target‟s mind, advances your objectives and incites them to the desired end. A Different Business Model The Advertising Agency The core competency is delivering the creative concept, and executing the campaign. There is a fee for every element of development and execution. Their work concentrates in sales and marketing of goods and services. The Promotional AgencyThe core competency is delivering the creative concept and executingthe campaign. There is rarely a fee for the creative and remunerationis built into the execution. Their work applies to a variety of business needs and applications. (973) 686-9393
    6. 6. Service Ad Agency Promo Agency Provides Fee Provides FeeCreative  YES  NOCampaign  YES  NODesign  YES  NOSourcing  YES  NOProduction  YES  NOSupervisionGlobal Sourcing  NO  NOSatisfaction NO  NO (973) 686-9393
    7. 7. Advantages Audience Focused Tangible and long-lasting Impact easily measured Easily distributed (viral) Higher perceived value Complements targeted marketing Complements other advertising media (973) 686-9393
    8. 8. Resources• Over 5,000 manufacturers worldwide• Over 2,000 exclusive manufacturers• Five star rated sources• Global sourcing capabilities• On-line search engines not available to the public• Product designers & engineers in every substrate• Hundreds of dedicated artists & creative talent• Warehouse and fulfillment• Company stores (973) 686-9393
    9. 9. Promotional Agencies Engage Your Key AssetsAPPRECIATEREINFORCE MOTIVATE RECOGNIZE EDUCATE A.R.M.E.R. (973) 686-9393
    10. 10. Promotion Marketing Engagement Ring SALES Key Accounts Volume Loyalty COMMUNITY PR MARKETING Events Advertising Goodwill Promotion Shareholders Premium SALES COMMUNITY MARKETINGCONSUMER HUMAN HUMAN Loyalty RESOURCES CONSUMER RESOURCES Demand Recruitment Satisfaction Retention PRODUCTION Wellness PRODUCTION Safety Productivity Zero Defects (973) 686-9393
    11. 11. Promotions Build Trade Show Traffic (973) 686-9393
    12. 12. Seven “Deadly Sins”1. Failing to Craft a Trade Show Plan with Quantifiable Objectives.2. Neglecting to Develop a Detailed Trade Show Budget.3. Limiting Time to Produce Your Booth, Printed Materials, and Promotional Items.4. Not Training Booth Staff.5. Collecting Inconsistent or Incomplete Lead Information6. Waiting Too Long or Not Doing Lead Follow-up.7. Failing to Complete a Show Evaluation. (973) 686-9393 12
    13. 13. Booth Traffic”The average person is inclined to make a preliminary decision as towhether to stop in your booth or not 15 feet before getting to yourbooth.(Trade Show Bureau) •People attract people •Promotions attract people •Pre show attracts people (973) 686-9393 13
    14. 14. Creative Program Program GraphicConsulting Development Management Custodian Supplier Global Production Guided IdentificationSourcing Supervision Delivery & Selection State & Inventory Re Order CPSA Federal control Benefits Compliance Dispute Brick & Satisfaction Resolution Mortar Guarantee (973) 686-9393
    15. 15. Premiums & Promotions Influence PromotionsIn Pack On Pack Dealer LoaderIn The Mail Consumer Premium (973) 686-9393
    16. 16. Premiums & Promotions Build Brand Loyalty (973) 686-9393
    17. 17. Long Term Exposure & ValueIn May of 2008 a colorfully decorated tin serving tray featuring a partially cladyoung woman as the central image sold at Morphy Auctions for $16,100.Morphy‟s also auctioned a lithographed tin Coca-Cola tray illustrated with a„Gibson Girl‟ drinking a glass of Coca-Cola dating to the 1890s for $12,075 inSeptember, 2008. Older calendars, vending machines, and clocks represent justa few of the other Coca-Cola collectibles selling for a pretty penny these days.( (973) 686-9393
    18. 18. What is a Promotional Product?Items used to promote a product, service orcompany program including:• advertising specialties• premiums• incentives• business gifts• awards• prizes• commemoratives• other imprinted or decorated items (973) 686-9393
    19. 19. ***Numbers Don‟t Lie *** 2009 study, conducted by PPAI and fielded through MarketTools, Inc. More than half of consumers have a favorable impression of the advertiser on a promotional product 20% of consumers make a purchase after receiving a promotional product 83% of consumers could recall an advertiser from a promotional product 8 out of 10 people like receiving promotional products, while 7 out of 10 people find online advertising annoying (973) 686-9393
    20. 20. ***Synergy *** (promotional products even play well with others!)2006 study proves the addition of promotional products actually increases favorability ratings toward print and television ads Adding a promotional product to the media mix (print and television) increased brand interest (69 percent) and a good impression of the brand (84 percent). Integrating a promotional product with television and print also increased referral value by 52 percent and message credibility by 60 percent. Source: 2006 study of 18-34 year olds conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio (973) 686-9393
    21. 21. Thank You If you’d like to learn more about how you can incorporate promotional products into your marketing mix, contactExhibitCraft at (973) 686-9393 or Twitter: @ExhibitCraft Facebook: Youtube: (973) 686-9393