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Slideshare fa 12

  1. 1. Slideshare: Social PresentationsMelanie Houle (leader), Julie Stubbs, Glenda Watkins
  2. 2. What it is...Slideshare is a presentation media that allowsyou to quickly and easily share presentations,complete with voice narration, across manyplatforms.It allows both private sharing via intranets, orpublic sharing via the internet and social mediasites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zing.
  3. 3. What makes it differentSlideShare allowsfor easy embedding inweb pages.It has streamlinedintegration of YouTube, PDFs and otherdocuments.Integrated MP3 audio allows for a "webinar"format.
  4. 4. Sharing PlatformIts most important feature is the SlideSharecommunity.This hosting platform allows your SlideCast totake advantage of Social Media to reach a wideaudience.
  5. 5. To start using SlideShareSlideShare is an online platform available onyour PC or mobile deviceCreate an account at www.slideshare.netUpload your PowerPoint or Google DocspresentationStart sharing
  6. 6. Lets Get Started.....● Go to● Set up a free user account● Upload your slide presentation file ○ can upload publicly or privately ○ add a title, description and category● Slideshare can support files made from ○ Microsoft Powerpoint ○ PDF ○ Apple Keynote ○ Open office● Once downloaded the files will be stored under "My Uploads"
  7. 7. Want to add audio to yourpresentation?● Create an MP3 file ○ one recommended site is● Recording the MP3 file while viewing slides on the computer
  8. 8. Synchronize your audio with yourslides...● Return to● Access your saved slideshow presentation● Click on add audio ○ upload your MP3 file from your computer● Slideshare will then allow you to manually synch the two (slideshow with audio)
  9. 9. Audio plus Visual Gives an Amazing Presentation Slide MP3 file Presentation Slidecast
  10. 10. Uses in the Virtual ClassroomWithin the classroom setting I plan to useSlideshare to:● Upload presentations about certain topics being presented in class● Upload Powerpoints, PDF files, and other documents such as Word, Excel, and text files.● Have students search for specific issues and share with the class
  11. 11. Uses in the Virtual Classroom Contd● Download files so that students may view its original content● Produce webinars and slidecasts by adding voice
  12. 12. Impact on Virtual ClassroomWithin the virtual classroom slideshare willenhance how information can be presented anddistributed to all students. Slideshare willexpose the students to additional resourcesand allow those resources to reach a largertarget audience. It will also allow the studentsto revisit topics and presentations that havebeen presented in class. For many, this featurewill augment their ability to properly prepare forclass.
  13. 13. Useful Sites
  14. 14. DisclaimerThis slideshare presentation can only be usedfor education purposes with proper referencegiven to the makers.