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Exenta is a unique platform that integrates and automates the entire workforce management into a one-stop business intelligence system. The application is comprised of twenty well-defined modules that can categorically track, optimize and control every aspect of talent management. Each module has a comprehensible dashboard, simple and straightforward UI and most importantly customizable reports.

1. Applicant Tracking and Recruiting – this module tracks and analyses the overall hiring process including job postings, candidates and even the interviews.

2. Onboarding – a tool that can set up a dynamic onboarding process for the new recruits and monitor the efficacy of the process.

3. Time And Attendance – this module tracks employee timings and attendance and analyses how time translates to the performance of various departments.

4. Document Management – a digital filing system assisting office documentation especially the employee documents and various other statutory documents related to HR.

5. Asset Management – a system that can store, track and valuate the various assets used by the organization and employees.

6. Performance Management – a platform to track the performance and develop the productivity of teams and individuals in a live environment.

7. Benefits Administration – this module manages various benefits your organization offers to the employees.

8. Compensation Management – a sophisticated UI for managing the payroll and related activities for employees.

9. Travel Management – a module that can assist, record and track all official travels, hotel bookings and travel reimbursements etc.

10. Conveyance Management – this module manages all records related to daily employee transportation, and helps to analyse cost per head.

11. Transaction Management—this module manages records related to employee movements, transfers, team changes and role changes in the organization.

12. Separation Management- documents the exits and terminations of employees and helps in assessing the impact on organization.

13. Learning Management – a module that helps to plan, execute and evaluate various employee trainings required in the organization.

14. Knowledge Management- a module that encourages knowledge sharing across organization.

15. Bulletin Board – this module displays the news updates and events updates related to the organization.

16. Dashboard – this module provides a graphical representation of status and trends of various processes in the organization.

17. Employee Self Service – a web-interface which provides employees an access to their own information with options to add or edit details or request certain support.

18. Staff Information System – an interface that manages the collective data related to employees’ personal and professional information.

19. Helpdesk – a ticket based support system for resolving various HR related issues that an employee may face.

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Exenta HRMS Software Brochure

  1. 1. Exenta Human Capital Management Simplify Your Workforce xentaeSimplify Your Workforce
  2. 2. The success of an organization lies in the hands of an effective and efficient workforce. In order to keep up with the ever grow- ing targets and standards of an organization, there is an urgent need for competent capital management. Factors such as assessing the organization’s needs, getting best people to fulfill them, providing a harness to that potential along with success- fully managing the workforce is one of the biggest challenges faced by Human Resource managers. With today’s unpredictable and chaotic work environment, human resource managers are always on a lookout for an efficacious, innovative and realistic solution in order to manage their workforce. Employees need to be consistently monitored and evaluated with a view to bring out the best in them and align their goals with those of the organization. For this very purpose, human resource managers need information to help them to make the right decisions, in taking the organization forward. As we believe in achieving workforce excellence to propel the organization towards the future, we have researched and developed Exenta, a unique human capital management prod- uct with user friendly features and well defined strategies. This will enable your organization to bring out the expected results in terms of employee performance as required irrespective of the company size and workforce number. With Exenta, your human resource department can operate well to develop and deliver programs to improve the workforce productivity. EXENTA ALL THAT YOU NEED AND MORE With the role of employees becoming very critical for an orga- nization and its growth there cannot be any room for error when it comes to managing them. Human resource processes have become very challenging therefore no organization can afford to ignore it. Exenta offers excellent solutions to handle the organization’s everyday activities ranging from employee attendance, compensation, schedules, benefits, recruitments, onboarding and training among the various others. Exenta is empowered with exciting workforce metrics that facilitate your Human Resource teams with critical indicators and Knowledge Performance Indicators, enabling them to take well informed decisions at the right time. Employees are also able to handle their own personal information, ensuring all data is accurate and undeviating. Exenta’s capabilities do not stop with contouring economically and efficiently the managerial aspects of the workforce as it also enables the company utilize the potential of its workforce to its maximum. With Exenta’s remarkable features, Human Resource managers can keep a track of their team activities, targets, achievements along with keeping an eye on every individual member’s skill, availability and other attributes.
  3. 3. Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Onboarding Time and Attendance Document Management Asset Management Performance Management Benefits Administration Compensation Management Travel Management Conveyance Management Transaction Management Separation Management Learning Management Knowledge Management Bulletin Board Dashboard Employee Self Service Staff Information System Helpdesk Workflow Automation Tracks and manages the overall hiring process Adding of employees into the organization’s environment Tracks employee timings, attendance and leave management Digital filing system for employee and other statutory documents Stores, tracks and maps the assets used by employees in the organization Manages annual appraisals KRA, goals and project based performance leading to E-compensation Manages various benefits the organization plans for the employees Manages employee payroll, income tax, statutory payments, organizational claims and reimbursements Manages and plans travel and travel reimbursements Manages records related to employee transportation Manages employee movements, transfers, team and role changes in the organization Manages the exit and termination of the employees Plans, executes , evaluates various employee trainings Encourages knowledge sharing across organization Displays the day to day news updates Graphical representation of the current status, trends in an organization Web interface for employees to access to their own information Interface to manage collective data related to employees’ personal and profes- sional information Ticket based support system for resolving various issues faced by an employee Provides a direction towards the flow of work procedures and authority Module Features EXENTA- MODULES
  4. 4. 3 Module Exenta Lite Exenta Gold Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Employee Onboarding SIS ( Staff information System) Time & Attendance Performance Management Compensation Management Transaction Management Separation Management Asset Management Training Management ESS ( Employee Portal) Benefits Administration Conveyance Management Travel Management Work Flow Automation Knowledge Management Help Desk Document Management Bulletin Board Dashboard Exenta is available in two versions: Exenta Lite and Exenta Gold
  5. 5. 4 Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Exenta’s Applicant Tracking and Recruitment module is an ‘intelligent platform’ meant to simplify your candidate management and overall hiring process. It is proven to be a powerful and user-friendly tool for hiring the right talent. Right from job posting to hiring, the platform takes care of every single operation. Job vacancies can be composed and posted on to various career portals and even to social media sites like LinkedIn. Job advertise- ments can be tracked for their performance. Resumes can be stored and analysed for short listing the right candidates. Interviews can be scheduled and the perfor- mance of the candidates can be compared and evalu- ated. Additionally, this module can handle campus interviews, Internal Job Postings (IJP), and recruitment agencies effectively. Apart from these functionalities, the module can create customized reports so that you are always in control of your hiring process. Onboarding Exenta’s Onboarding module is an impeccable tool that can expedite your onboarding process. This module helps to maintain a dynamic environment right from a well-planned and organized joining day till the employee settles down properly. Every special accesses, logins, permissions and integrations can be well-defined in advance. Seating arrangement and logistics can be planned and readied through the system. Employee data and paper works are well managed and background verification is automated. Employee Induction is another key feature of this module, which accounts for faster acquaintance to the new environment and job profile. Every employee in the onboarding process can be tracked and monitored through a dashboard. In short, this module offers unlimited scope to your company as well as the new employee with a well-dealt onboarding that ensures maximum productivity in minimum time. Also manages the existing employees in the organiza- tion. Staff Information System Exenta’s Staff Information module is a central repository of employee data, customizable and controllable, retriev- able and reportable. It not only stores the data but also processes the data helping in exclusive decision making. The primary use of SIS is to help managers gather infor- mation at a click. Be it leave reports, attendance report, skill metrics, health records, or monetary data, informa- tion is available whenever required. Employee specific as well as departmental data is available at fingertips. Since it is inevitable to collect and store information about your employees, using an intelligent system like SIS will not only streamline the information, but also provide you with key aspects to drive your employee management and services to the next level. Time and Attendance Time and Attendance module does much more than just presiding over the employee in and out timings, as it can discreetly use the information to assess the operational efficiency of various departments and help planning project timelines. This feature-packed module does allow you to exert full control over your employee working hours by planning and maintaining shifts, configure attendance rules, define and maintain multi- location holidays, assist in leave encashment process, manage overtime, help managers to review team atte- ndance and much more. Through its customized repor- ting various insights can be drawn with regards to the performance of each employee, team, department and overall company. This tool would be a great addition for assessing your company’s productivity rather than simply tracking who’s in or who’s out. What this tool vows you is scalability, timeliness and a deadline-driven performance tracking. Exenta facilitates information for better decision making, boosting your organization's growth
  6. 6. 5 Performance Management Exenta’s Performance Management module is power-packed with great features, an excellent Graphical User Interface and an intuitive dashboard. The whole aim of this module is to constantly track the performance and develop the capabilities of teams. With this tool you can plan your own strategy for performance review by clearly defining objectives for individu- als as well as teams, tracking their progress. You can highlight Key Result Areas, add remarks for an employee that can help the final review and track the performance throughout the year through an intuitive GUI and reports. Later, a complete, quick and hassle free appraisal is possible through customizable web based appraisal forms, which can be reviewed either by a single manager or multiple managers. Based on the review, the module can plan the E-compensation by considering factors such as company budget, base salary, bonus and incentives etc. The tool can also define requirement of training wherever necessary. Compensation Management Compensation Management defines itself with multifunctional components neatly bundled on a clean interface. As an integrated system, this module smartly unifies everything related to payroll, such as tax constituents, salary components, deductions, advance pays, loans, claims, reimbursements and more. The module directly interfaces with the accounts team and all sorts of statutory reports and salary slips can be gener- ated quickly and distributed among the organization with a click. The module is a result of extensive research and hence compatible to any market, irrespective of the location or size of your company. The design complements the functionalities and makes your job simple. Transaction Management Transaction Management is a distinctive module Exenta has for you. This module is unique as it helps you manage the move- ments of employees between branch offices, departments etc. This module can effectively manage probations, contract extensions, promotions, transfers, retirements, exits etc., by simplifying the documentation and reviewing processes. As a module Transaction Management helps its users to create transaction requests, notify concerned managers, capture the approvals on the interface, attach necessary documentations and display the progress of the transfer in the dashboard. Separation Management Exenta’s Separation Management module helps you to manage the employee exit process with precision. Through that module you can initiate the whole separation process, lead the employee through the formalities, capture through important documentations, switch off the various permissions and accesses to confidential areas at work, receive and record the valuable feedback from the employee about the company and finally, initiate succession planning in order to fill the gap. With reports and analytics, this module can highlight areas of improvement based on the exiting employees’ feedback. Asset Management Exenta’s Asset Management module is a thorough platform that can closely manage, monitor and deploy various exclusive assets of your organization, while keeping the cost minimal yet the management, simplest. This module helps to manage and track what assets you have, where the assets are, how much they cost, and who uses them. It’s easy to use and can be customized for any industry or sector you are in. It has the ability to attach owner’s manuals, pictures, notes and more as per your convenience. The module also has capability to manage vendors of these assets, maintain service history, request more assets, register service requests etc. A beautifully designed User Interface and detailed reporting options are highlights of this module.
  7. 7. Knowledge Management This is a knowledge-share platform that can promote relevant knowledge across your organization. This platform allows authorized employees to post significant articles or other infor- mation that can be accessed by everyone in your company. This tool can create multiple accesses, define authorities for approving articles, allow ratings and comments on articles, search articles, and archive the articles as per categories. This platform provides for great information flow within the organi- zation, while passively reducing the training time for employ- ees. Workflow Automation With Exenta’s Workflow Automation, various processes in your organization can be put through a definite movement, adding clarity and cutting time and cost. Through this system you can define the flow of various activities, with respective depart- ments, involve in its operation, along with approval and opera- tional requirements. This module is interrelated with various other modules as functional workflow is defined for every module with an excellent UI. This module comes in handy for quick decision making as well as easy understanding of the system. Help Desk Help Desk is an essential ticket based support system which your employees can use for easy bug reporting, IT issues, and other support and service request creation. This tool has features to set priority of request and open, re-open, close and work assign options. Through this tool a request can not only be raised, but also be tracked for its resolution duration, support agent’s performance, departmental response time etc. Document Management Through Exenta’s Document Manager, storing, sharing and retrieving digital documents becomes an easy task. Through this module employees in your organization can create, share and collaborate over various documents. This system provides storage, versioning, metadata, security, indexing as well as retrieval capabilities to those documents. Users can create folders, define access to folders and documents, and even set up alerts for any changes. Bulletin Board Bulletin Board is a centralized interface which contains posts related to any public message; announce events, post comments, tag departments etc. This is a crucial messaging tool for easy broadcasting of public information. This tool can also post messages specific to group of individuals or specific department. DashBoard A dashboard is a smart junction where all your workforce trends are summarized for quick analysis. It contains updates from various other modules, quick-links to various outstanding matters, what-if scenarios, easy report access and other real- time information displayed in a strategically designed interface for an at glance understanding. The dashboard is highly personalized, to provide managers easy comprehension of their department related matters. Users can drill-down, filter, slice and search data as required. In short, Dashboard is one crucial module that can quickly take you to what needs your attention most at any given point of time.
  8. 8. 7 Exenta HCM provides you the benefits You can consistently achieve corporate objectives by aligning your workforce objectives with organizational objectives. Helps you find the best people and leverage their talent to the right job at the right time. It also ensures that every employee understands and acts upon appropriate business objectives and can monitor their progress toward corporate goals. Retain your talent by providing your employees clearly defined career development plans and personalized learning opportunities, Link employee performance to compensation programs, such as variable pay plans and long-term incentives. Proactively identify and fill talent gaps by identifying, developing, and tracking high potential employees. It also ensures that future leaders can be effectively promoted from within and that successors are identified for key positions. Reduce the cost and effort of complying with local regulations through unrivalled features and functions, support structures, and expertise. It also reduces HR costs by automating operational employee-related processes. Exenta improves decision making and manages human capital more effectively by giving your executives, HR professionals, and line managers reporting and analysis options that provide real-time insight into your work- force. Exenta Metrics helps you identify trends at an early stage and make well-informed decisions, so you can manage your human capital more effectively, predict human-capital investment demands, track workforce costs and the return on investment for HR projects. Exenta HCM reduces risk by adapting your processes quickly to changing business needs with a flexible, scalable solution. It streamlines all HCM processes and free employees to concentrate on value-generating activities, rather than on routine tasks. Our Partners SURE STEP SOLUTIONS CO. LTD. Plot B, Block 19B, Sparklight Estate, Isheri, Lagos Voice: +234 805 770 8442, AQLANZA INFOSYSTEMS Technopark. UAE Phone : +971 528834944, email: info@aqlanza.com. Motilal Mansion, 1st floor, 45, M P Shetty Marg (Tamarind Lane), Opp. Tamarind House, Near Bombay Stock Exchange Fort, Bombay - 400 023 Board line: +91-22-6623 9000
  9. 9. Hongkong Exenta Mumbai Motilal Mansion, 1st floor, 45, M P Shetty Marg (Tamarind Lane), Opp. Tamarind House, Near Bombay Stock Exchange Fort, Bombay - 400 023 Mobile:+91- 922 342 1932 Espl International Limited 6/F ING Tower 308 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong Telephone +852 355 29189 Email: gemhq@gemini.com.hk Mumbai Corporate Office Extolution Software Private Limited, C-23, Thejaswini, Technopark, Trivandrum-81, Kerala, India. Telephone: 00-91-4712700388 Email: contact@exentahrms.com www.exentahrms.com xentaeSimplify Your Workforce