Exenta HRMS Software Data Sheet
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Exenta HRMS Software Data Sheet

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Today managing people has become the single most critical point for the success of organizations. Your organization growth depends on how employees perform. Your employees need to be measured......

Today managing people has become the single most critical point for the success of organizations. Your organization growth depends on how employees perform. Your employees need to be measured constantly, and performers have to be rewarded. Organizations need to harness talent, retain, motivate them and ensure that they can accommodate to ever changing market conditions. HR Managers need information at their hands to make strategic decisions for betterment of the organization instead of spending time on enforcing policies and time consuming manual work.

Exenta is a human capital management software which provides all critical data to decision makers and alerts them to make mission capital decisions for the organization. Exenta automates your entire HR cycle and improves productivity inside your organization. Exenta’s talent acquisition module ensures that the right talent is identified and hired. Access and permissions and work flows, help you define your software to the way you want it to work also employee login ensures that all employees get their updated information directly in time. Exenta‘s continuous monitoring of employee performance comes very handy for HR managers to continuously evaluate the performing employees and reward them accordingly. Exenta’s automated attendance and leave management systems with complete payroll and benefits management with statutory compliances eliminate the paper works inside the organization providing a lot of time for critical strategic work for HR manager.

Exenta gives you a head start with its strategic Human Resource Software, helps organizations improve its process and provides greater transparency and better decision making process in organization. A head start with its strategic Human Resource Software helps organizations improve its process and provides greater transparency and better decision making.

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  • 1. ONBOARDING Key Features Bulk employee upload Employee Onboarding Process Manage Inactive Employees Seating Management Job Responsibilities Automated Employee verification ( Agency/Direct ) Induction Program Employee Document Verification STAFF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Key Features Employee Data Management Team /Division/Department Management Employee Service Management Employee Reports HIRING MANAGEMENT Key Features Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Job Application management Job Portal Post Jobs to Social Media Resume Management Offer Letter Management Automated Resume Parsing Automated Interview Process Recruitment Agency Automated Campus Recruitment
  • 2. TIME AND ATTENDANCE Key Features Administration and management of employee timesheets Employee shift planning Configure Attendance rules as per HR policy Maintain multi location Holiday List, Define Optional Holidays Custom Attendance Capture as per customer system (Biometric/Access Card/Manual/Auto etc.) Employee Attendance Maintenance and Monitoring Leave Management Late Management Leave Encashment process HR Views for effective leave applications monitoring PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Key Features Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraisee E Compensation Appraisal management (scheduling and review ) Track and Monitor Performance, Learning, and Development Goal /Journal /KRA/Competency/Development plan management Identify Key positions in order to timely prepare candidates to fill the vacancies Appraisal questionnaire template setup COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT Key Features Payroll Management Income Tax Management Automated Declaration forms Automated form 16 ESI/PF
  • 3. Employee Benefits payouts Loans Claims management Reimbursement Automated Pay slip BENEFIT MANAGEMENT Key Features Benefit Plan enrollment and administration Define benefits Assign benefits to employees Remove an assigned benefit from employee Detailed benefit assignment (e.g. only employee, employee + spouse, employee + spouse + child) Benefits reports TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT Key Features Employee Transfer management (Branch / Department ) Employee Promotion Probation Management Employee Role Change Onsite Management Template Management EXIT MANAGEMENT Key Features Separation Management Termination of Employee Automated Asset /payroll Clearance process Manage succession planning to fill the gap Define employee separation and notice periods
  • 4. Setting up termination due to unauthorized absence. ASSET MANAGEMENT Key Features Asset Purchase Orders and Contracts Asset register Assign /unassigned asset to any employees Asset disposal TRAINING Key Features manage training recommendations Training Assessment Classroom Training Online Training Instructor /Trainer Management (Agency /Direct) Training Calendar Integrated with Employee performance management Select employees for training with automatic email intimation and reminders Collect course feedback & effectiveness feedback Evaluation template to evaluate training events or participant’s competency after completion of training Track training budgets, actual costs and variances TRAVEL Key Features Define Travel Types and Travel modes Types of travelling expenses, allowances, accommodation etc can be defined according to employee level and position Travel desk management (In-house /Agency)
  • 5. Visa Process / Travel Insurance /Foreign currency conversion process management Travel extension /pre closure process ESS Key Features Employee Profile management Internal Job Postings Employee referral Meeting scheduler/My meetings Employee Directory Company policies Organization Structure Job profile HELP DESK Key Features Assign tickets Ticket Escalations Ticket log Ticket workflow management