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Company Profile

  1. 1. Building Bridges to Better Business
  2. 2. Exec’s Back Ground Executive Hunters is a dedicated HR and Recruitment Consultancy that speaks the same language as the industry. We understand the needs of the sector, we recognize the various roles that people play within it, and we offer strategies and solutions that match. In fact, we see eye to eye with both companies and candidates alike. Our perceptions are accurate, our partnerships are long term, and ours is the promise of a novel approach to Executive recruitment in the region. Executive Hunters was established with the aim of providing a fresh approach to executive recruitment. Executive Hunters has dedicated team focusing solely on this market place, precisely matching key people with our clients required core competencies. For both employers and job seekers, we offer the same professionalism, leading to an unsurpassed delivery of our services. We believe that our quality orientated and specialized approach to IT and Telecommunications enables us to match top quality professionals. Exec’s Management Executive Hunters was founded upon principle of providing professional human resource services driven through the proper alignment of business strategy. Our strength lies in the principal asset of a team of highly dedicated and competent consultant from diverse commercial backgrounds. With their valuable experience and thorough knowledge in a wide range of industries, we are unparalleled in providing prompt and effective human resource and manpower services to our clients Exec’s Mission & Vision We are committed to: 1. Sharpening our clients’ competitive edge through the provision of immaculate HR solutions 2. Maximizing the fullest potential of individuals by guiding them in the fulfillment of their career aspirations 3. Providing unlimited opportunities for our people to achieve growth and success Our Vision is to develop alongside our clients on a global basis through organic, value added growth, maintaining a focus on personal service Exec’s Values Integrity We gain trust with our clients, partners and community by showing honesty and loyalty, with a straightforward approach to every relationship. We proudly conduct business in a legal and ethical manner and treat each other with dignity and respect. Commitment We provide a responsive obligation. We not only perform agreed commitments with speed and responsibility, but also provide prompt responses and acceptance of constructive criticisms. Carrying out the role and responsibility with positive attitude and unwavering commitment is Executive Hunters’ accentuation on the sense of best services. Company Profile – Executives Hunter 2
  3. 3. Our Clients Customer/client is our business asset and its satisfaction, loyalty and trust is sole objective of this Group. The success of our clients’ products is our main objective and key to our future. We listen to our clients in order to anticipate their needs and understand consumer trends and tastes thus develop new concepts. We also deliver the winning combination of products, service and value. Our People People are our main asset. We seek the best talent and promote its development. Through commitment to training we strive to develop our employees in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding of relevant requirements and client expectations. We support the commitment our employees make to their families and encourage their participation in the diverse communities we serve around the world. We make financial commitments to a variety of non-profit causes and encourage our employees to give their time and unique talents, as well. They are recognized for their talents, behavior and integrity: they represent the Executive Hunters tradition. Standards We never compromise on quality in fact our primary objective is to meet quality standards in all respect internally and externally. Beyond that we are very sensitive to retain and sustain clients/customer satisfaction in order to provide quality work, exceptional services. We are constantly challenged to improve the value proposition to our customers. Exec’s Offerings Executive Hunters’ aim is to help its clients accomplish specific business objectives by identifying and attracting executive talent whose skill set and history uniquely qualify them for each client organization and environment. We believe that every search is unique and, at Executive Hunters, we make investment in terms of time, necessary to fully understand and articulate key factors, which will lead to not only the success of the search, but also more importantly, the success of the hired candidate. Company Profile – Executives Hunter 3
  4. 4. Our Working Methodology PHASE – I Client Requirement/Client Meeting In Phase I, Executive Hunter will where possible and as a preference, arranges a meeting with the HR manager/Director/Supervisor/Line Manager to gain an understanding of needs, expectation and requirement. We shall define your organization in terms of its history/background, vision & mission, its market worth, financial position and future aspirations. We shall discuss with you required profile's job description in term of responsibilities, functionality of role, experience, skills, salary, benefits etc and compile it on Exec's JD. PHASE – II Identifying Candidates On basis of JD, we shall analyze job description or client requirement in detail and develop the search criteria. A criterion is evaluated, based on following requirement: 1. Goals/Expectations/Objective 2. Work History/Experience/ 3. Skills/Expertise 4. Education/Qualification 5. Achievements 6. Compensation & Benefits PHASE – III Candidate Search On finalizing search criteria, we shall find matching profile by adopting following search methodology: 1. Internal Database Search 2. Extend Relationship or Network base 3. Partnership with various career portals 4. Media/Advertising/Newspaper 5. through Online Portals PHASE – IV Initial Screening Interview Once the candidates have been located and resumes have been received, an Information Form will be sent to individual candidate to fill out specific general information such as achievements, objective, expectation, current salary & benefits, experience etc and questionnaire to identify behavior, attitude etc. Upon receipt of filled Information Form from candidate, we will start to synchronize profiles with requirements and finally list out matched profiles and grading them as well. Company Profile – Executives Hunter 4
  5. 5. PHASE – V Secondary Interview After Phase IV, we will schedule second interview in our offices for selected profiles. This, in-depth interview, will focus on niche and soft skills. We shall also keep in mind all information, provided by candidate and evaluate them accordingly. The soft skills of a candidate are gauged by using interview techniques. Technical skills are scrutinized by utilizing customized screening methods that will be indentified during the initial meeting. The following screening tools may be utilized: Face to face technical interviews Verification of references Scenario Questions PHASE – VI Reference Check & Verification This phase is cross checking of provided data by candidate in terms of credentials, salary, fringe benefits and current position and role etc. The phase of reference check and documents verification is only take place upon request of Employer. We shall verify the following data upon Employer’s request after charging fee: * All credentials or certificates (provided by candidate) * Salary slip and benefits (provided by candidates) * Reference checks (provided by candidate) * Reference checks (through internal source) This will be kept confidential until requested by the client. PHASE – VII Presentation to the Client After selection process is complete, the client is supplied with a copy of the candidate's resume and along with any other documentation, if required by client. Armed with a well-screened applicant, the client will now begin their own selection process and take interview and finalize the best one profile or profiles from selected profiles. PHASE – VIII Successful Hiring Upon successful hiring, the selected profiles accept offer and confirm start date or joining date. On maturity of each profile, Executive hunter will invoice to client for payment. Company Profile – Executives Hunter 5
  6. 6. Our Resume Process Resume Databank (%) Company Profile – Executives Hunter 6
  7. 7. Director’s Note Executives Hunter is pleased to present its profile and sincerely hopes that your esteemed organization would certainly provide us an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship Looking forward a prosperous business relation with you Sincerely Company Profile – Executives Hunter 7