How to prepare for the gmat


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How to prepare for the gmat

  1. 1. How to Prepare for the GMAT With the overabundance of resources available to help study for the GMAT, it can be confusing and overwhelming to begin to prepare for the exam. However, despite which service you use to study for the exam, there are several important practices you can follow that will help ensure a high score on the GMAT. 1. Become comfortable with the structure of the exam. Remember that the GMAT is a three part exam with an Analytical Writing Assessment, a Quantitative section, and a Verbal section. Test takers have three and a half hours to take the exam. Keep in mind that, unlike many exams, the multiple-choice question components of the GMAT take place on a computer, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with how these questions will be presented. 2. Give yourself enough time to study - but not too much. Most high-scorers on the GMAT claim that the perfect amount of time to allocate to studying for the exam is about two to three months. Anything more will be overkill and will create too much stress and anxiety, and anything less won’t allow enough time to master all the types of problems on the exam. Once you decide which test you would like to take, set a realistic schedule for yourself and allow for at least 10 to 15 hours a week of focused studying. Try to spread this across every day of the week. 3. Know your strengths and allocate your study time accordingly. After several practice questions, you may find that you do well on a certain section and struggle on another section. It is important to focus on your weaker section without entirely neglecting the section with which you are more comfortable. Many students find that devoting too much energy to one specific section caused them to ultimately lose points in the sections to which they devoted less time. Even if you need to spend more time honing in one section of the test, do not become overconfident about your abilities in the other subjects. 4. Use practice tests.
  2. 2. The best way to study for the GMAT is to use practice questions. Run through as many of these questions as possible until you feel so comfortable with the questions that you feel that you, yourself, could teach them to another person. It is important to focus on every question you study and not to put anything aside. 5. Duplicate the test conditions when you run through practice tests. Try doing your practice tests during the same time of day in which the exam is offered, so you can get a sense of your energy and focus levels during those hours. Don’t practice in a loud or noisy area; try to simulate the atmosphere you imagine will be present at your testing location. Time yourself to ensure that each section as well as your breaks correspond to the amount of time you will be given for each component of the test. Post your responses at: for-the-gmat/ Visit for all your test preparation needs. *** Do you have an education-related article that you would like to publish on our blog? We will fully credit you if we choose to publish your writing on our blog. Email us a copy of the article to: examville (at) yahoo (dot) com. ©, LLC 2010