What to Expect from the Mobile Cloud


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Talk by Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel, on "Overcoming the Challenges of Building Next Generation Mobile Cloud Applications" at Apps World Europe conference in London on Nov. 30, 2011. http://www.apps-world.net/europe/

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  • We are developer’s companyWe developed a number of open source tools & platforms attracting huge developers audience:Eclipse-based Exadel Studio was acquired by RedHat /Jboss and used by huge developers baseExadel set of rich web components, RichFaces, is the most used Java-based enterprise Web framework Have experience in delivering critical solutions to enterprise customers
  • Very diversified customer baseDifferent industry, geographyA lot of combined, cross industry expertise what works what doesn’tWe see technology trends and issues from different angles Uniquely position to deliver the best of breed technology solution to developers & development organizations
  • There are multiple ways to achieve successWe feel very strongly about nurturing development communityRussian saying: Path to males’ heart lies through his stomachThe something similar here, - through developers
  • A lot of new, untraditional, competition from “new”, sources: Skype, Google, AppleShift to the “soft” aspect:Facebook example – open APIAppleTelco’s Underutilized assetsExadel: Extend, Adapt & Deliver Attract & retain customers
  • Goal: to capture the customers’ attention By becoming the entry point into the world of applicationsFocus: on attracting large number of “citizen developers” To create the critical mass of applications needed to attract customers and keep them coming back What: to create a development ecosystem By building apps on top of underutilized network assets that allow a large number of developers to participateHow: to offer a rich development platformTo provide easy-to-use, open, rapid apps development platform for the “long tail”
  • What to Expect from the Mobile Cloud

    1. 1. What To Expect from Mobile Cloud Overcoming the Challenges of Building Next-Generation Mobile Cloud Applications www.gotiggr.com1 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    2. 2. Exadel at Glance Exadel – a developer’s company U.S. Corporation since 1998 Offices in U.S., Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus A successful history of tool development Open source and proprietary tools Large, active developer community Enterprise Tools: Red Hat, AT&T, HP, Sprint, eBay, Samsung Very unique experience and skills Tools for developers Projects for Fortune 500 clients2 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    3. 3. Exadel Developers Products3 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    4. 4. Sample Clients Trusted Technology Partner4 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    5. 5. Transformation Factors Cloud Mobile Social5 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    6. 6. Common Trend6 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    7. 7. Gartner: Citizen Developers7 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    8. 8. Power Shift Assets Developers Applications Customers Revenue8 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    9. 9. Never Ending Problem? Forrester: “Easy-to-acquire tools and technologies will usher in an era of business self-sufficiency” The programmer The user view: view: what can I what do I want? deliver?9 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    10. 10. Paradigm Shift: From Client/Server to Client/Cloud10 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    11. 11. Client/Server vs Client/Cloud Client/Server Client/Cloud Target Smart phones, iPad, PC-type Device Tablets Single: Windows, iOS, Android, Win 7/8, OSs Unix/Linux WebOS, QNX Form Factor Single: Windows, Various (from phones to Browser different tablets) Server site Heavy dependent on Cloud based, no single the server side server11 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    12. 12. C/S vs C/C (cont.) Client/Server Client/Cloud Development Long to medium, cycle Very short, agile enterprise Time to change Medium to long Very short Development paradigm Traditional, desktop IDE Agile, cloud based Enterprise stack, server Simple, lightweight, cloud Technology based based12 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    13. 13. C/S vs C/C (cont.) Client/Server Client/Cloud Development structure Team based Collaborative, social Who can do it Professional Professionals + Programmers Citizen Developers Available Skills Abundance Very few13 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    14. 14. Tiggr – New Generation Tiggr: Cloud-based service for building native and HTML5 mobile apps Enables building multiplatform mobile apps very quickly, and easily Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    15. 15. 5 Steps to Building an App with TiggrStep 1 Tiggr makes it fast and easy to build the app UI.Build the UI Drag & Drop the components needed into the phoneStep 2 Connect REST service or data. Select your serviceSelect services to and create a component on the screen with the datause mappingsStep 3 Define events and add actions to be invoked for UIBind UI with events components and bind to services& actionsStep 4 Test the app inside a desktop browser, a browser on aTest the APP mobile device, or using Tiggr Mobile Tester on your phoneStep 5 Get whatever you need from the project: as an archiveExport source code of all HTML/JavaScript/CSS files, Android .apk.or get the binary iPhone .ipa or WAC .wga15 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    16. 16. Standard Technology Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    17. 17. Users Growth Mobile Platform Users Web Framework Users17 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    18. 18. Developers’ Profile Non-technical Managers Professional 24% Developers 43% Business Functions 33%18 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    19. 19. Case Study: Telco Data (not voice) is the prime revenue driver “Dumb pipe” - difficult to differentiate Telco “golden mine”: to leverage existing captive audience and carrier assets (OSS/BSS, LBS, SMS/MMS, IP services, …) How to create applications that attract and retain high-value subscribers High price for enterprise development19 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    20. 20. Components for Success Offer rich cloud development platform Create development ecosystem Developers Provide Monetization20 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary
    21. 21. Questions? www.gotiggr.com Fima Katz CEO, Exadel fkatz@exadel.com21 Exadel Confidential and Proprietary