Are you ready for Mobile?


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Presentation by Donna Burke ( ) at the Wolters Kluwer Tech Conference 2013 on July 23, 2013 in Minneapolis
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  • From voice, texting, and emailprovide instant access to information, from weather to stock quotes to location-based services, videos, and social media. Higher network speeds, more advanced devices, high quality user experience driving adoption
  • Someone said “mobile in the enterprise is like Crack, can’t get enough”
  • device users generate more transactionsTablets: 87 Million 10” Tablet users by 2013 YE7” table use is not clear yetBackend vs frontend: More focus to frontend – power is driven by the backend Use tools like RESTXpress to simplify and streamline
  • RESTXPressSecure Document
  • The app runs out of secured cache inside proprietary developed container.Entire web data content runs inside proprietary developed container.Secure server serves as a proxy for entire app calls as well as the app repository.Secure server will support multiple appsMinimum effort required in order to secure existing hybrid apps.
  • Application is running after authorization (username and password should be provided to open security storage)User can browse any previously viewed documents
  • Wolkters Kluwer NLValue add to customer at no additional cost
  • Application DevelopmentEnd-to-end integrationCustom application developmentMobile Center of ExcellenceCloud ImplementationTesting Test Automation Test ExecutionPerformance Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Are you ready for Mobile?

    1. 1. Are you ready for Mobile? f 1
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. Agenda  Session Objectives  Introduction  Enterprise Mobile situational analysis  Mobile Strategy  Challenges in mobile development - Some approaches for discussion  Wolters Kluwer mobile success stories  Lessons learned  Closing 3
    4. 4. Session Objectives  Explore how mobile is impacting enterprise business  Discuss “lessons learned” and how to avoid pitfalls  Identify key aspects for your mobile strategy  Understand approach for securing HTML5 apps  Discuss alternative for secure document handling 4
    5. 5. Donna Burke Vice President Exadel Donna is responsible for Exadel’s Professional Services engagements and insuring that Exadel’s value to stakeholders is realized in each and every engagement. Donna has strategic insight from her roles ranging from Product Management Director of Ericsson Global Network Management products to the founding of LEC Information Systems, a professional services firm providing unique set of skills for telecom and hi-tech companies. Presenter 5
    6. 6. Exadel A global software engineering company that provides services, technology innovations, and solutions to businesses worldwide with a focus on Enterprise Mobile Enablement. From Strategy to Delivery 6
    7. 7. Wolters Kluwer and Exadel Partners since 2006 7
    8. 8. 8 Exadel Global Presence 8 Headquarters Delivery CenterSales Office Donetsk, Ukraine Kharkov, Ukraine Munich, Germany Yekaterinburg, Russia Chelyabinsk, Russia Moscow, Russia Vitebsk, Belarus Minsk, Belarus Chicago, IL New York, NY Walnut Creek, CA
    9. 9. Implementation Excellence 99
    10. 10. Why Mobile? 1.1 billion smartphones in the world At the height of Internet bubble, there were only 28 million broadband users 10
    11. 11. The Future: Mobile, Social, and Collaborative..  Growing demand to use the latest technology  Increasing trend towards "bring your own device"  Clients expect a mobile experience (smart phones,  By 2013, 80% of businesses will support a workforce using tablets for anytime, anywhere service. *  By 2014, 90% of organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices. *  Online/mobile/social is creating new opportunities to enrich interactions *Forrester 11
    12. 12. Information in your pocket 12
    13. 13. Did you know? The smartphone in your pocket has more computing power than NASA when it put a man on the Moon in 1969 1313
    14. 14. People and information are rarely co-located 14
    15. 15. What is your mobile strategy?  One size does not fit all  Native, hybrid or mobile web – depends on use case - Native costs are much higher - Hybrid (HTML5) security - Mobile web extends reach to more devices  Platforms - iOS, Android, Windows - Devices – Phone or tablet  Backend support  Security  Distribution Approach 15
    16. 16. Challenges in Mobile App development  Ease of use of mobile phones and tablets creates impression of simplicity  Platform & Technology fragmentation  “Consumer” expectations are high  Time to market pressure “to be in the game”  Integration with existing systems  HTML5 security  Secure document handling 16
    17. 17. Integration Challenges  Not all Enterprise back-ends are mobile ready  Re-use of corporate assets is mandatory - Changing systems is not realistic  Securely exposing Enterprise assets via REST  Expensive, time consuming and tedious work  Ongoing support and maintenance 17
    18. 18. Integration approach for mobile age 18 Any client device: - Desktop - Laptop - Tablet - Phone - … Corporate Firewall REST request (Post, Get, …) REST response (JSON or XML) SOAP Server DB Server RestXpress: Creates SOAP request and invokes Web Service Parses SOAP response and converts it to JSON or XML RestXpress: Sends SQL statement to DB Parses returned dataset and converts it to JSON or XML
    19. 19. Security Challenges – HTML5 (hybrid) apps  Hybrid apps are the best way to write once run anywhere.  Generic hybrid app is exposed to all sorts of security threats. Namely code, data at rest/transit.  There is currently no generic or platform specific solution on the market.  HTML5 app source code (HTML5, JS, CSS) is not secure  Web browser content and data storage not secure. 19
    20. 20. Approach for Secure HTML5 Apps 20 Server REST API Business Logic Cordova Native Libraries HTML5 Cache Cookies Cache HTML5 Local Storage HTML5 Local Session Web View Secure Server Authentication Authorization HTML5 Apps Repository HTML5 App Secure Cache HTML5 App HTML JS Cordova.js CSS HTTPS / SSL Channel HTTPS / SSL Channel Web SQL Database Proxy Service
    21. 21. Security Challenges – Secure Document handling 21 Wolters Kluwer Demo • Develop additional security framework for iOS as extension creating security for web cache & cookie files on iOS devices. • Store any document in the security storage to access it in offline mode. • Security storage utilizes AES-256 CBC encryption on 1024 bytes long pages for web cache (and 4096 bytes long pages for files) • This security framework can be used with any hybrid application based on iOS. • Web sources will be on the private web server and use client authentication.
    22. 22. Working with Hybrid apps 22
    23. 23. Working in offline mode 23
    24. 24. Success Stories Wolters Kluwer & Exadel 24
    25. 25. Wolters Kluwer Success Stories  Assets – Globally reusable components for development and integration - Vesta project - OSA Framework - Velvet - OWL Framework  Applications - CCH Mobile - ELF 25
    26. 26. Access Tax & Accounting content & research 26
    27. 27. Tax filing data & stats with client portfolio access 27
    28. 28. Value-add component for Kluwer Nav. 28
    29. 29. Closing 29
    30. 30. Lessons Learned  Assemble small, focused development teams  Favor simple development tools over complex ALM processes  Adapt Agile principles to the realities of mobile development  Balance release speed with a focus on quality.  Prioritize gathering user feedback and forming a rapid response to it 30
    31. 31. How we can partner  Strategic Vision  Provide Technology Innovation  Professional Consulting  Practical Implementation and best practices  Augment your team’s resources 31
    32. 32. The Exadel Difference  Red Hat….  Client centric approach  Efficient, proven development processes  Top notch talent  Forward looking Innovation  Budget friendly  Uncompromised high standards  Financially successful, proven management  Complete Services Portfolio - Full product life-cycle coverage 32
    33. 33. Donna Burke Vice President Exadel +1.925.602.5571 (Office) +1.925.918.1900 (Mobile) Contact Information 33
    34. 34. Thank You! 34
    35. 35. Questions 35