OER Benefits & Challenges
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  • 1. Emily Wood Pierce College District January 2014
  • 2. OER provides students with free or low-cost alternatives to a traditionally published textbook. Money by Tax Credits is licensed under CC-BY.
  • 3. Some uses of OER can help students build lifelong information finding and information evaluation skills. Academic Life by Les Roches is licensed under CC-BY.
  • 4. Easy to understand open licensing makes sharing easier for both the OER creator and the adopter. Sharing by bengrey is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
  • 5. Traditionally published textbooks go through a long publishing process, sometimes resulting in stale content. OER is a way to bypass that system. Dandelions by opensourceway is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
  • 6. OER can bring in different perspectives from the discipline that may not be available via traditionally published textbooks. Network of bees by opensourceway is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
  • 7. Finding the right resources that you are looking for can seem like a needle in a haystack. OER adopters need to allow sufficient time for this process. Haystacks by John Pavelka is licensed under CC-BY.
  • 8. Because OER doesn’t need to go through formal vetting and curating processes, adopters need to evaluate the quality of resources. Quality Control 4 by tnarik is licensed under CC-BY-SA.
  • 9. Some disciplines have many existing OERs and have an active OER community. In other disciplines or content areas, OER are still emerging. Simpson Desert by tensaibuta is licensed under CC-BY.
  • 10. Incorporating OER into your course may mean a shift in thinking about your course design and delivery. Particularly if you are switching from a traditionally published textbook Dell Technology Camp 2013 by Dell's Official Flickr Page is licensed under CC-BY.
  • 11. Adoption takes time, effort, and support. Institutions are grappling with how to recognize the contributions of faculty engaged in OER work. Square peg round hole by Jeff Sandquist licensed under CC-BY.