Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

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Short Presentation about Amazon Elastic Beanstalk from WJAX 2012

Short Presentation about Amazon Elastic Beanstalk from WJAX 2012

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  • 1. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Eberhard WolffArchitecture & Technology Manager adesso AG
  • 2. History & Origin
  • 3. History & Origin•  Amazon: cloud pioneer•  Original offerings –  EC2 Elastic Computer Cloud –  S3 Simple Storage Service•  Many other offerings –  E.g. (relational) databases, Map / Reduce …•  Foundation for many other services
  • 4. Other Amazon Services•  Elastic Load Balancer•  Auto Scaling (starts new EC2 instances)•  EBS: Elastic Block Storage (virtual harddisks)
  • 5. Elastic Beanstalk in a Nutshell•  EC2 Server Elastic Load Balancer Auto Scaling•  +Linux•  +OpenJDK EC2 Server EC2 Server•  +Tomcat Linux OpenJDK Linux OpenJDK ...•  Scaling Elastic Tomcat Tomcat Load Balancer / Auto Scaling•  Deploy artefacts WAR on S3 S3
  • 6. Programming Model•  OpenJDK + Tomcat•  Standard Java Programming Model•  Also supported: Python, PHP (Linux), .NET (Windows Server 2008R2)
  • 7. Scaling / High Availability•  Servers automatically started (Auto Scaling)•  Failed servers will be restarted•  Servers can run in several data centers
  • 8. Tools
  • 9. Web Console•  Web UI•  Wizard to create new application•  + environment to run the application on
  • 10. Some tricks...•  Easy to create a new environment•  E.g. for testing, staging•  URLs can be swapped –  deploy new version on new environment –  switch URLs –  zero downtime
  • 11. More tools•  All web console action also possible using SOAP Web Services•  Eclipse Plug In –  Manage all AWS resources (EC2, S3…) –  Manage Elastic Beanstalk server just like local servers
  • 12. Eclipse Plug In
  • 13. Flexibility
  • 14. Flexibility•  Tuning possible –  E.g. JVM parameters –  Load balancer configuration –  Can even use your own system images –  i.e. can add software, fine tune …•  Can log into running servers•  Session handling can be tuned•  Can use EC2 if Elastic Beanstalk is not flexible enough
  • 15. New: Configuration Files•  Part of the deployable artefact•  declaratively install packages & libraries•  configure software components•  run commands•  set environment variables•  create users & groups
  • 16. Platform and other Services
  • 17. Plattform•  Amazon Web Services•  Proven foundation•  Used for many other cloud plattforms•  …and by many users•  Includes monitoring•  No additional charges to EC2 / S3•  Free tier (750 h/month for one year) available
  • 18. Other Services•  Amazon Relational Database Service –  Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server –  Integration in Elastic Beanstalk possible•  Diverse NoSQL solutions (e.g. DynamoDB, SimpleDB)•  Lots of AWS services (Map/Reduce, Caches etc)•  Other services provided by 3rd parties
  • 19. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk: Highlights•  Proven foundation•  Standard Java stack (Tomcat + OpenJDK)•  World wide availability (incl. Europe)•  Lots of additional services