A.R.T. - The Interdependence Constant


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A.R.T. describes the interdependent constant of attraction and its embodied & mentalized reality.

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A.R.T. - The Interdependence Constant

  1. 1. The Interdependence Constant:Phase 1 - Self-RememberingThe interdependence constant is the opening of consciousness (or the lack of original conditioning ofconsciousness) to interdepend upon social and natural environments embodied from the state of being inthe womb. It is a constant and pervasive acceptance of being a part of a holistic and interdependentsystem, and this reality is neither fearsome nor to be avoided because it is eternally protected and mostlyat rest.The constant arises from within upon the sensation of "searching" and is inherently hopeful and happy.Because the interdependence constant is structured in dependent and independent reliance upon theinner and outer worlds, there is a desire to free both from suffering and discomfort. It is the genuinedesire to do so without fear of the path that is necessary to do so.The embodied feeling of floating is analogous to the uterine environment from which this consciousnessarises. There is no competition with gravity or oxygen to gain nourishment and soothing satisfaction atany moment. Space is minimally needed - only enough for the body to freely move limbs in alldirections, because the embodied sense of peace is a memory of inner weightlessness related to a formermoment of swimming in maternal fluid.Inherent to the consciousness of floating is the consciousness of attraction downwards, or in the case ofan infant in the womb, upwards, as the head is pointing down. This abstracted embodiment in adulthoodproduces a euphoric and hopeful upward feeling of rising into something - often termed heaven orenlightenment - when it can be reduced to an upward pulling of the organs embedded in their originalstate as a reversed liquid-based circulation in the uterus.Under stress and trauma, there is a slowing of time that recalls the uterine state - as dimethyltryptophineis released in the birthing and dying moments exclusively and effectively "resets the time counts" in anyliving system. The mechanism by which this occurs is an ongoing inquiry of A.R.T. Certainly withoutthe presence of time, there is an automatic spaciousness and spacelessness as the body appears to be"left behind". What in fact occurs is that the body is just as it is, but it is the mind who has stoppedcounting time. In this instance consciousness appears to be disembodied. This indicates thatdisembodied consciousness is in fact just any state of timelessness, and that it is the body that imposestiming and spaciousness to what is in fact here in our lifetime experience on this planet.Phase 2 - LiberationThe interdependence constant arises for the purpose of liberation from environmental binds thatintroduce stress to the body and mind. Attachment itself is not a bind, but can become so if theinterdependence constant is not maintained in attractive equilibreum between independent anddependent attachment.Liberation is not the same as non-involvement with inner and outer worlds. Because of the unifiedexperience of inner and outer as being equally weightless and secure, any notion of separateness isoffensive to the authenticity of the embodied uterine reality and is avoided, critisized or disempowered.This tends to be accomplished through language because language is uniquely capable of pacifist and
  2. 2. holistic mechanisms for change in behaviors. Level of skillfulness and timing are crucial in order to beeffective to awaken the interdependent constant in an interaction partner.Outside of linear time, notions of attachment targets become loose from traditional time-constraints.Friends not met yet are considered as intimate as friends had already - in equilibreum between the innerand outer worlds, there is no time to produce a significantly weighted uncertainty of future rejection.However, the lifetime is still absorbed as finite and ultimate purpose grows in disproportionate finality.Without time there is also no time to work and to achieve the universal equality that is felt in mind andbody in the circumstances of the real world, which are untouched in the timeless reality of mind andremain a concern. The interdependence constant demands the inclusion and participation of everyone,and steps are imagined or taken to produce this effect in the psyche and in the physical community ofthe interdependent partner.Cholinergic attentiveness regulates the vagal nerve to be able to skillfully or un-skillfully initiateinteractions with attachment targets in this context. The spatial-self and the temporal-self residing inthe temporal-parietal junction will need a grounded, solid self-study in order to withhold and plungeforward into timelessness and flow without falling out of the field through the comments and rejectionsof others who have not yet become unconditioned and open to the constant reality of interdependence.The target is therefore met with perfect defiance or perfect trust. Is he or she able to enter timelessness?Is he or she able to commit to ego-less commitment to inner and outer balance and equality?