Attraction Relativity Theory (A.R.T.)


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Attraction relativity theory is a unified theory of human relationships and decision making. It proposes that love is an interdependent constant determining a rate of change.

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  • Attraction Relativity Theory (A.R.T.)

    1. 1. Willinger, 2012 A.R.T.: Attraction Relativity Theory
    2. 2. We begin with a critique of attachment theory. For 80 years, the old languageof avoidance, attachment and security has persisted like a bad habit. We areaware of the debilitating effects of negative words on the psyche, and yet wehave continued to label people in one of these three categories withoutforgiveness and worse, we call it a “trait.”We have reached an environmental point of no return. The planet is dying.Forests are disappearing. Natural environments have become vacations. Anew theory of attachment is necessary for own social defense (Ein Dor &Mikulincer).If a person who is the first to call attention to a smoking computer also tends tobe “anxious,” then perhaps it is not a ‘positive’ by-product of a negative trait.Rather, we intuitively begin to understand that anxiety and avoidance areactually by-products of a natural system. A.R.T. calls this system, “TheInterdependence Constant.” It is biological, measurable, and embodied reality.
    3. 3. We hold all findings of Shaver & Mikulincer and Ein-Dor to be solid and highlyrelevant at this time – it is essential that we carry forward this deep knowledgeinto the evolution of attachment theory, for without it we will soon be lost in anew language without a translation,A.R.T. (Attraction Relativity Theory) introduces a complementary upgrade toexisting attachment theory in the tradition of John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth,Tiffany Field, Sigmund Freud, Philip Shaver, and many others inside theattachment disciplinary field.ATTRACTION RELATIVITY replaces existing terms with the following: AVOIDANT = Independent ANXIOUS/DISTRESSED = Dependent SECURE = InterdependentA.R.T. ASSUMES: 1. Human beings beloing to a whole, interconnected system. 2. Every person has an irreplaceable role and purpose. 3. The interdependent constant is limitless abundance yet each persons experience is his own, unique universe.
    4. 4. Dependent Independent Attraction: Attraction:Circadian Moon Cycles Circadian SunlightDoes require another Does not requirebody another bodyInternal (left- insula External (right- insuladependent) dependent)Embodiment of fluidity Embodiment of solidityParasympathetic Sympathetic activationactivation
    5. 5. Simple Definition of Key Terms:Circadian = circadian rhythmsDoes/Does Not Require body = Does this system require another physical human body in order to regulate itself?Internal/External Insula = The left insula is internal body processes and the right insula is external body sensations.Embodiment of fluidity/solidity= Is the attachment partner attracting the attachment target in a state of fluid motion (sexual intimacy) or in a state of solid fixedness (group status or intelligence)Parasympathetic/Sympathetic activation = Is the body relaxed or it is aroused?
    6. 6. Proof of A.R.T. (in process):Given:E=MC(2)Force=Mass*AccelerationTime=Force*DistanceAcceleration=SpaceTime*VelocityVelocity=Acceleration*OrientationDEFINE:“Sync” = syncopation (mimicry=1)“Swim” = timing (velocity of time) [see endogenous dimethyltryptamine]“LOVE” = Long-term Ongoing Velocity of EvolutionIf:SYNC = acceleration*velocity p=1 then;SYNC= acceleration/mass * (force * distance) [a moving human being (woman/man) * ‘flow’[self-subtraction=1, see Wolpert] (i.e. smoothness and skill)] and;
    7. 7. Proof of A.R.T. (in process):SWIM = “viscosity of time” via slowed acceleration [DMT/phenylalanine-pineal processes?]Since, Acceleration of matter is defined as matter=energy – speed of light squared, then mind-based light is the square root of flow without distance: i.e., swim.THEREFOREL.O.V.E. = SYNC √SWIMLong-term Ongoing Velocity of Evolution = moving human being * flow [self-subtract p=1] other-based mimicry-egoTherefore, L.O.V.E. of a non-moving (deceased or non-present) individual is not available in this time-space continuum; i.e. not possible. The system must be ‘inside’ of the observer’s time to operate.
    8. 8. Solar Circadian Rhythms and Attraction ATTRACTION AND INDEPENDENT ATTACHMENT: REVEALED BODY-INDEPENDENT DAY EXTERNAL SUN RATIONAL HOT FIXEDThe solar circadian rhythm of the human being operates on a 25-hour cycle. Processes are geared toward direct arousal andphysical movement for the sake of working and productivityindependently of another physical body.
    9. 9. Lunar Circadian Rhythms and Attraction ATTRACTION AND DEPENDENT ATTACHMENT: HIDDEN BODY-DEPENDENT NIGHT VISCERAL MOON SPIRITUAL COOL FLUIDThe lunar circadian rhythm of the human being operates on alunar-month cycle. Processes are geared toward shedding ofexcess arousal and mental movement for the sake of releasingand renewing the body such as menstruation, sexual arousal and“creative destruction”.
    10. 10. Lunar Circadian Rhythms and AttractionLesser-known than the solar cycle, the moon-cycle effects allnatural systems on earth because of cosmic gravity and angulartilt. We can also call gravity, “attraction” and tilt, “orientation”.
    11. 11. Phase II: 1st Adolescence Phase IV: Acquiescence Resources Stored Conservation, Climax, Renewal, Consumption, Consolidation, K-Strategy Restoration, Nourishment (maximum variation with (using broken-down pieces to re- minimum resources) construct new elements RA OW PI SL D Phase III: 2nd Adolescence Phase I: Birth “Creative Destruction” (dividing Exploitation, Opportunity, that which was created into smaller High-Risk, R-Strategy parts in order to re-create) (minimum variation with maximum resources) Organization & ConnectionVisual Structure from Holling, 1986
    12. 12. A.R.T. and the Moon, Sun and HumanAttachment relativity theory takes into account fourdimensions of reality. It is a new language to re-makeold categories of avoidance, anxiety and fixedness, orwhat some call, “security.” These categories are illusions– why? Because on this planet, time is always moving.No category of fixedness can holistically describe anyliving thing.The four dimensions are: LUNAR: Lunar Circadian Cycles SOLAR: Solar Circadian Cycles ATTRACTION: Dependence, Independence & The Interdependence Constant ORIENTATION: Starting Positions and Measures
    13. 13. A.R.T. and the Moon, Sun and HumanThe four dimensions of A.R.T. assume:First, The human being is a balance between dependence and independence. Between the two is an “interdependence constant” (see paper).Second, Men and women follow the circadian rhythm of themoon and sun (see Biology).Third, Attraction is possible from any moment. The onlyvariable factor for behavior is its starting point andmeasurement (see Lorenz Butterfly).Fourth, L.O.V.E. (see definition) is a rate of change: L.O.V.E. = SYNC √SWIM
    14. 14. PART IITuning into Lunar Flow:Yoga and Decision Making