The Pyramid Myth Is MLM Network Marketing A Pyramid?


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Many people automatically associate a negative connotation with buzz words like “multi-level marketing” and “downline.” These people assume that those words denote a “pyramid scheme” and that the opportunity attached to those words is a scam. However, this is simply not true. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, you will be able to detect a true “pyramid scheme” from a potential money making opportunity.
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The Pyramid Myth Is MLM Network Marketing A Pyramid?

  1. 1. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)The Pyramid Myth and Other Misunderstandings System Show Me The Money
  2. 2. Is MLM or Network Marketing a Scam? Madoff Show Me The Money System
  3. 3. Short answer ..If MLM or Network Marketingis a pyramid scam, 67 millionpeople worldwide, would bein prison …. Show Me The Money System
  4. 4. Long answer!Network Marketing and Multi LevelCompensation Plans Were DeclaredLegal Ways of Compensation Over50 Years Ago: Show Me The Money System
  5. 5. Direct Selling Organisation (DSA)•67 million Direct Sellers•95% has a MLM compensation plan•$110 billion revenue worldwide Show Me The Money System
  6. 6. Direct Selling Supporters• Bill Clinton - Former USA President• Tony Blair – Former UK Prime Minister• Michael Gorbatsjov – Former USSR President Show Me The Money System
  7. 7. DSA Facts & Figures• USA is the largest market, 15 million distributors, $30 billion revenue Country Year Revenue Distributors United States 2007 $30 billion 15,100,000 Japan 2006 $20 billion 2,700,000 Brazil 2008 $10 billion 2,200,000 South Korea 2007 $9 billion 3,187,933 Germany 2007 $9 billion 778,000 Mexico 2007 $4 billion 1,900,000 United Kingdom 2007 $4 billion 419,500 Show Me The Money System
  8. 8. Misunderstanding: “Only the top make money”• There are numerous examples of distributors who make more money than people who joined earlier… Show Me The Money System
  9. 9. Why?If it would be not possible to earnmore then your up-line, nobodywould join an opportunity…. Show Me The Money System
  10. 10. An other way to explain this misunderstandingIf you introduce a “Top Earner” youcould make a small fortune.. The“Top Earner” will earn more, but youcan receive a % of his or herearnings. Show Me The Money System
  11. 11. Misunderstanding:“You have to be broke to start”• Some people are broke, however people from all walks of life join Direct Selling• Millionaires, Actors, Doctors, business men, stay home moms and many others..• The start up costs are often between $25- $500, a small investment to start a great Show Me The Money System
  12. 12. Fact: The average Top Earner IncomeThe average Top Earner make approx. $ 25,000 a month / $ 300,000 a year.There are over 5,600 people who make a full time year income ($60,000+) with Direct Selling Source: Show Me The Money System
  13. 13. Fact: Newbies often introduce Top EarnersThe majority of Top Earners areintroduced by rookies. People with noexperience in direct selling! Show Me The Money System
  14. 14. A few MLM Celebrities….AC Milan, Boston Red Sox, PhoenixSuns, Inter Milan, and many moreendorse MLM products Show Me The Money System
  15. 15. Where is the money coming from? The majority of the revenue in Direct Selling (80%+) is coming from customer orders. People who only want the product. It’s obvious that a customer will not be rewarded as a networker. Customer revenue is put into a “networkers pool” and is rewarded to networkers who build up an Direct Selling organization. Show Me The Money System
  16. 16. Show Me The Money System designed for aThe Show Me The Money System isbeginner or a seasoned veteran in the industry of NetworkMarketing. To see how this system and the Dynasty Teamcan benefit you go to. Show Me The Money System
  17. 17. To Your Success! Show Me The Money System