How To Hit Jade In 90 Days In Morinda Bioactive


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Jade is the first true leadership position in Morinda Bioactive and the corner stone and life blood to your business. If you know or have a plan in hitting the position of Jade then you can go to the top of this company and make allot of money.Hit Jade and help other to het the Jade Position and you will becoem a true leader in Morinda Bioactive.

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  • These are two very big problems that create a very big market opportunity for the company that solves them both.
  • So two Home parties in a week or a month on average will get you 500 QV1 5 customers buying three or more products …not from a party… should average about 500QV1 And chances are, you will personally order about $164 in a month which contributes to your Qualification too.
  • How To Hit Jade In 90 Days In Morinda Bioactive

    1. 1. Warning• The following webinar contains mature subject matter.• It is not recommended for the unmotivated, those who lack confidence, personal goals, vision or who want someone else to build their income for them.• Sponsors Guidance is advised!
    2. 2. 90 Days to Jade
    3. 3. Where do I begin? Every journey begins where you are!
    4. 4. Put on Your C.A.P.E. • C. • A. • P. • E.
    5. 5. Where Am I NOW?• Do a quick business assessment. – How many customers do I have? – How many IPCs do I have? – What was my personal volume last month? – What was my total team volume last month? – What Plans do I have for this week, month?
    6. 6. Know & DoKnowledge ActionsProduct - Use the product - your story- Training (BioActive Academy)Opportunity/System - C.A.P.E. - Share your product story- Training (BAA, et al.) - Build a team (replicate system)
    7. 7. A+B=CAttitude + Behavior = Consequence•What is your “C”?Commissions, Cash, Cheques, Cars, Carats,Castles, Charity, College, Church, Children…
    8. 8. The Goal• The Goal is not to reach 4800 QV6 by the end of month three!• The Goal: to understand and implement a system of correct behaviors and find the people who will commit to implementing the system. Build so income is sustainable, and can be simply replicated to exceed 4800 every month.
    9. 9. If your goal is a title…?…then, you measure QV6, Qualifying Volume!You can buy a title if you have enough money…Your Paid-as titlemust be reached each month, or you earn at the current month paid-as title.Buying volume to keep a title is unsustainable without sales tocustomers. Your garage is meant for cars, not title product. DON’T Do itCreating a Team, where total QV in 6 levels comes from many sources,is a sustainable way to achieve and maintain a title.
    10. 10. The Secret• Not about what sells… …it’s about what replicates!• You don’t need “a superstar”. You need a team committed to a system.• Question? “What will your income be if everyone on your team does what you do?”
    11. 11. Put on Your C.A.P.E. • C. Contact • A. Appointment • P. Presentation • E. Enroll Everyone on your Team needs a CAPE!
    12. 12. How do I get 620QV• 1. You enroll on Autoship 120QV• 2. You enroll customers or IPCs who’s purchases total 500QV + – Avg Home Party Sales = $263 – Avg Order Customer = $103 – Avg Order IPC = $164
    13. 13. Proven Success • Those that hosted parties quadrupled their sign ups per month • Host’s cheque amounts increased their average cheque by 139% • You are three times more likely to get your monthly 500 points if you host home parties
    14. 14. The Goal of Every Party 1. Sell Product 2. Identify Potential Future Hosts & IPCs 3. Create Productive Activity
    15. 15. ctivePr odu Activity = Income More Activity = More Income
    16. 16. The Morinda Social Business Model Explode Expand Build It! Establish Share It! Use It!
    17. 17. Simple Focus Get 500 points. - teach others how to do the same. 1. Establish
    18. 18. 3 Phase Duplication Model1. Establish — Build customer base of 500 QV12. Expand — Help 3 IPCs do step 13. Explode — Help 3 IPCs do step 2 and hit JADE
    19. 19. What is your approach to income? Garage Sale Home Based Residual Income
    20. 20. Where do I want to be? Paid-as Jade, min 4800 QV6… in 61-90 days? Enroll 2 IPCs, “E” & “F”, repeat the system with them… in 31-60 days? Enroll 2 IPCs, “C” & “D”, repeat the system with them… in 16-30 days? Enroll first 2 IPCs, repeat the system with them Host your first party, use Party kit DVD and tools, Take…in 8-15 days? Orders, Identify next host, repeat the system Personalize your FREE “” website, Start basic product training on Bioactive Academy, Use product, Select a product line to… in 2-7 days? represent at your first party, pick a date, get a party kit and review contents, Invite guests to party night, make reminder calls… by end of today? Enrolled, on 120 QV Autoship, Start a contact list
    21. 21. Here’s Version 1 …Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 120 AS You 120 AS You 750QV1 750QV1 A 120 AS A 120 AS 500QV1 750QV1 120 AS 120 AS B B 500QV1 750QV1 Only you, 120 AS C1860 QV 500QV1 C 120 AS 500QV1 sponsoring 2 120 AS D 500QV1 D 120 AS 500QV1 New IPCs per 3340 QV E 120 AS month 500QV1 120 AS F 500QV1 5090 QV
    22. 22. Everyone Sponsors 2 Month 1 Month 2You 120 AS 120 AS Month 3 500QV1 You 750QV1 120 AS You 750QV1 120 AS C 120 AS G 500QV1 A 120 AS 500QV1 A 750QV1 120 AS 500QV1 C 120 AS H 120 AS 500QV1 D 120 AS 500QV1 A 120 AS 750QV1 500QV1 120 AS 120 AS D 500QV1 I 500QV1 120 AS J 500QV1 120 AS 120 AS E 500QV1 K B 120 AS 500QV1 B 120 AS 750QV1 120 AS 120 AS E 120 AS 500QV1 L 500QV1 120 AS B 500QV11860 QV F 500QV1 750QV1 120 AS 120 AS F 500QV1 M 500QV1 5090 QV N 120 AS 500QV1 10050 QV
    23. 23. “Jade in 90” Worksheet 120 ASYou 750QV1 120 AS Ryan 120 AS Jamal G 500QV1 555-322-6677 500QV1 555-292-1234 H 120 AS C 500QV1 A 120 AS 750QV1 120 AS 120 AS I 500QV1 John D 500QV1 120 AS J 500QV1 555-322-1234 120 AS Paula K 120 AS Kim E 500QV1 555-987-1234 B 120 AS 750QV1 500QV1 555-297-1234 L 120 AS 500QV1 Betty F 120 AS 500QV1 M 120 AS 500QV1 555-320-5678 N 120 AS 500QV1
    24. 24. Use a Worksheet to keep track
    25. 25. Business Builder PacksThe QV on all Business Builder Packs is 250 QV•9116 Variety Business Pack•9117 Business Pack $3 $3•9198 Bioactive Business Pack 15 15• Defy Business Pack
    26. 26. Fail or Quit?• You can be disappointed, but don’t Quit!• You can be discouraged, but don’t Quit!• You can be tired, but don’t Quit!• You can fall down, but don’t Quit!• You cannot Fail, you can only Quit!
    27. 27. Thank You!• For a worksheet from this webinar, email your request to: •
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