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Feedback 3

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our class participated in an initial screening where we presented our music videos sofar and they offered their opinions and suggested ways which we could improve it.The following is the feedback we received after our first initial screening.
  2. 2. WWWGood range of shots, good narrative and nice locations for narrative and performance.EBILighting needs improving, make the narrative shots of them arguing more obvious and we needed to sort out her armsin the opening shot.From this part of feedback I received from one of my classmates we decided to re-film the fighting scenebecause it was not obvious or dramatic enough. This also happened to be the shots where our classmatessaid the lighting was dim so we killed two birds with one stone and by completely re-filming this would helpimprove our music video. When we first showed our initial screening we didn’t have our narrative shots inand so the footage that was just to fill in the gaps and wasn’t going to be shown, so the comment about herarms at first wasn’t used anyway.
  3. 3. WWWGood pace of shots, fitting with tempo of song and accurate lip synching.EBIVery dark on our narrative shots.This piece of feedback is similar to the last one and they agree that our narrative shots arequite dark, so we acted on our feedback and re-filmed our narrative shots.
  4. 4. WWWGood use of locations and the pace of our shots are really good.EBISome shots in the park are too bright, camera quality changes.Some of our feedback was that our performance shots in the park were too bright, we changedthis by editing and adjusting settings and putting some of the shots of them in the past in blackand white. They also commented on the camera quality not being continuous because we useda different camera when filming our narrative shots the first time. So when we re-filmed this weused the correct camera we had previously used.
  5. 5. WWWShots have got quicker.EBINeed to put the narrative shots at the start of our music video in and make transitions between the shots. Part of the clipsalso jumped part way through and we need to add our ending in.We learnt from our audience feedback that we needed to add in our narrative shots at the endand beginning and that there was a slight problem with some footage that jumps that we had toedit. However when researching our genre we found that transitions weren’t used a lot and sowe decided as a group that we were not going to include any transitions.
  6. 6. WWWOur narrative shots are good and our outfit choices are relevant to our genre of music. Our choice of locations are alsogood.EBIScarlett looks too stiff when she is performing, and needs to move her arms more.We acted on this feedback when we re-filmed the narrative shots and Scarlett used her armsmore when arguing with Ryan.
  7. 7. WWWUse of different shot types, the narrative that we put in so far was clear and we used effective locations.EBIThe fighting scene looked better and the lighting on the narrative shots needed improving.A lot of our feedback told us similar things and the main shots that we found we needed toimprove were our narrative shots of Scarlett and Ryan, both the acting side of it and technically.So we completely re-filmed this.
  8. 8. WWWGood choice of shots and our narrative works well.EBISome shots are dark and disappear?We re-filmed the dark shots and we were unsure what was meant by disappear and no-oneowned up to writing this so we were unsure how we were to improve this.