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What makes a_good_employee
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What makes a_good_employee


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  • 1. What Makes a GoodEmployee?Human Resources Assignment
  • 2. What Makes a GoodEmployee? You can find the answer to this question byreading the following true stories aboutemployees who developed certaincharacteristics or attributes that make themvaluable to the company. As you read eachcase, decide what attribute the employee hasand write it on the worksheet.
  • 3. What Makes a GoodEmployee? Be on time Be pleasant and helpful Put in a full-day’s work even when unsupervised Be thorough and efficient Follow company standards Go the extra mile Be self-motivated Be considerate Do the job you are asked to do even when it’sdifficult
  • 4. Employee #1 Nate Nate landed a job working for a telemarketingcompany. Each day as he came to work, hechecked in by sliding his time card into a machinethat recorded the time he arrived. After his first twomonths on the job, he received a $200 bonuscheck. Why? The check stub thanked him fornever being late for work during the two months. What characteristic made Nate a good employee?
  • 5. Employee #2 Mark Mark had just graduated from high school. Hisuncle, a construction contractor, helped him get hisfirst part-time job at a lumber company. When hewasn’t working, he went to college. His supervisortold him if things went well they would eventuallymake him a delivery driver. After the first day, Markwas ready to quit! He shoveled weeds in the hotsun around the building. He did the same thing thenext day. Each day brought a new challenge--washall the company trucks, clean the restrooms, shovelmore weeds. After three months, Mark’s supervisortold him to go get his chauffeur’s license to deliverthe lumber. He was happy.
  • 6. Employee #2 Mark (Continued) Next they had him work in the mill cutting thelumber. He eventually got to work in the store andhelp customers. Because he was working towardsa math/drafting degree in college, he began figuringthe bids for construction jobs. After four years hebecame a store manager. The company decided tobuild and open an additional store in a neighboringstate. They chose Mark to oversee its constructionand be the manager! What attributes or characteristics made Mark agood employee?
  • 7. Employee #3 Fast Food Owner The owner of a fast-food franchise would stop by once in a whileand see how his store managers and teenage employees weredoing. He would pick different times of the day to do so. Hisemployees had specifically been assigned certain tasks such as:sweep the floor, wipe down the tables, wait on customers, cookthe food, etc. One day he decided to put some ketchup on ashutter at the window to see if any employee would notice it andwipe it off. He decided to leave the store and come backanother day to see if the shutter had ever been cleaned. Hewaited several days. To his surprise when he returned theketchup was still on the shutter. What characteristic was the owner looking for in his employeesthat he did not find?
  • 8. Employee #4 Trent Trent works alone in a warehouse bending metal fora siding company. There are days when he nevereven sees his employer. However, he arrives atwork at 8 a.m., works until noon and leaves forlunch for one hour. He returns to work at 1 p.m. andworks until closing at 5 p.m. He records the workhe does and at the end of the month gives it to hisemployer. How is Trent a good employee?
  • 9. Employee #5 Celeste Many companies have dress code standards. Thisis especially true in companies that have employeeswho meet the public. Celeste had been told aboutthe dress code when she was hired. When she firststarted to work, she made sure she followed theguidelines for dress at work. However, after a fewmonths she started wearing jeans once in awhile.When no one said anything to her, she startedwearing T-shirts with her jeans. Finally hersupervisor had to call her in to talk about herclothes. What did Celeste need to remember?
  • 10. Ethics ETHICS is a system of acting right or wrongaccording to standards set for a certain areaor culture. It’s sort of like an honor code.
  • 11. Human Relations HUMAN RELATIONS is being able to workwell with other employees. You must be agood communicator, a good listener andhave consideration for how the other personfeels.
  • 12. Employee #6 Kevin Kevin files invoices for his company and hasaccess to many office supplies. If he needsthings for his home office, he takes themfrom his work. He thinks to himself howinexpensive a box of staples or paper clips,pens, pencils, folders and binders are andthat those few items would never be missed. Is it ethical for Kevin to use the companysupplies for his personal use at home?Why?
  • 13. Employee #7 Brenda Brenda is employed by a company thatallows one hour lunches and two 10 minutebreaks--one in the morning and one in theafternoon. Brenda is a good worker anddoes her job well. Therefore, she thinks it isokay for her to come back a few minutes latefrom break and lunch. Is this ethical? Why?
  • 14. Employee #8 Tom Tom works in an office with five otheremployees. He is becoming more and morefrustrated with Erin, the employee whosedesk is next to his because whenever one ofthe other four employees leaves the office fora few minutes Erin will say somethingnegative about the person who has left theroom. Help Tom solve his problem.
  • 15. Employee #9 Jennifer Jennifer is absent from work frequently.Whenever she is gone, the supervisor alwaysgives Jennifer’s work to Ashley to complete.Ashley finds herself working late to getJennifer’s work done. In addition, Ashleyfeels exhausted by the time the day is overbecause she has to rush all day. What should Ashley do?
  • 16. Employee #10 Jared Jared has tickets to a concert on Friday evening in aneighboring city. He has asked his employer if hecan leave work early so he can get there on time.His employer said “yes” if he can get someone tostay late and cover for him. The three of them havehad several conversations about music andconcerts. Jared doesn’t think either one would staylate for him because of their negative attitude aboutmusic. What can Jared do?
  • 17. What Makes a GoodEmployee? Now, practice what you have learned aboutbeing a good employee by being a goodstudent. Don’t forget to use the keys you have learnedtoday along with good human relations andyou will find that YOU know how to be aGOOD EMPLOYEE.