EVUA - international mobile roaming charges - October 2012


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A presentation on updates in the regulation of international mobile roaming to EVUA workshop in Amsterdam

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EVUA - international mobile roaming charges - October 2012

  1. 1. Ewan SutherlandLINK Centre, Wits UniversityCRIDS, University of Namur
  2. 2.  Roaming Regulation III (531/2012) Previous Reg. was to expire in June 2012 EC legislative proposal in July 2011 Adopted by Parliament and Council◦ Toughened in several respects European Commission to review itsfunctioning of Roaming III and, after a publicconsultation, to report:◦ by 30th June 2016 and◦ every two years thereafter Regulation expires in 2022Ewan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 2http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:32012R0531:EN:NOT
  3. 3. Per 1 July 2012 1 July 2013 1 July 2014Wholesale voice callmadeMinute0.14 0.10 0.05Retail call made Minute0.29 0.24 0.19Retail call received Minute0.08 0.07 0.05Wholesale SMS Message0.03 0.02 -Retail SMS Message0.09 0.08 0.06Wholesale data Megabyte0.25 0.15 0.05Retail data Megabyte0.70 0.45 0.20Ewan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 3
  4. 4.  Longstanding hope of finding a structuralremedy From 1 January 2013 mobile operatorsrequired to provide wholesale roaming:◦ Must meet all reasonable requests◦ “may refuse requests … only on the basis ofobjective criteria”◦ Regulators to provide dispute resolution◦ Must publish a reference offer From 1 July 2013 customers can buy roamingseparately from domestic servicesEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 4
  5. 5.  Rwanda – regulator imposed USD0.22/minute tax on roaming Zain “One Network” deal slipping away underAirtel but still free incoming calls GCC countries implementing regional deal Bilateral intergovernmental agreement toreduce rates◦ Singapore and Brunei◦ Russia and Poland and Lithuania NTT DoCoMo and KT have roaming for NFCe-moneyEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 5
  6. 6.  Symposium in March 2012 to inform Councilfor Trade in Services Considered experiences:◦ European Union◦ GCC◦ Southern African Development Community◦ Australia-New Zealand initiative◦ Latin America May yet come to the Council for actionEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 6http://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/sym_march12_e/sym_march12_e.htm
  7. 7.  Joint initiative of the two governments◦ Trans-Tasman roaming Published a draft report in August for comments(now closed) ACCAN (consumers) called for:◦ Bilateral price caps with mandatory pass through ofsavings◦ Price transparency◦ Increased powers for regulators◦ Removal of fees to unlock handsets Operators argued that:◦ market failure was not lack of competition, but due topoor levels of consumer information◦ Price regulation only as a last resortEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 7http://www.dbcde.gov.au/mobile_services/mobile_roaming/trans-tasman_mobile_roaming
  8. 8.  Member states Should promote awareness of:◦ the cost of roaming services and◦ the availability of substitutes Should work with domestic operators to makeinformation easily available◦ SMS, etc. Should promote transparency of informationprovided to customers◦ Anti-bill shock measureEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 8http://webnet.oecd.org/OECDACTS/Instruments/ShowInstrumentView.aspx?InstrumentID=271&Lang=en&Book=False
  9. 9.  In assessing mergers should examine thepotential effects on◦ Beneficial roaming offers for consumers◦ Negotiating powers of third party operators Collect data on headline and discountedwholesale rates Facilitate access for MVNOs Regulate prices where “market dynamics areinsufficient to produce reasonably competitivewholesale prices” Last resort is retail price regulation Assess costs and benefits of all measuresEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 9
  10. 10.  Price transparency initiatives:◦ Europe in 2000◦ Arab states in 2008 2012 Data Roaming Transparency Initiative:◦ Twenty operators/groups signed up◦ Send SMS on arrival in foreign country◦ Allow a monthly spending limit◦ Shut down service after that is used upEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 10http://www.gsmaw.org/http://www.gsma.com/newsroom/gsma-launches-data-roaming-transparency-initiative/
  11. 11.  Roaming first raised in ITU-T in June 2012 Just adopted Recommendation D.98◦ Charging in international mobile roaming service Member States:◦ Should take an active role in consumer educationand protection, also explore ways to protect andempower consumers◦ Should encourage the development of effectivelycompetitive markets for roaming◦ May introduce regulatory measures(e.g., alerts, bill caps, tariff caps andpre-selection)Ewan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 11http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/recommendations/rec.aspx?rec=11556
  12. 12.  World Conference on International Telecommunications◦ 2-12 December 2012, Dubai Adoption of new International TelecommunicationsRegulations (ITRs)◦ Replacing those adopted in 1988 at Melbourne Many, many preparatory meetings Wide range of issues, including roaming:◦ To ensure transparency of end-user prices◦ To ensure users receive full price information promptly when theycross a border◦ To base prices are based on Actual costs for the service provider, or Prices charged in the user’s home country, or in the visited country.◦ To prevent bill shockEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 12http://www.itu.int/en/wcit-12/
  13. 13.  Despite long years of complaint the causesremain unknown Legislation and regulation will continue formany years Outside EU/EEA countries are still strugglingto find ways to reduce roaming charges◦ Often of interest only to the very wealthyEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 13
  14. 14. Ewan Sutherlandhttp://3wan.net/sutherla [@] gmail.com+44 141 649 4040skype://sutherlahttp:// www.ssrn.com/author=927092http://anti-corruption-telecoms.blogspot.comEwan Sutherland, 17-18 October 2012, EVUA, Amsterdam 14