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Beulah Keane Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Plan A - Doing the right thing Beulah Keane Sustainable Construction Project Manager Marks and Spencer
  • 2. What have we already achieved? Through Plan A we have: Made a real difference to the issues we tackle Engaged customers Motivated our people Stimulated innovation Sti l t d i ti Opened up new markets Mitigated risk Delivered financial return
  • 3. A future store that: Is zero embodied carbon in construction Is made from 100% recycled material Is 100% recyclable when y refurbished or no longer needed Has H a net positive t iti biodiversity impact Is resilient to climate change by being net water positive Brings new benefits to the communities we serve
  • 4. Scope & Boundary
  • 5. Embodied Carbon
  • 6. Operational Carbon
  • 7. Total Carbon
  • 8. “Right now, the urgent issue is water, not global warming, and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer longer” Peter Brabeck-Letmathe – Chairman o Nestlé ete abec et at e C a a of est é
  • 9. • Each Briton uses about 150 litres per day, however the embedded water consumption per h h b dd d i person is over 3400 litres every day • 1.2 billion litres of water are flushed needlessly away every day in the UK.UK • London is drier than Istanbul, South East England , g has less water than the Sudan or Syria.
  • 10. Scope & Boundary
  • 11. Embodied water in Raw Materials for a notional shell specification. p
  • 12. Life Cycle Water Consumption
  • 13. Total LifeCycle Water
  • 14. Carbon & water embodied in ater materials and in building units
  • 15. Available Water- London specific
  • 16. What we still need to do… • Continue the search for an industry accepted methodology • Engage our supply chain, and address possible mitigation routes g • Further investigate the connection between water and carbon • Create a Water Strategy for our construction process • S l up water measurement i stores Scale in • Extend the scope to include fit out materials
  • 17. Further information • Includes: – Our Plan A commitments 2010-2015 2010 2015 – Sustainable Construction Paper – Sustainable Construction Manual – 2009 How We Do Business Report
  • 18. We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them them. Albert Einstein
  • 19. Thank you