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Fearoffilteringtherealityofinternetcontentmanagementmatzen 110816093445-phpapp02 Fearoffilteringtherealityofinternetcontentmanagementmatzen 110816093445-phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

  • OpenDNS● George Matzen: Webermeier Memorial LibraryIn this presentation I hope to provide the viewer the necessary information to implement OpenDNS as their CIPA (Childrens Internet Protection Act) web filter.
  • Why OpenDNS?● Its free (or very low cost depending how generous you are. I mean this stuff doesnt write itself, so if you can afford to kick a little something to the people that did all the work then thats cool...)● It can be implemented across every computer connected to your network (Including wireless computers not normally on your network)● It can be customized from any web browser.● It verges on Stupid Easy to do.
  • Will OpenDNS Work for me?Do you... ● have Broadband Internet? ● have a Router that handles distributing that internet? (not technically needed but makes things MUCH easier) ● get tired of keyword blocking programs that are a little TOO sensitive?
  • Getting Started● Navigate your browser of choice (I like Google Chrome) to http://www.opendns.com
  • Getting Started● Set up an account
  • Getting Started● Fill out your info
  • Getting Started● Select Router (unless you arent doing it via router but then youre on you own...or can talk to me when were done.)
  • Getting Started● Select YOUR Router At this point every router is a little different and youll need to follow the directions for your router from here on. Luckily the instructions are pretty simple and detailed. Once the new DNS settings are in place your done except for...
  • Customization!● Login to your Account
  • Customization!● Select Settings
  • Customization! ● Click on the IP Address for the network.This is Probablythe trickiest partof the wholething...
  • Customization!● Select the types of sites you want to block. The presets are a good place to start.
  • Customization!● Add specific sites to the White or Black Lists
  • And DONE!And now for the practical portion of the presentation! Any volunteers?