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Twitter For Education and Private Schools - Webinar 10/23/12
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Twitter For Education and Private Schools - Webinar 10/23/12


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Slides for webinar on edSocialMedia

Slides for webinar on edSocialMedia

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 10 Instantly Actionable Ways To Leverage Twitter + Presented by: Dan Shure @dan_shure
  • 2. Dan Shure Owner/consultant at Evolving SEO SEOmoz Associate @dan_shure
  • 3. 1. Twitter Is NOT
  • 4. 1. Twitter Is NOT …blogging.
  • 5. 1. Twitter Is NOT…spam email blasting.
  • 6. 1. Twitter Is NOT …a vacuum.
  • 7. 2. Twitter IS…
  • 8. 2. Twitter IS……a powerful listening tool.
  • 9. 2. Twitter IS……excellent for making new connections.
  • 10. 2. Twitter IS……for communicating (think “public text messaging”).
  • 11. 2. Twitter IS… …the perfect team player(combine it with other social networks).
  • 12. 3. WHY Use Social Media? …build awareness.
  • 13. 3. WHY Use Social Media?It‟s like a virtual tour of your campus.
  • 14. 3. WHY Use Social Media? Trust.
  • 15. 3. WHY Use Social Media?Attract prospective students.
  • 16. 3. WHY Use Social Media?People are searching for your school‟s Twitter account.
  • 17. Ten Tons Of Actionable Ways To Use Twitter
  • 18. Create A Beautiful ProfileHigh quality photos and logo.
  • 19. Create A Beautiful Profile Simple is powerful.
  • 20. Who‟s Tweeting?Explain;•That you‟re a school•What the feed content is•Who is doing the tweeting
  • 21. Who‟s Tweeting?Explain;•That you‟re a school•What the feed content is•Who is doing the tweeting
  • 22. Amplify School ContentStudent blog about trip to Denmark
  • 23. Host A Contest On TwitterTweet announcing the contest.
  • 24. Host A Contest On Twitter An example entry.
  • 25. Host A Contest On TwitterStudents have to tweet photo with #hashtag
  • 26. Use InstagramPhotos offer compelling and engaging content.
  • 27. Use InstagramAutomatically tweets from phone.
  • 28. Use Flickr& TwitterWill put sixteen thumbnails in one tweet.
  • 29. Share Alumni News & Stories Class of „08 Graduate.
  • 30. Combine Photos & Trivia Questions Engages and promotes interaction.
  • 31. Combine Photos & Trivia Questions This is a fun challenge!
  • 32. Share Live Streaming Events Tap into the real time web.If you want to host live events try or
  • 33. There‟s More Than Just Sports Share music, art, dance, theater events.
  • 34. Use Storify + Events + HashtagTweets during the event are turned into a story.
  • 35. Use Storify + Events + #HashtagTweets during the event are turned into a story.
  • 36. Small Talk & ChattingThis is OK in moderation and even better if useful.
  • 37. Share VideoVideo is still so underutilized.
  • 38. Don‟t Make This MistakeThe „@‟ at beginning limits who can see tweet.
  • 39. Cross Promote Other Social Media Profiles Sharing a Pinterest board.
  • 40. Put Easy To Find Social Icons On WebsiteThese were not always easy to find on all school‟s websites.
  • 41. Tell Us What We‟re Going To Get! How will I benefit from following you?
  • 42. Create An Admissions Twitter Account Special announcements, answer questions.
  • 43. Create A Student Run Blog & Twitter Account Let your students „promote‟ the school.
  • 44. You‟re Going To Want Some Tools
  • 45. Schedule Tweets - Buffer
  • 46. Scheduling Tweets - Hootsuite
  • 47. Track Your Clicks - Bitly
  • 48. Track Your Clicks - Bitly
  • 49. Automatic Shortening – Bitly + BufferGo to and install „Buffer For Chrome‟
  • 50. Automatic Shortening – Bitly + BufferCompose tweets in Twitter as normal, but click Buffer instead.
  • 51. Tracking Automatic Shortening – Bitly + BufferIf you‟ve connected Bitly to Buffer (in Buffer settings) it will automatically create a Bitly link.
  • 52. Automate Your Tweets – Ifttt („Ifttt‟ stands for “If This Then That”)
  • 53. Automate Your Tweets – IftttWith Ifttt you create „recipes‟ which basically means “if this happens, do that”.
  • 54. Automate Your Tweets – Ifttt You can have it Tweet a whole bunch of things –facebook updates, the weather – all automatically.
  • 55. Listening To Twitter – HootsuiteAt minimum you should have a saved search of your school name. Also try sports teams, mascot, headmaster, and #hashtags.
  • 56. Listening To Twitter – HootsuiteEasily take action on mentions of your school.
  • 57. Listening To Twitter – HootsuiteYou can also save a stream of multiple keywords for general topic listening.
  • 58. You‟ll Want To Measure Results & AnalyzeSocial media metrics are getting better. Don‟t just throw stuff to see what sticks!
  • 59. FollowerWonk – Twitter Analytics
  • 60. FollowerWonk – What Time Should I Tweet?Report for Phillips Academy reveals 9pm-11pm as an unexpected but good time to tweet.
  • 61. FollowerWonk – Who Already Follows Us That We Should Connect With? „Wonk shows you your followers rated by „influence‟.
  • 62. FollowerWonk – Who Already Follows Us That We Should Connect With? You can look at influential followers one by one. White House Correspondent?!
  • 63. FollowerWonk – Track Follower Growth &Unfollows View exact lost followers as well as new followers over time.
  • 64. FollowerWonk – Special Offer for Webinar Attendees! Go to: for 60 day free extended trial of FollowerWonk and SEOmoz Pro.
  • 65. Crowdbooster – How Are My Tweets Performing?You can see how many Re-Tweets each tweet has gotten, as well as raw „impression‟ (a somewhat unreliable metric).
  • 66. Crowdbooster – Who Retweets Me?See who has re-tweeted you over any amount of time (since you signed up).
  • 67. Crowdbooster – What Tweets Have They Re-tweeted?See the exact tweets each person re-tweeted (and then try to replicate what worked).
  • 68. True Social Metrics Based off of metrics developed by Avinash – the closest thing to real good data on tweet performance yet.
  • 69. True Social Metrics – Performance Of Individual Tweets A useful way to view the data.
  • 70. A Few Extra Resources30 Twitter Tactics In Three Videos Click Worthy Titles
  • 71. @dan_shure Owner/consultant at Evolving SEO SEOmoz Associate