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Small business-seo-2013-centralmass-expo Small business-seo-2013-centralmass-expo Presentation Transcript

  • SEO In 2013 2013 Central MA Business Expo Dan Shure @dan_shure
  • I’m Dan. @dan_shure
  • What Is SEO? @dan_shure View slide
  • Showing Up Here @dan_shure View slide
  • Traffic @dan_shure
  • Transactions @dan_shure
  • Why Does SEO Matter? @dan_shure
  • Organic Search Is Growing Slide source: @dan_shure
  • You Could Be Missing Out On Business @dan_shure
  • Or Worse, You Could Be Unintentionally Turning Away Traffic @dan_shure
  • Or Worse, You Could Be Unintentionally Turning Away Traffic @dan_shure
  • Or Worse, You Could Be Unintentionally Turning Away Traffic @dan_shure
  • Or Worse, You Could Be Unintentionally Turning Away Traffic @dan_shure
  • Or Worse, You Could Be Unintentionally Turning Away Traffic (Note: this looks to have since been resolved) @dan_shure
  • 9 Parts 1. Anatomy Of Google 2. Types Of Searches 3. Myths 4. Why Sites Rank 5. Basic On Site SEO 6. Local SEO 7. Mobile SEO 8. Content 9. Social Media @dan_shure
  • Part One – Anatomy Of Google Live Demo @dan_shure
  • Anatomy: 85 Examples @dan_shure
  • Part Two - Types Of Searches Live Demo @dan_shure
  • 5 Myths @dan_shure
  • Myth 1 – Use The Keyword Meta Tag @dan_shure
  • Myth 2 – Stuff In As Many Keywords As Possible @dan_shure
  • Myth 3 – SEO Is a “Trick” @dan_shure
  • Myth 4 – Buying PPC Ads Helps Organic Rankings @dan_shure
  • Myth 5 – Publish As Much Content On As Many Pages As Possible. Annoyingly Often. @dan_shure
  • Mistakes Hiring SEOs @dan_shure
  • Don’t Believe “Guarantees” No no no no!!! @dan_shure
  • Don’t Go With The Cheapest Option Further reading:
  • Mostly Avoid “SEOs” Who Cold Call/Email You First @dan_shure
  • Get Educated FIRST • • Google Webmaster Guidelines • Google Help Videos • Local SEO Learning Center – GetListed • Clarity – Talk To An SEO (Paid) • Google Webmaster Help Forum @dan_shure
  • Part Four – Why Sites Rank @dan_shure
  • Content • targeting-onpage-optimization • @dan_shure
  • Back Links @dan_shure
  • “User Metrics” @dan_shure
  • “User Metrics” @dan_shure
  • Social Media @dan_shure
  • Moz SEO Ranking Study • (just came out today!) @dan_shure
  • Part Five – Basic On Site SEO @dan_shure
  • Choosing A Platform • WordPress • Static HTML • Other “CMS” (Drupal, Joomla) • Don’t – “Hosted” (Yellowpages etc) @dan_shure
  • Set Up Analytics & Webmaster Tools • • @dan_shure
  • Title Tags @dan_shure
  • Title Tags <title>Webpage Title Goes Here</title> @dan_shure
  • Title Tags Bad “Best SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Web Site Ranking Company, SEO Services Worcester, Boston, The Planet” @dan_shure
  • Title Tags Good “Search Engine Optimization Services In Worcester, MA – Evolving SEO” @dan_shure
  • Title Tags Local SEO Tip • Include the city, state in your title tag @dan_shure
  • Title Tags • Google Webmaster Title / Description Resource • s/answer/35624?hl=en @dan_shure
  • Web Crawler – Screaming Frog SEO Spider @dan_shure
  • Authorship @dan_shure
  • Part Six – Local SEO @dan_shure
  • @dan_shure Source:
  • NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number Consistency is Key. @dan_shure
  • NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number Eliminate duplicates. @dan_shure
  • Claim Your Google Places Page • sforbusiness/ @dan_shure
  • NAP - Your Website • Present in footer • Clear contact / directions page @dan_shure
  • Google Places Categories VERY Important • Select as many as possible • Use Google’s suggested categories @dan_shure
  • Google Places Categories VERY Important @dan_shure - Blumenthal’s Google Places Category Tool
  • Data Aggregators @dan_shure
  • Data Aggregators • • • • • @dan_shure
  • Yelp @dan_shure
  • Tools • • citation-finder/ (paid) • building-submission-service (paid) @dan_shure
  • Claim GPS Listings • @dan_shure
  • Reviews @dan_shure
  • Reviews • Check In Once a Week (or so) • RESPOND!! @dan_shure
  • Reviews • Link to review profiles from website • “Encourage” reviews from happy customers @dan_shure
  • Part Seven – Mobile SEO @dan_shure
  • Your Site HAS To Look Good And Work On Mobile @dan_shure
  • Responsive Design @dan_shure
  • Check PageSpeed @dan_shure
  • Part Eight - Content @dan_shure
  • Define Your Audience People who are most like to buy my [product/service]…. …arelikely also interested in___________________. @dan_shure
  • Use @dan_shure
  • Use @dan_shure
  • Use @dan_shure
  • Blogs Are About Conversation @dan_shure
  • Teach Teach & Share – Watch The Classic Video By Jason Fried @dan_shure
  • Tell A Story @dan_shure
  • Curate Curate – Internet Marketing Conference List @dan_shure
  • Blogs Work, But Can’t Suck Consistency Is More Important Than Frequency @dan_shure
  • Blogs Work, But Can’t Suck Write as if Google Doesn’t Exist (ie: get traffic from elsewhere) @dan_shure
  • No Excuses. Speechpad @dan_shure
  • Part Eight – Social Media @dan_shure
  • Register Your Profiles (Even If You Don’t Use Them) @dan_shure
  • For SEO, Social Is About Showing Engagement @dan_shure
  • For SEO, Social Is About Showing Engagement @dan_shure
  • No excuses here, either.
  • No excuses here, either.
  • Link To/From Website @dan_shure
  • Link To/From Website @dan_shure
  • To Conclude @dan_shure
  • SEO Takes Work @dan_shure
  • SEO Can Make The Web A Better Place @dan_shure
  • Not A Zero Sum Game @dan_shure
  • Worcester / Central MA has a LOT to gain as a whole. @dan_shure
  • Thanks! Q&A @dan_shure @dan_shure