Evolven Comparison Product Overview
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Evolven Comparison Product Overview



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Evolven Comparison™ is an innovative Granular Configuration Automation solution that helps to reduce production risks, increase uptime and improve stability.

By comparing environments with each other, or with their historical or golden baselines, Evolven Comparison helps IT teams to identify granular changes and differences that pose risk to production. It compares entire environments, dives deep to the most granular level of configuration parameters, and applies analytics to allow IT teams to focus on what matters most.

IT teams use Evolven Comparison for release validation, incident investigation and disaster recovery verification, achieving less risk, more uptime and greater stability.



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  • WHAT MAKES EVOLVEN COMPARISON™ SO POWERFUL?Evolven Comparison includes a unique set of powerful capabilities that dive deep to capture even the most granular configuration parameter in your environment in order to deliver environment comparisons that effectively prevent and allow for the quick investigation of IT environment incidents.Evolven Comparison compares entire environments, and then analyzes the results to provide you with a clear visual presentation status of your environment, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
  • COMPARES THE ENTIRE ENVIRONMENTAn Integrative, Top-down ComparisonModern business systems include interdependent layers of applications and infrastructure. Focusing on only one layer, or on a point technology, leaves room for error, and ignores critical context and interdependencies. It's only by focusing on the entire environment that one can ensure a stable business service that meets agreed to service levels.Evolven Comparison:Compares the entire environment: applications and their underlying software infrastructure stack, including: applications, front-end servers, middleware, databases, messaging layer and operating systems Applies environment perspective, rather than only being able to focus on a particular server or point technologyCompares logical environment architecture and not merely infrastructure components, thus allowing for the comparison of business applications, even when they are on different physical topologies
  • DELIVERS IN-DEPTH COMPARISONIT environments are complex. A typical environment includes thousands of different configuration parameters in which the misconfiguration or disregarding of a single configuration, can cause an environment incident with major impact on the IT and business service.  When it comes to environment configuration, the devil is indeed in the details.Evolven Comparison:Covers all facets of the environment, including the architecture, configuration and bill-of-materials Drills-down to the most granular level of the individual configuration parameter in any configuration source, including configuration files, registry, database schema, stored procedures, and reference data held in the databaseCompares the content of each environment component, including: version, size, checksum, modification date etc.
  • APPLIES COMPARISON ANALYTICSFocus on What Matters MostWith the complexity of IT environments, involving thousands of different configuration parameters, it can be a challenge to turn IT environment comparisons into actionable information that supports decision making. Evolven Comparison's unique Comparison Engine™ includes a set of technologies that allows just that: clear, definitive information that highlights the critical root cause and its impact.Evolven Comparison:Analyzes changes and differences with a focus on their criticality and impact. Evolven Comparison classifies changes and differences by their impact, prioritizes and highlights based on criticality, ignores insignificant changes and differences, and even allows for the effective comparison of inherently different environments (e.g. test vs. production)Visualizes comparison results for fast and easy analysisLeverages a customizable Impact Knowledge Base and embedded logic to ensure meaningful and useful comparisons
  • HOW IT WORKSTo enable valuable information that supports decision making, Evolven Comparison™ collects granular environment configurations, automatically analyzes differences and changes and presents the critical items that should be focused on in a convenient manner.CollectionEvolven Comparison collects environment configuration using any of three types of agents:Remote agents: Running on servers (either multi-purposed servers or servers dedicated to the agent collection task) that collect information from remote servers and push it to the Evolven Comparison application server.Local agents: (to collect information that is not accessible remotely) Running directly on servers and pushes information to the Evolven Comparison application server.Offline agents: Running in an ad hoc manner either from a mount point or a USB key. These agents run deliberately and collect information locally and are then uploaded to the server from one of the other agents in the environment. These agents can be run on servers that are blocked by firewalls, or in situations where servers are disconnected from the Evolven Comparison application server.The Evolven Comparison collection process can carried out as either on-demand or scheduled (e.g. every night during the maintenance window). To ensure low overhead on the infrastructure, Evolven Comparison applies a piecemeal approach, where collection is done incrementally and following the original snapshot - only through the collection of deltas.The environment configuration is collected at the most granular level of configuration parameters, allowing for the capture of even the most minute of root-causes of environment incidents.AnalysisCollected environment configuration information is compared against the information collected from a different environment, or a historical snapshot of the same environment or a golden baseline.Evolven Comparison dives deep to collects environment configuration information at the most granular levels. With the immense volume of granular information collected, it can be a challenge to compare information in a way that will produce valuable and usable information. The Comparison Engine™ includes a set of proprietary analytic technologies that helps users focus on critical differences. This includes: Impact Knowledge Base: Customizable knowledge base determines the impact and severity of each difference identified Rule Mechanism: Handles the aggregation, tagging and normalization of information to make it clear and consolidated Noise Reduction mechanism: Filters out irrelevant or expected/required differences.PresentationThe results of comparisons are presented through Evolven Comparison's rich browser-based client. The user interface deliversComparison results in a graphic format that allows users to get a clear, comprehensive and easy to understand view of environmental risks and their potential impactVisibility into the complete Environment Configuration Repository often for more advanced users (i.e. subject matter experts) that want to have the entire environment configuration view and the ability to drill down to the most granular levels of the environments they manage.

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