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  • Counter-clockwise:Experience ManagerAnalyticsTargetSocialMedia Optimizer
  • InheritedExtensibleEncrypted credentialsDecouple third-party provided scripts from CQ developer codebase – marketing friendlyDependency supportLimitations: when loaded on page
  • CQ 5.6 includes OOTB cloud service integrations for each of these products; some in earlier versionsThis presentation will focus on SiteCatalyst and Test&Target
  • Other integrations:AdobeDigital Publishing Suite – uploading content to Folio ProducerCreative Cloud – sync assets to CQ DAM3rd-partySalesforce – lead management (send leads to SF, use lead info in Client Context)ExactTarget – create emails in CQ, integrate forms to create ET subscriberFacebook connect – registration, user details (interests, geography, etc - can use for targeting)Twitter connect - registration
  • Customers:Different goals for different prospects: low-cost, instant reports, subscriptions/licenses, partnership- Hoovers: 85MM companies, 900 industries
  • Global and site-specific component librariesAnticipate vast differences in volume of content, site structures, translated word length
  • Billions ofcompany pagesCaching: - Authorable areas directly on pages creates caching challenges - Dispatcher: flushing cache on activation - CDN: TTL tradeoff between promotion freshness and cache benefit - Ideal use case for targeted offers (client-side injection)
  • Reference header/footer components from homepage
  • CQ_Analytics abstraction
  • When managing multiple digital properties, important to have visibility into each property as well as global trends and interactions between sitesSC Best practice to report on all sites the same wayFramework inheritance makes it easy to configure diff’t report suites based on site and CQ instance: Common > Site > InstanceCan leverage multiple report suites or instant segmentationCross-site interactionCQ frameworks can be leveraged similarly for both strategies
  • s.TransactionID w/ dynamic phone numbersCalculated metrics
  • BehavioralCustomer / ProspectNew/return visitorPrevious visit patternsPrevious Product interestsSearchesPrevious online purchasesPrevious Campaign exposurePrevious Campaign responsesEnvironmentalIP addressCountry of originTime zoneDevice typeOperating systemBrowser typeScreen resolutionOfflineCRMCall centerTicket sales3rd-party dataLoyalty programsReferrerReferring domainCampaign IDAffiliateSocial networksPaid or natural searchDirect/bookmarkSocial graph/loginTemporalTime of dayDay of weekRecencyFrequency
  • Short- and long-term interests
  • CQ-native: - customizable: strategies, segment definitions, boostingTest & Target: - Targeted testing: constrain tests to segments or specific visitor percentages - More robust reporting: specific conversions, microconversions (funnel)
  • Focus on metrics which move the business:Quality of leads, not just quantityTie to offline revenueAnalytics before optimization!A/B testing > targeting > MVTA/B = test big changes; build confidence in strategyTargeting = leverage collected dataMVT = incremental uplift; sizable sample trafficCQ5 versions:- 5.5 to 5.6
  • Strategy & Creative DirectionWhen testing – continue to refine, optimize rather than just creating new testsPlanning, Cost Control & Operational EfficiencySecond levelConnecting to the CustomerMaintain a consistent brand imageMessaging, style guidelines, brand assets
  • EVOLVE'13 | Enhance | Managing Digital Experiences | Patric DelCioppo

    1. 1. 1 MANAGING DIGITAL EXPERIENCES AT SCALE Patric DelCioppo, Acquity Group w it h Adobe Mark e t ing Cl ou d
    2. 2. 2 INTRODUCTION About Me Adobe domain lead in Acquity Group’s Experience Management (XM) practice Past lives: • Vamosa (content migration) • Lionbridge (localization) On the job: • Defining service offerings leveraging Adobe Marketing Cloud products • Designing and delivering customer- specific XM/DM solutions • Overseeing Adobe CQ5 platform implementations and optimization programs • Assessing and enabling customer digital marketing capabilities Off the clock: Travel, kayaking, mixology Patric DelCioppo Director, XM Domain Lead Acquity Group
    3. 3. 3 • Introduce Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions • Learn how to leverage available CQ5 Cloud Services • Dive into some features of a first-class XM/DM platform • Identify strategies and best practices for building a scalable digital platform on Adobe • Deliver branded experiences consistently and quickly • Capture valuable insights from visitor interactions • Optimize relevance to drive conversion INTRODUCTION Session Goals
    5. 5. 5 ADOBE EXPERIENCE MANAGER Product Highlights Product Principal Use Cases Key Features CQ5 Integration CQ5 Complete management and delivery of cross- channel digital properties • Web content management with in-context authoring • Integrated digital asset management • Mobile authoring and publishing toolset (mobile-specific and response design) • Multi-channel campaign management • Framework for integration with AMC products and third-party services • N/A Scene7 Dynamic imaging, product configurators, web to print • Hosted infrastructure and CDN • Secure media portal • Integration with Adobe Target for targeted promotions • Interactive catalogs, video, and visual configurators • Multiscreen, device-specific content delivery • 5.5+
    6. 6. 6 ADOBE ANALYTICS Product Highlights Product Principal Use Cases Key Features CQ5 Integration SiteCatalyst Analytics and reporting, marketing attribution • Fully customizable tracking and reporting • Channel/device detection and traffic segmentation • Web, mobile, social, and video measurement • 5.4+ Discover Data-driven visitor segment discovery • Real-time segment identification and visualization • Multidimensional site analysis • Side-by-side segment comparisons • Synchronization of segments with SiteCatalyst and Test&Target • N/A Insight Big Data processing and analysis • Multi-source data aggregation • Complex data visualizations including charts, plots, path browsers, and geospatial mapping • ETL processing toolset • Automatic correlation, cross-tabs, and drill-down • Scalable, high-performance analysis cluster • Report sharing, export, and publishing • N/A Genesis Third-party marketing application integrations • Automatic integration of data from accredited partner applications (e.g., ExactTarget, DoubleClick, etc.) • Cross-application dashboards • Dynamic synchronization across applications • N/A TagManager Marketing tag deployment without IT • Web-based management of third-party scripts/beacons • Conditional tag loading and scheduling • 5.6+
    7. 7. 7 ADOBE TARGET Product Highlights Product Principal Use Cases Key Features CQ5 Integration Test&Target Testing, segmentation, and targeted marketing campaigns • A/B testing and MVT, Ad testing • Track all views and conversion ratio • Sophisticated targeting via customizable visitor segmentation and robust context evaluation • Self-optimizing tests and campaigns push best- performing scenarios • 5.5+ Recommendations Data-driven cross-sell and upsell • Recommendations content managed in cloud (most popular, top sellers, viewed this/viewed that) • Some A/B testing capabilities • Integrate with SiteCatalyst and Test&Target to build sophisticated recommendation algorithms • N/A Search&Promote Search relevance and optimization • Internal site search with auto-complete, “did you mean?”, and faceted navigation • Configurable ranking rules complement natural relevance • Promote targeted content for specific queries • Render search results client-side or server-side via API • Index content via crawl or custom feed • 5.5+
    8. 8. 8 Configurable services • Administered by business users within CQ5 Author • Encrypted account credentials Decoupled • Third-party scripts managed independently of CQ5 developer codebase • Specific services enabled in WCM rather than hard-coded in templates Inheritable • Override specific properties for ease of rollout (e.g., different service endpoints, site-/instance-specific values) Extensible • API and common structure for developing brand new services • Powerful, flexible event data model (CQ_Analytics) CQ5 CLOUD SERVICES General Concepts
    9. 9. 9 ADOBE MARKETING CLOUD Experience Manager (Scene7) Analytics (SiteCatalyst, TagManager) Target (Test&Target, Search&Promote) CQ5 Cloud Services – AMC Integrations
    10. 10. 10 ADOBE MARKETING CLOUD CQ5 Cloud Services – Other Integrations
    11. 11. 11 CASE STUDY Dun & Bradstreet
    12. 12. 12 D&B Customer Profile A Digital Business Differentiated Solutions • Risk Management, Sales & Marketing, Supply Management • Commercial software, APIs, published reports Global, Multi-brand • DNB, Hoover’s Diverse Customer Base • Individuals/SMBs, mid-market, strategic customers Digital Marketing Objectives • Clean, consistent branded experience • Customer-centric site navigation • SEO-friendly URLs and content • Improved pathing to eCommerce • New ways to acquire and nurture web traffic • Increased reach via complete company database availability • Improved self-service • Business process improvement
    13. 13. 13 D&B Adobe Usage Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions Adobe CQ5 Adobe SiteCatalyst Adobe Test&Target Adobe-powered sites DNB.com – September 2012 • http://www.dnb.com/ Hoovers.com – October 2012 • http://www.hoovers.com/ DNB Canada – November 2012 • http://www.dnb.ca/ DNB Government – January 2013 • http://www.dnb.com/government
    15. 15. 15 COMMANDING A DIGITAL PRESENCE Reusable Components • Designs • Brand assets • Clientlibs • Components • Authorable content • Dynamic data • Templates • Site config pages • Content • Digital assets • Tagging
    16. 16. 16 SHOWCASING THE PRODUCT Service Integrations for Massive Data Delivery Key Features • Authorable content areas • SEO + Schema metadata Hoover’s Data • Company Profile Details • Report Products & Pricing • Company Search • Industry Search • Add-to-Cart Links Integrations • REST • SOAP Considerations • Caching
    17. 17. 17 STAYING TOP OF MIND SEO Considerations Google Sitemaps CQ-authored pages Video Sitemaps Data-driven pages Schema metadata Corporation VideoObject Authorable SEO controls No index/no sitemap Meta description sitemaps.org schema.org
    18. 18. 18 IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE Multilingual Coordination Planning and Design • Advance exposure to CQ authoring environment and available components • Accelerated content production • Minimal new development • Leveraged existing digital assets Multilingual Site Construction • MSM/Live Copy (en/fr) • Bilingual header component (Language Toggle) • Language preference cookie & redirect • Market-specific form customization
    19. 19. 19 MAINTAINING A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE Page Shell Include Fragments Integration Fragments • Parsys page template • Reference components • Absolute URLs • Tied to homepage activation • Fetch schedule coordinated with third-party
    21. 21. 21 MANAGING COMPLEXITY Cloud Services SiteCatalyst Frameworks Mapping Interface CQ View • SiteCatalyst props, eVars, events SiteCatalyst View • Client Context attributes, strings, arbitrary JS expressions Benefits Reporting Integrity • Reporting model sync’d from SiteCatalyst Abstraction • Less SC expertise needed from component devs; cleaner code Normalization • Flexibility to align various components to common reporting model
    22. 22. 22 360º REPORTING Site-specific and Global Measurement Two Strategies Multi-suite tagging • Site-specific + global report suites • Secondary server calls Site as Segment • Single report suite • Instant Segmentation (v15) Considerations Access/Security Cross-report comparisons CQ Implementation Use framework inheritance • Platform > Site > Environment Manage plugins in clientlibs Avoid global config customizations
    23. 23. 23 MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE Driving Strategy with Data Traffic sources Referrers (social, search, affiliate) Campaigns (email, display) Cross-domain Technographic info Browsers Devices Site interaction On-page events • CTAs • Interactive elements Visitor flow • Site search • Form abandonment, errors • Pathing trends Offsite/offline conversion Phone/chat In-store purchase
    25. 25. 25 WEB OPTIMIZATION Breakdown of Capabilities Testing A/B • Highly effective for testing broad variations, full-page or location-focused Multivariate • Optimal combination of variations (Taguchi method) Optimizing • Automated decisioning by conversion algorithm Targeting Behavioral • New/returning visitor, expressed interest, searches Environmental • Geographic, technographic Offline Data • User profile, CRM, third-party data Traffic Source • Social network, SEO/SEM campaign, affiliate, etc. Temporal • Time of Day, day of week, recency, frequency
    26. 26. 26 THE PATH TO OPTIMIZATION Analytics Customer begins to gain insight into site performance, customer segments, and factors influencing KPIs Testing A/B test page layouts, copy, and CTAs to identify best-performing variations Spend Allocation Adjust spend with SEM, advertising, and content marketing from low to high performance predictors Content Planning Use test outcomes to inform new content development and creative concepts Targeting Deploy tailored campaigns to key customer segments and deliver relevant content based on visit context Continuous Optimization Monitor results to guide strategy while leveraging self-optimization and MVT to automatically push best-performing experiences STRATEGIC TACTICAL OPERATIONAL
    27. 27. 27 SOLUTION OPTIONS CQ5-native vs Adobe Target CQ5 Segments and Teaser Framework • Self-hosted dynamic content delivery with no server calls • Highly customizable framework • Measurement limited to CTR Test&Target • More targeting conditions, suite segments, and campaign strategies • More testing options: targeted testing, full-page tests, offsite delivery • More robust reporting • Campaign self-optimization + SiteCatalyst integration • Test&Target campaign tracking in SiteCatalyst • SiteCatalyst events as Test&Target success metrics In common: • CQ5 for offer creation and delivery • Client Context to pass segmentation data
    28. 28. 28 LAYING THE GROUNDWORK Planning for Implementation Strategy & Marketing Ops Establish clear optimization goals • Identify measurable KPIs • Understand business impacts and optimize the right behaviors Walk before you run • Analytics before optimization! • A/B testing > targeting > MVT UX & Content Strategy Build symbiotic relationship between marketing and content teams • Account for production of content variations • Leverage testing to inform creative/copy direction Design optimization-ready experiences • Identify promotional “dynamic” placements • Understand conversion points CQ5 Technical Design Maintain flexibility in potential targeted areas • Parsys instead of statically included components • Design components with appropriate granularity
    29. 29. 29 KEY TAKEAWAYS
    30. 30. 30 BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Strategy & Creative Direction • Establish KPIs early and identify must-have experiences • Measure engagement on visitors’ terms as well as the business • Test iteratively to maximize uplift • Design for growth, not perfection Planning, Cost Control & Operational Efficiency • Establish standards/conventions for FED • Take advantage of shared templates, component libraries • Align reporting model across digital properties • Use judgment when considering new features vs reuse Connecting to the Customer • Maintain a consistent brand image • Always strive for relevance and sense of place • Dynamic delivery does not trump solid information architecture • Beware of alienating customers through overly aggressive targeting Takeaways & Best Practices
    31. 31. 31 QUESTIONS?
    32. 32. 32 THANK YOU Patric DelCioppo | patric.delcioppo@acquitygroup.com Director | XM Domain Lead Acquity Group | Part of Accenture Interactive
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