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Evolve social case_studies_website

  2. 2. FIJI Water-Australia Community Engagement & Visual Branding In six months Evolve has developed a social presence for FIJI Water that has one of the highest rates of engagement and is one of the fastest growing local brands on Instagram & Facebook in its category. Launching both their Facebook and Instagram Australian channels in February of this year Evolve has helped fuel the passion for the brand by utilising a network of local influencers to create a strong unique local brand presence. This was conceived as part of an ongoing content strategy around the brand pillars of fashion, food & healthy living which Evolve has created as part of its engagement with the global brand. Such is the strength of the local visual branding that the Australian images are regularly shared across the other global territories where FIJI Water also operates local marketing One FIJI Water bottle picture from Queensland blogger Oracle fox attracted over 5000 likes for which the brand didn’t have to pay anything. This type of earned media is priceless and it is this level of brand engagement that Evolve has recently secured a contract with FIJI Water until 2015.
  3. 3. Sony Consumer Electronics Social Strategy Our social media strategist on behalf of We are Social developed a roadmap to help transform the Sony brand, defining its digital agenda. Sony is one of the most recognised brands in the world, yet to make it the most talked about and engaged with brand in the consumer electronics sector is not easy. To enable Sony to build a loyal community and highly engaged fan base, we produced a social media strategy underpinned with market insights and actions to take as a result. Evolution begins with an understanding of the current situation, so we undertook a complete audit of Sony’s existing content, its social channels and digital ecosystem. After the initial research, a full engagement and content plan to meet the desired business objectives was mapped out. The plan for Sony’s social transformation included an advocacy program with local influencers, recommended tactics and strategies for channel growth. Delivered for We are Social
  4. 4. Sanitarium–WeetBix Social Strategy We developed a social framework to integrate with Weet-Bix’s media campaign and sponsor activities to entice consumers to increase consumption Weet-Bix is a widely recognised and well-loved brand, yet its existing social strategy was not having the desired impact of engaging customers to eat more. So, we created an integrated social program supporting the notion of a socially fuelled participation with the brand. Underpinning the process is a competitive analysis and understanding what was being said about Weet-Bix and its competitors online. We then set social objectives and targets including growth in Weet-Bix user base and amplifying brand messaging. Using our research insights we developed a framework to help produce compelling content, and outlined a series of promotional concepts to support and engage the target audience.
  5. 5. McCormick Foods - Aeroplane Jelly Experiences: 85th Birthday Campaign Our social media team on behalf of Beyond the Square launched Aeroplane Jelly’s Facebook page to celebrate its 85th birthday, attracting 12,000 fans in 3 months Aeroplane Jelly is one of Australia’s most iconic brands, and we helped to celebrate its 85th year with the launch of its Facebook page. Bringing to life loveable characters – Bertie and Melody – helped to drive engagement and build a loyal community which spread the word to family and friends. During the campaign we produced assorted content – recipe book download app, competitions, images, polls etc –which fans loved to engage with and share. In just 3 months 2,000 recipe books were downloaded, and 4000 entered competitions to win a birthday pack. To support the launch we developed and managed the brand’s Facebook advertising program, contributing to a significant jump in visits. A series of coordinated offline events were promoted on Facebook, with published photos increasing engagement and community loyalty. https://www.facebook.com/aeroplanejelly Delivered for BTS
  6. 6. Schweppes Australia – Pepsi Max Development: Pepsi Kick launch Facebook App Our team of developers enabled workers across Australia to quench their thirst with a personal delivery of Pepsi’s Max Kick soft drink. Pepsi wanted to deliver a real ‘Kick’ with the campaign to launch a new taste – not an easy task in a crowded market. The digital promotion for Pepsi Max Kick had to be exciting, interactive and entice consumers to socially spread the word. So, we worked closely with Pepsi to develop a personalised Facebook application which was hosted on our campaign management platform. The app allowed fans to request promotion teams to visit their workplace. It provided Pepsi with real-time delivery and reporting of entrants, and seamlessly integrated into the Pepsi Facebook site. Deploying the tailor-made Facebook App enabled Pepsi to rapidly increase visits to the site, build a loyal fan base and boost product exposure. Developed by I Sapien
  7. 7. FIJI Water-Good Food & Wine Show Experiences: Campaign & Event Promotion We promoted FIJI Water’s national sponsorship of the Good Food & Wine Show, reaching over 400,000 people, boosting engagement on its social channels and attracting 7,015 new fans & followers . FIJI Water wanted to use its sponsorship to increase brand awareness, encourage consumers to engage with and like its social content, and build an email database of fans. To meet its objectives we developed a strategic campaign which included building a national food blogger team, running promotions on Facebook and Instagram, and developing a content program to support the event. To capitalise upon the popularity of photo sharing amongst our target we introduced a dedicated event hash tag for the event market and created over 350 photos across on both brand Facebook Instagram pages with a reach of over 400,000 people. The content mix was a hit with consumers, almost 2,700 competition entries were received, the number of fans increased 126 per cent, and 4,520 people liked posts.
  8. 8. Autism Spectrum Australia (NFP) What Does Autism Mean To You Campaign Our social media team on behalf of Beyond the Square launched an Autism awareness campaign asking individuals what Autism means to them, reaching 592,000 people across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Autism Spectrum Australia needed a simple but effective campaign to drive awareness of autism in Australia. Working closely with the Not for Profit organisation, we created and launched a project to generate 12,000 social conversations through asking, “What Does Autism Mean to You’? A moving video telling the story of one family and what autism means to them was posted on Facebook and promoted via the organisation’s website and social channels. The post was a massive success, achieving record levels of engagement on the page including: 5,683 video views and 3,091 shares. In conjunction with the launch we managed an eDM campaign, and blogger outreach to increase awareness of autism in local communities. Delivered for BTS https://www.facebook.com/AutismSpectrumAustralia
  9. 9. Zip Industries – Instant Boiling Water Tap Insights: Social listening Campaign Delivered for BTS Our social analyst conducted an online listening campaign for ZIP while at Beyond the Square, helping it to develop an effective long term social media and marketing strategy. Listening to conversation about your brand and sector is crucial to successfully engaging and interacting with your target audience. To help ZIP understand what was being said about it we listened to conversations about the brand, its products, competitors and the industry. Monitoring the various social channels provided meaningful insights on the volume of conversation, the key topics, audience segments and influencers, and what ZIP’s competitors were doing. Through analysing results we identified the issues and sentiments driving the conversation, and advised on actions to take. During the program we discovered what content ZIP’s target audience loved, enabling it to develop a social strategy that connects with its customers.
  10. 10. Smith’s Crisps-Chippy Slap Development: Custom Facebook App Developed by ISapien Our team of developers developed a personalised Facebook app to enable fans of Smith’s Crisps to take the pledge and drive engagement beyond the popular TVC campaign in social . Smith’s wanted to extend the life of it’s above the line campaign through social by creating a quick and easy to enter application that helped their fans participate and be part of the fun and positive feedback the campaign was attracting. The Chippy Slap app gave fans the opportunity to take the pledge and share it with their friends on Facebook as well as a chance to win a free hoodie via a simple 25 words or less mechanic. The app has proved so successful it has helped extended the life of the campaign. To date over 6,000 pledges have been taken and three different versions of the app developed to cater for the increased buzz and excitement associated with the campaign on the Smiths Facebook page.
  11. 11. Grain Waves Wholegrain Chips Development Instagram Publishing Tool Developed by ISapien We helped Grain Waves create an engaged community, and boost product exposure with user generated content. Grain Waves wanted to create a buzz with a social campaign that enticed consumers to try its single-chip packs. So, we developed an innovative platform that allowed Grain Waves to integrate user generated content into its social channels, building a highly engaged community during the campaign. The largely visual campaign used promotional hash tags to prompt consumers to upload photos of themselves trying the single-chip packs. Our Instagram tool enabled Grain Waves to amass a variety of user images and easily review the pictures before publishing them to their Facebook page. The campaign had a massive impact on awareness and product exposure, with one image posted reaching over 3,500 Facebook users.
  12. 12. Schweppes Australia – Mountain Dew Development: Daily Shout Campaign & Admin System Developed by ISapien Our team of developers worked with Mountain Dew to grow its Facebook fan base with a daily prize campaign and admin system. To support Mountain Dew’s, ‘Daily Shout’, Facebook initiative, Our team of developers developed and implemented an admin system to manage the campaign. The ‘Daily Shout’ promotion offered visitors the chance to win a daily prize, stimulating engagement and attracting passionate fans. The admin tool made it easy for Mountain Dew to pre- load campaign prizes, with the system picking the required prize based on the current date. Boasting the capability to collect real-time data, the admin system enabled Mountain Dew to review entries and submissions as fans entered details. Filtering entries based on the date entered or prize, and conducting further analysis enabled Mountain Dew to drive positive word of mouth and boost visits to its Facebook page.
  13. 13. Schweppes Australia – Pepsi Postcode Challenge: Custom Facebook App Developed by ISapien Our team of developers developed a personalised Facebook app for Pepsi’s new naturally sweetened drink, driving brand awareness In the summer of 2012/13 the soft drink company launched a new breed of cola, Pepsi Next, and to help make a splash we built a tailor-made Facebook app. Postcode Challenge gave fans the opportunity to win a free Pepsi Street Party, and be a hero in their local hood. The custom app for Pepsi NEXT generated excitement, enticing fans to share with friends and fast track awareness of the new taste sensation. To encourage fans to nominate their postcode anytime and anywhere, the app was built to be device responsive. A mobile optimised page for smartphone users boosted engagement and allowed fans to easily spread the word on the go.
  14. 14. Level 2 608 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2027 e: hello@evolvesocial.com.au Tel : +61 (0)409 320 242 www.evolvesocialcom.au