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  • This will be the 1st year when PC sell less than the previous year Tablet sales growth in the US up 22% Smartphone more than 50% of sales of phones Visual Quality not quantityWhilst Facebook has the eye balls we are moving away from just a one platform approachEngage our advocates
  • Social sharing impacts SEO Social signals in Facebook & Twitter now correlate strongly with good rankings in Google’s index+ 1 button The audience shares 41% of Adult internet users take photos or videos they found online & repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people.Social vs Keywords in your Headlines
  • Or what Brian Solis called generation CShift away from traditional demographic
  • What rituals, traditions, or social conventions involve your product?What do people talk about, share or exchange in these activities?How might the experience be enhanced with something better or different?  Kraft Example who use recipes as their social currency
  • Arguably are where the opportunities are for brands to differentiate themselves with social media. Facebook has changes its news feed to aggregate content better and make it more visual
  • Psychology of why people share your content & tapping into the pyschology is important to understand
  • that increase engagement but add depth and widen audience appeal.
  • Whilst Traditional advertising starts with defining “what is the unique selling proposition of the product you’re trying to focus on?” branded Content is really the inverse of that. It’s thinking about people first. What’s resonating with them...and connecting those people’s stories to your product in a relevant way? 
  • In order to be successful in the future need to move from creative to content excellence Move to telling better stories Hour coca colas bottle got its shape Crete an emotion connectionGot a content team that are creating content Creating provocations
  • We are trying to create of content that we are going to get a disproportinateType of content donet have any thing to do with cocal cola website but now they have interesting content Saw a tweet here is dissenting point of view about cocla website They invited a blogger to disagree with thm but put it on the front page Make incredible shift This is a provocationCreated a twitter account & tumblr for their founder who has been dead 100 year & making fun of their founder
  • Mark Schaeefer case study so impressed had to share it with you Asking questions Plastic surgeon is a small town in knoxvilletennesse in the middle of recession Tried traditional approach was getting no where went to one of mark Schaeffers classes & saw the light had an epihanyWasn’t working Stop selling adopt a new mindset teach help & answer question How much money spent on SEO or traditional advertising –Zero Got 100 % of sales leads through content marketing & social media Brian stormed question they get asked Ran weekly polls through Facebook Answered with a video creating interesting useful content which is relevant Creating provocation each week to keep company top of mind that bring people back Weds posted question in a poll Friday posted video of actual doctor Those who got it right won a prize which they had to go instore to redeem Then added a blog posts After 6-9 month they started to see the results so they said how can they do more of this This went so well decided to produce an e-book a girlfriends guide to breast augmentation didn’t know who created the e-book until the last page To answer all the questions might be embarrased to ask a doctor called the Then put together a cook book gave it to all customers and people for xmas who had answered Creating conversations over a cook book How much money spent on SEO or traditional advertising –Zero because if this useful amazing content Got 100 % of sales leads through content marketing & social media Demonstrations the power of relevant content marketing combined with social media
  • The Holstee fashion brand is another great example that wrote a manifesto and posted it on its website to share the company’s values and mission with its customers. Much to their surprise the manifesto went viral and spread rapidly especially on visual platforms Tumblr and Pinterest.The resulting effect was that Holstee sold out of the first batch of products. Not only did the manifesto increase sales, it encouraged people to start living the message and now the brand has gone further by launching a whole platform called My life where people can share their stories inspired by the manifesto.
  • Brand director recognised most juicers sold after new yearIt like a gym membership People make a resolution for a more healthy lifestyleGot an unsolictied request from a Australian film maker Joe CrossWas 310 pounds & needed to change his life as was 100 pounds over weightDecided he would change his life and vowed to go on a 60 day juice only dietSo he flew to the US bought a car mounted his juicer & generator in the back & headed off on a cross country journey to heal his lifestyleAt a bus stop he met a truck driver named Phil who suffered from the same disease Travelled round the US together & the result was a documentary called fat sick & nearly dead Uplifting ,inspiring fun & heart warming Kept in touch with Brevile staff & brand director was excited by the film bur wondered how they would get distributionTo go for a 230 cinema wide distribution they would have to have spent money on traditional media they didn’t have so instead they opted for social media & to go with Netflix online distribution only and upon release the effect was immediate within 3 weeks they sold out of their entire juicer stock Met a truck driver named phil at bus stop
  • The wrap Always design for sharing in mind –only content that is shared becomes greatConsider content partnerships to get bigger mind share & reachMaintain “mindshare” with more value that takes less time to consume. 1.Visual 2.Aggregation 3.Infographics Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to share content. There is no one hard and fast rule is this rapidly evolving space. The future is brand scaping because not everyone is a Red Bull
  • Branded content & social_sharing_sm_corporate_summit_final

    1. 1. David Wesson Twitter -@wessBRANDED CONTENT & SOCIAL SHARING „Creating the perfect mix to cut through the noise‟
    2. 2. THREE THINGS ABOUT MEI take pictures I evolve I’m a Ocean Swimmer TWEET TIPBranded content & Social sharing-Creating the perfect mix to cut through the marketing noise @wess #corpSM
    3. 3. The backstory Why sharing & branded What you should be content ? doing ?WHAT I‟M GOING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY
    4. 4. WHY ARE WE HERE?Just 36% of people thing their content marketing is effective Source 2012 Marketing Professionals Survey
    6. 6. BIGGEST CHALLENGES• Producing the kind of content that engages• Producing content that gets shared & potentially goes viral• Producing enough content• Maintain mindshare• Shift in brand strategy
    7. 7. INFORMATION OVERLOAD• Amount of information is increasing.• How do we navigate?• Achieve cut through• Filtering
    10. 10. THE RISE OF THE SMARTPHONE &THE MOBILE WEB 60% local penetration& Mobile Internet should Making a phone call is only the overtake desktop use by 2014 5th most popular activity on a /2015 (Microsoft) phone
    11. 11. SOCIAL NETWORKING IS MOBILE• One to one• Narrow casting• Responsive design to optimise for mobile• Over 55 % use Facebook through mobile TWEET TIP Prioritise content strategies that facilitate personal sharing through mobile & the browser @wess #corpSM
    12. 12. SOCIAL FIRST NOT SEARCHSocial sharing impacts SEO• Social signals correlate strongly with good rankings in Google’s indexThe audience shares• 41% of Adult internet users take photos or videos they found online & repost them
    13. 13. IN THE STREAM• Main way we receive our news now• Content which is designed for social newsfeeds and mobile• Based on nderstanding of why people like, share and engage around content.. Facebook’s News Feed changes
    14. 14. THE CONNECTED GENERATION OF SUPER SHARERS• Defined by their connectedness & interests• The way they learn discover and share information online.• share with their friends because it make them look good• BuzzFeed attributes as much as 75% of their traffic from consumers simply looking for cool content to share
    15. 15. CONTENT AS CURRENCY• Content is a gift that forms a currency — something we trade for our audience’s attention.• That currency becomes more valuable every time it’s shared by someone other than ourselves.• Ask yourself What rituals, traditions, or social conventions involve your product? What do people talk about, share or exchange in these activities?
    16. 16. THE RISE OF VISUAL SOCIAL MEDIA• 90% of info transmitted to the brain is visual• Visuals are processed 60K times faster to the brain than text• The rise in visual social media has raised the bar creatively “Brands that can rock visualmedia will find themselvesmarket leaders”. Ekerterina Walter Intel
    17. 17. “COMMUNICATION IS NOW IMAGES FIRST, WORDS SECOND” TWEET THE RISE OF INSTAGRAM“communication is now in images first, words second” @wess #corpSM
    19. 19. THE RISE OF INSTAGRAM Tumblr Pinterst Facebook has changes its Instagram news feed to aggregate Arguably are where the content better and make opportunities are for it more visual brands to differentiate themselves with social media. @sydneyfashion @Lauren Plath @GaryPepperGirl blogger March 2012 Sept 2012 March 2013 210K 505 K 1.2 million TWEET TIP“Using original branded images in your posts is one of the best ways THE RISE OF INSTAGRAM to promote sharing of your content” @wess #corpSM
    20. 20. PEOPLE SHARE POST & BUY BASED ON PHOTOS The most common factor when buying ¼ of online conversations about online the phoot (67%) ahead of product a retailer happen in-store info (63%) and ratings (53%)
    21. 21. TUMBLRNow the world’s largest blogging platform
    22. 22. SHORT FORM VIDEOCreate gifs or very short videos.Put through filters. Share.Mobile friendly (creation anddata)Vine - six second videos on aloop. Owned by Twitter,arguably already the mostpopular mobile video networksCinemagram - animated gifs, youcreate from mobile videoViddy - 30 second (up from 15)video with !fters
    23. 23. ANIMATED GIFS• Now an art form in its own right• Has moved into the political mainstream, from specialist tumblrs, to Buzzfeed, to the Guardian• “Gifs are....”the political cartoons of our the past people were making cartoons for the New Yorker.” (Jessica Bennet tumblr) 17 year old Australian working with top fashion brands
    24. 24. A NEW VISUAL SOCIAL MEDIA ECOSYSTEM Photo-sharing Short form video/ gifsStory-telling & curation Longer form video
    25. 25. SOCIAL SHARING IS A SCIENCEBest practices in social sharingcan vary dramatically basedon:• Time of the day,• what day of the week you post on which platform• the use of exclamation marks & question marks• or hashtags.• Seven types of sharers ranging from altruists to careerists. Source “the science of sharing 2012 Compendium report
    26. 26. THE RISE OF THE CREATIVE CONTENT CURATOR• Monitoring trends & Know what content resonates with your audience• Associating your brand with cool content people are more disposed to feel favourably towards the brand• Curating content into subsets and genres is something which that BuzzFeed have turned into an art form.• Use of lists to increase engagement & drive brand lift & consideration.
    28. 28. START BY?• Looking at what content is already out there that is working. 75/25 %• Why does it resonate, why is it easy to remember and does connect back to the brand ?• “It should provide a reason to share so if your content is cool and its funny people and garners an emotion people will share it.” TWEET TIP “Does your content resonate, is it easy to remember and does connect back to the brand ?” @wesss #corpSM
    29. 29. WHAT ARE YOUR CONTENT TOPICS AREAS ? Gizmodo Techau Frequent Flyer smarthouse Whirlpool Australian Aussie hi-fi Frequent Flyer AU Techeads Av Ask a nomad Design files Way Cool Jnr Cool hunter Lost at e-minor Spotify BOSE CATERGORY CONVERSATION
    30. 30. WHO ARE YOUR INFLUENCERS?• Identify Individuals & groups to partner with• Provide your brand trust & credibility• Collaborate on content initiatives which are more relevant to your audience & conversations
    31. 31. WHAT IS BRANDED CONTENT ? SOCIAL MEDIAPEOPLE BRANDSTORIES STORIES 1ST CONTENT TWEET TIP“The branded content sweetspot is telling a story in an organic way so doesn‟t feel like an advertising” @wesss #corpSM
    32. 32. CREATING GREAT CONTENT?• is a combination of creating stunning emotion provoking images and great copywriting that connects to the brand.• If content is fun interesting and quirky the message can be secondary• Brand association and resulting organic lift is what is so important.” TWEET TIP “Great Content Isn‟t Great Until it‟s Discovered, Consumed and Shared @wess #corpSM
    33. 33. CREATIVE TO CONTENT EXCELENCE Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part One
    35. 35. THE WHY• Aligning with goals• Core target audiences• What will be delivered• The outcomes
    36. 36. CASE STUDY –HOME MADE SIMPLEEnabling women to have more quality time with their families
    37. 37. STRATEGY• Adopting a publisher Awareness mentality• Consistency• Ongoing vs one off Expenditure• Traditional model vs Social media model Social media expense vs exposure
    39. 39. RESULTS• Revenue up 19% during recession.• No open surgery spots.• Conversion rate up from 55% to 70% (“the videos patients feel they know us and come in ready to schedule.”)• 2,082 Facebook fans with 203 regularly engaging.• 110% increase in referrals to website from Facebook• 9,027 downloads of Girlfriend’s Guide eBook• Top ranking for all key search terms
    40. 40. TIMELY – ADOPTING A REAL-TIME MINDSET Not new media its “Now media” • 16k Re-tweets • An additional 30K • Instagram followers
    41. 41. YOU NEED A FORMATA recipe for your content
    42. 42. DESIGNING YOUR CONTENT FOR SHARING• Sending out bits and bites of content which can be digested and shared rapidly.• Chunking into different formats• i.e. Info graphics, e- books, video, blog posts TWEET TIP“Design an experience around what matters to your audience & make it easy 4 them to share & express themselves” @wess #corpSM
    44. 44. RED BULL
    45. 45. THE FUTURE IS BRANDSCAPING?What if?• You built content partnerships with other services associated with your target audience?• Shared costs?• Promoted through your respective brand channels to reach more of your target audience?• Who has your next customer as their existing customer ?Brandscaping –Andrew M Davis
    46. 46. THE WRAP• Always design for sharing in mind –only content that is shared becomes great• Maintain “mindshare” with more value that takes less time to consume. 1.Visual 2.Aggregation 3.Infographics• Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to share content.• There is no one hard and fast rule is this rapidly evolving space.• The future is brand scaping because not everyone is a Red Bull
    47. 47. IN SUMMARY –WHYSHOULD IT MATTER• with social media at the pulse, the way we interact, engage and talk with our friends has become based upon sharing more than ever.• Brands that can capitalise on this and associate their brands with cool & valuable and quirky content that people want to share will position themselves more favourably as part of consumers purchase consideration.