Shopper's Usage of Digital Devices 2013


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The Digital Shopping report looks at how these technologies are being adopted by shoppers. Specifically, we will look at:

Online grocery shopping (primarily on a smartphone): Who does it, when, why and how; Who doesn’t do it and why; What devices are used and how.
Apps: Which retailer apps shoppers have and how often they use them
Contactless payment: Awareness; Bank cards and mobile Wallets; Ownership and use; Drivers & barriers; Occasions of use
Social media: How shoppers interact with retailers and brands on various social media platforms
Smartphones: Awareness and usage of using smartphones for various grocery shopping related activities e.g. creating lists, scanning items and ‘checking out’

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Shopper's Usage of Digital Devices 2013

  1. 1. Shoppers Usage of Smartphones and Digital Devices 2013 Essential Shopper Insight into the use of Digital Media & Mobile Commerce Evolution Insights Ltd Prospect House 32 Sovereign Street Leeds LS1 4BJ Tel: 0113 389 1038 1
  2. 2. • Evolution offer a range of products & services for clients in the field of shopper research:- • Off-the-shelf research – Evolution’s off the shelf research publications deliver affordable insight into shopper motivation and behaviours in UK food, drink and grocery • Insight Plus – Insight Plus offers your business the opportunity to engage in any of our regular shopper research projects in advance of publication, tailoring the scope to suit your needs • Bespoke Consulting – As publishers of research, we are able to draw upon a wealth of existing proprietary data for consulting projects – helping to better inform and shape any further research requirements. Evolution is a leading research consultancy specialising in shopper motivation and behaviour. We deliver off-the-shelf, tailored and bespoke research for manufacturers, retailers and agencies. Further information is available at our website http://www.evolution- About Evolution Insights 2 As a leading publisher of shopper research, we are ideally placed to offer your business actionable shopper insight. Our research and analysis helps clients develop targeted shopper marketing initiatives designed to influence shoppers at the point of purchase. We use a range of research methodologies to discover genuine insights. Our research incorporates a broad spectrum of robust qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
  3. 3. Contents 3 Key findings and executive summary 6 Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage: Waitrose 34 Report Introduction 7 Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage: Morrisons, Aldi & MySupermarket 35 Key Findings and Executive Summary – Use of Smartphones & Digital Devices 8 Driver & Barriers Mobile Website vs. Mobile Apps 36 37 Key Findings and Executive Summary – Online (Mobile) Shopping 9 Online (Mobile) Shopping: Summary 38 Social Media 39 Smartphones & Tablet Stats 10 Social Media in Action - Facebook 41 Smartphone/Tablet Stats – Introduction 11 Fans & Followers 42 PC/Laptop Ownership & Usage 12 Social Media in Action - Twitter 43 Tablet Ownership & Usage 13 Examples beyond Facebook & Twitter 44 Smartphone Ownership Year on Year 14 Platform Usage 45 Smartphone Ownership Demographics 15 Interaction with Retailers 46 Level of Smartphone Usage 16 Benefits of Interacting with Retailers 47 M-Commerce & T-Commerce Stats 17 Shoppers Sharing Content Online 48 Social Media Stats 18 Why Shoppers Follow Brands/Retailers 49 Smartphone & Tablets Summary 19 Why Shoppers Stop Following Brands/Retailers 50 Social Media - Summary 51 Online (Mobile) Shopping 20 Introduction 21 Contactless Payment 52 F&G Smartphone Penetration 22 Introduction 53 Drivers of Mobile Shopping 23 Who’s Ready to deploy NFC Payments 54 Location of Mobile Grocery Shops 24 NFC Worldwide Engagement 55 Platform Usage 25 Current Examples M&S 56 Reasons Shoppers Haven’t Conducted Mobile Shops Shoppers Interest in Scanning Barcodes Trends & Drivers Examples of Current Apps Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage: ASDA Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage: Sainsbury Retailer Apps Ownership & Usage: Ocado 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 NFC Payments & Retailers What Shoppers Know About NFC Payments Have Shoppers Used it? Is it of Interest? Reasons Shoppers Haven't Used Contactless Payments What Would Encourage Shoppers To Use Contactless Payments Reasons for Usage What Shoppers Bought Using Contactless Payments NFC & Mobile Payments - Summary 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64
  4. 4. Contents 4 Digital Vouchers & Coupons 65 Using a Smartphone – Locating Items In-store 96 Digital Vouchers & Coupons – Introduction The Latest Trends 66 68 Using a Smartphone – Checking Out Items Other Smartphone Usage – Summary 97 99 Digital Vouchers & Coupons Around the World 69 Examples & Current Apps 70 Methodology 99 Why People Don’t Use Vouchers 71 Device Usage 72 Digital Vouchers – Shoppers Opinion 73 Frequency of Use 74 Shoppers Awareness 75 Digital Vouchers & Coupons – Summary 76 QR Codes 77 QR Code Usage - Demographics 79 Frequency of Use - Demographics 80 Barriers to Use 81 Reader App Ownership 82 QR Codes - Summary 83 Other Smartphone Usage 84 Receiving Marketing Messages 86 Using a Smartphone – Online Shopping 87 Using a Smartphone – Scanning Items 88 Using a Smartphone – Searching Recipes 89 Using a Smartphone – Vouchers & Coupons Using a Smartphone – Loyalty Points 90 91 Using a Smartphone – Checking Points 92 Using a Smartphone – Redeeming Points 93 Using a Smartphone – Comparing Prices 94 Using a Smartphone – Creating Lists 95
  5. 5. This Report… Please note… All of the information provided is in relation to primary household food & grocery shoppers who own smartphones!! 5
  6. 6. What This Report Will Include… This report will: 6 We examine the growth of social media and how shoppers are using it to interact with brands and retailers. We also look at shoppers preferred methods of receiving marketing messages. We look at the penetration of retailer apps along with new technologies retailers are attempting to adopt to encourage mobile engagement. Give you an understanding of online digital shopping and smartphone penetration. We look at who owns smartphones and how shoppers use them. Provide an overview of how new technology is affecting smartphones and how shoppers use the devices at home and in-store. We reveal what activities smartphones are used for. We also look at the pros and cons for using your smartphone to conduct an online grocery shop. Highlight issues and concerns with using smartphones for online shopping and contactless payments.
  7. 7. Use regularly for an increasing number of tasks It is interesting to understand the ownership and usage of other types of technology. Here we can see that the vast majority of shoppers have a computer at home. Smartphone/Tablet Stats: PC/Laptop Ownership & Usage Don’t own and not considering Only use for basic tasks Use frequently Don’t own but would like 3% 7 Here’s last years figures… Ownership and usage of PC/Laptop: 1268 21 8
  8. 8. Smartphone ownership is seeing a steep increase year-on-year. We expect this trend to continue as tariffs become cheaper and contracts come up for renewal. Smartphone/Tablet Stats: Ownership of Smartphones – Year-on-year Change 8 2010 2011 2012 Smartphone ownership: Year-on-year changes* *who are primary food & grocery shoppers 2013 37% of shoppers own a smart- phone 47% of shoppers own a smart- phone 60% of shoppers own a smart- phone 67% of shoppers own a smart- phone
  9. 9. This presentation is a Sample Extract. Full Report 102 Pages. For Details on the full report please contact dale.henry@evolution- Evolution Insights Ltd Prospect House 32 Sovereign Street Leeds LS1 4BJ Tel: 0113 389 1038 Evolution Insights: Shopper Insight Series SAMPLE EXTRACT