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How to create the most amazing company
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How to create the most amazing company


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  • 2. WANT TOCHANGETHE WORLD? Can we bring more meaning to our lives and help change the word at the same time? Pioneering entrepreneurs and companies all over the word are already starting a whole new way of doing things.
  • 3. CONTENTSWelcome  To  The  Future  of  Business       4Schedule  of  Today’s  Events         7All  About  Virgin  Unite           8ContribuCsm  –  By  Karin  Volo         10Are  You  A  Game  Changer?  By  GameChangers500     12Ericsson’s  Connected  Me         1410  Inspiring  Speakers           15Erik  Kruse             16Nils  Carlsson           17Jennifer  Rhule           18Vesna  Lucca           19Daniel  Weilar           20Lisbeth  Gustafsson           21Per  Adolfsson           22Karin  Volo             23LiseloZe  Engstam           24Steven  Von  Kohorn           25What  Are  B  Corps?           27What  the  Market  Has  To  Say  About  Amazing  Companies     28KPMG:  ConfronCng  Complexity         32AIESEC               34Entreprenör24  Contest  Winners         35The  Most  Amazing  Company  Conference  and  Gala     36 Page 3
  • 4. Welcome  to  the  future   of  business!FUTURE  TRENDS into  the  business  world  beginning  in  the   Nordic  region.We  purposely  created  this  event  to  show  you  what  the  trends  are  in  technology,  leadership,   We  believe  in  challenging  the  status  quo.      It  markeCng  and  branding,  and  organizaConal   has  become  obvious  that  how  we  used  to  do  development  and  how  you  can  succeed  into   business  simply  isn’t  working  in  the  same  way.    the  future.    We’ll  share  new  strategies,  new   There  is  a  greater  transparency  and  a  ways  of  thinking,  and  new  perspecCves  that   customer  expectaCon  for  authenCcity  that  will  open  your  mind  to  the  possibiliCes. hasn’t  existed  before.    And  it’s  helping  to   eliminate  a  business  world  that  is  based  on  We  are  living  in  one  of  the  most  challenging   control  and  fear.    Cmes  in  our  world.    But  it  is  also  one  of  the  most  exciCng  Cmes,  filled  with  opportuniCes   BUSINESS  AS  A  FORCE  FOR  GOODto  make  a  posiCve  difference  in  your  life,  in   Instead  what  is  emerging  is  a  trend  where  the  lives  of  those  around  you,  and  into  a   businesses  are  serving  the  world  in  a  way  that  greater  scope—just  as  a  pebble  is  dropped   benefits  humanity,  whether  it  is  a  small  start  into  water,  this  will  have  a  ripple  effect  out  Page 4
  • 5. Business  Building  2013  and  Beyond  is  one  of  the   most  inspiring  and  exciting  events  to  happen  in   Stockholm! Congratulations  on  taking  action  to  be  here   today!    You  are  a  business  leader  who  wants  to   make  a  positive  difference.    By  taking  the  time  to   attend  BB13,  you’ll  elevate  your  perspective  and   thinking  about  how  you  can  influence  your   company  heading  into  the  future. up  business  or  a  global  conglomerate.    As   Richard  Branson  says:  use  business  as  a  force   10  INSPIRING  SPEAKERS for  good. Enjoy  the  speakers,  the  panel,  and  the   We  believe  that  Nordic  companies  have   messages  they  will  share.    And  use  this   amazing  opportuniCes  to  adapt  and  take  a   magazine  as  a  resource  guide  of  great   leadership  role  in  the  world  by  understanding   informaCon  and  soluCons  that  can  help  your   the  trends  and  implemenCng  new  ways  of   company  on  its  journey  to  becoming  an   doing  business.    And  YOU  can  be  the  catalyst   Amazing  Company. to  start  that  ripple  effect! The  future  is  looking  good  and  it  starts  with   you! The  BB13  Team  and  eVoloshenSave  the  date:    From  the  creators  of  Business  Building  2013  and  Beyond  comes  The  Most  Amazing  Company  Quest  Gala  and  Leadership  Conference  on  the  10th,  11th,  and  12th  of  October  2013.    An  must  aQend  event  for  commiQed  business  leaders  and  change  agents.
  • 6. WE BELIEVE in a new way of doing business
  • 7. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND Todays  Events 8:00     Open  registraSon 8:30     Welcome 8:45  –  9:30   Eric  Kruse 9:30—10:15   Nils  Carlsson 10:15-­‐10:30   Break 10:30  –  10:40   Virgin  Unite  PresentaSon 10:40  -­‐11:40   Jennifer  Rhule 11:45  –  12:45   Networking  Lunch  Break 13:00  –  14:00   PANEL  DISCUSSION  with  Lisbeth  Gustafsson,       Daniel  Weilar,  Vesna  Lucca,  Per  Adolfsson 14:00  –  15:00   Karin  Volo   15:00  –  15:20   Break   15:20-­‐16:05   LiseloQe  Engstam 16:10—16:55   Steven  Von  Korn 17:00  –  17:30   Closing  SessionAenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 7
  • 8. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYONDOur  aim  is  to  help  revoluConize  the  way  that  governments,  businesses  and  the  social  sector  work  together  –  driving  business  as  a  force  for  good.  This  is  based  on  the  belief  that  this  is  the  only  way  we  can  address  the  scale  and  urgency  of  the  challenges  facing  the  world  today.Stop  saving  the  world  start  reinventing  itWe’re  all  about  gejng  the  right  people  together  with  the  right  ideas  (and  a  liZle  entrepreneurial  magic)  to  help  build  a  beZer  world  for  everyone.  It’s  Cme  for  a  revoluCon  –  a  good  one  that  is!We  truly  believe  all  businesses  can  be  a  force  for  good  in  the  world.  And  this  starts  with  our  very  own  group  of  Virgin  businesses.Established  in  2005  we  have  grown  to  a  global  team  of  24  people  with  Jean  Oelwang  leading  the  team.  Virgin  Unite  has  offices  in  the  UK,  Australia,  South  Africa,  the  US  and  Canada  –  but  we  go  wherever  there  are  unacceptable  issues  across  the  world. Virgin  Unite  In  all  we  do,  we  are  extremely  privileged  to  be  supported  by  a  large   connects  amazing  community  who  ‘never  accept  the  unacceptable’  and  believe  that  business   people  and  great  must  be  a  force  for  good,  and  that  doing  well  in  business  and  being  good   ideas  to  make  go  hand  in  hand. positive  change   happen  in  the   world. Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 8
  • 9. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND Together  we  focus  on  two  core  areas,   incubaCng  new  approaches  to  global   leadership  and  working  with  businesses  to   drive  business  as  a  force  for  good. Business  as  a  Force  for  Good Transforming  businesses  to  value  both   people  and  the  planet  in  all  they  do  -­‐   starCng  with  our  wonderful  200  Virgin   Group  businesses. Global  Leadership   Initiatives Virgin  Unite  works  closely  with   partners  to  incubate  new   approaches  to  gaps  in  global   leadership.  We  idenCfy  the  gap,   build  the  plan,  find  partners,  recruit   great  management  teams  and  then   launch  these  new  iniCaCves,  such   as  The  Elders  and  The  Carbon  War   Room. Virgin  Unite  are  incredibly  lucky  in  that   100%,  yes  all  of  our  overheads,  are   covered  by  Richard  Branson  and  the  Virgin   Group,  meaning  that  all  donaCons   received,  go  direct  to  the  frontline  where   they  are  needed  most.    For  more   informaCon,  go  to   NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 9
  • 10. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND CONTRIBUTISM A  New  Business  Model  for  2012  and  BeyondBy  Karin  Volo Our  world  is  shiping  quickly  now.    We’re  seeing  it   compeCCve  mindset  to  a  more  collaboraCve   in  so  many  ways.    From  raising  your  own   ajtude  by  working  with  strategic  alliances  and   personal  awareness  to  seeing  governments  and   partnerships.     countries  changing  the  way  they  are  doing   T.  Harv  Eker  says  that   things,  we  are  starCng  to  realize  just  how   business  is  a  mindset   connected  we  all  really  are.     and  he’s  right.     Individuals  are  becoming  very  aware  of  their   Everything  starts   Contributism  is   pursuit  of  happiness  and  their  desire  for   in  our  minds— the  path  to  a   something  greater  than  just  themselves.    Bhutan,   our  imaginaCon   a  small  country  in  Asia,  is  measuring  the  gross   is  our  most   prosperous   naConal  happiness  (GNH)  as  an  aZempt  measure   powerful  tool.     future  for  our   the  quality  of  life  or  social  progress  in  more   CreaCng  and   holisCc  and  psychological  terms  than  only  the   bringing  value   planet. economic  indicator  of  gross  domesCc  product   into  the  world  is   (GDP). the  result  of  selling   In  business,  we’re  seeing  ships  in  many  areas.     your  ideas  to  others.   There  is  a  ship  from  secrecy  to  transparency   through  the  power  of  social  media  for  example.     And  companies  are  moving  away  from  a  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 10
  • 11. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND Giving  is  the  way  to  an   abundant  mindset. So  what’s  happening  to  make  such  radical   changes  in  the  way  we  do  business?    People   want  a  bigger  purpose  now—for  themselves   and  for  what  they  choose  to  support.    The   general  public  will  no  longer  tolerate  poor   customer  service,  damage  to  the   environment,  and  are  realizing  the  influence   they  have  by  sharing  their  opinions  online.     A  company  needs  to  show  how  it  is   contribuCng  to  the  world  otherwise  people  will   wholeheartedly  in  what  your  company  is  doing   not  be  hooked.    And  by  this,  we  aren’t  talking   and  represents.     about  wriCng  a  check  to  a  charity.    We’re  talking   really  being  involved  and  caring  about  a  cause.     Within  the  business,  employees  want  to  feel  that   This  is  cause  markeCng  (in  which  over  $1B  has   they  are  a  part  of  something  bigger  as  well.     been  spent  per  year  since  2005.)    There  is  a  rising   When  they  are  engaged  in  the  vision  of  the   expectaCon  of  social  responsibility  from  savvy   company,  one  of  our  humanisCc  needs  is  met— consumers. giving  us  a  reason  for  doing  what  we  do.     A  new  business  model  is  emerging  that  I  call   CompeCCon,  fear,  and  greed  are  on  their  way   Contribu7sm—which  is  when  contribuCng  to  a   out.    Taking  its  place  is  contribu7sm— greater  purpose  is  built  into  the  way  a  company   collaboraCon,  connecCon,  and  abundance…all  of   does  business.    A  great  example  of  the   which  are  seeping  into  our  very  core  and   Contribu7sm  model  is  TOM  Shoes.    When  you   spreading  into  the  business  world.    And  the  Cme   purchase  a  pair  of  shoes,  a  pair  is  donated  to  a   is  ripe  for  this  new  way  of  thinking.  ContribuSsm   child  in  need  of  shoes.    So  even  though  they  are   is  the  path  to  a  prosperous  future  for  our   more  expensive,  and  maybe  not  the  most   planet. aZracCve  styles,  they  make  a  statement  and  the   customer  feels  good  buying  these  shoes.    There’s   To  find  out  more  about  how  you  can  take  your  business   a  cause  behind  the  product  to  which  the   through  an  evolu7onary  process  using  contribu7on  as  a   customer  can  contribute. key  element,  go  to  to  get  a  free   Customers  are  the  driving  force  for  any  business   report,  Taking  Charge  of  the  Future:  A  New  Mindset  For   How  We  Do  Business  and  find  out  more  about  the   but  now  with  the  advances  in  technology  and   eVoloshen  System. total  transparency,  they  also  can  easily  become   an  acCve  part  in  supporCng—or  damaging—your   brand.    So  you  want  to  make  sure  you  have   Raving  Fans  that  are  out  there  telling  all  their   friends  about  your  business  because  they  believe  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 11
  • 12. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND Are  You  A   GameChanger?by  Bianca  Bartz Imagine  a  Fortune  500  list  for  the  world’s  leading   Visitors  then  get  a  chance  to  learn  about  each   purpose-­‐driven  companies  and  their  founders,   organizaCon  in  detail,  check  out  their  Impact   and  you’ll  have  a  preZy  good  picture  of  what  the   Measurement,  view  their  “badges”  and  vote  for   GameChangers  500  aims  to  achieve. featured  organizaCons  to  help  increase  their   “Unlike  other  lists  that  profile  companies  based   rankings. on  revenue  alone,  the  GameChangers  500   The  GameChangers  organizaCon  is  led  by   profiles  organizaCons  that  are  reinvenCng  the   Andrew  HewiZ,  a  Canadian  author  and  social   world  and  redefining  the  rules  of  business   entrepreneur,  whose  vision  is  to  “help  redefine   around  fun,  fulfillment  and  fairness  to  all  life,”   success  in  business  and  leave  the  next   the  site  says. generaCon  aspiring  to  join  heart-­‐centered   Among  the  companies  featured  are  IDEO,   organizaCons  that  are  not  just  good  at  making   Google,  Zappos,  TOMS,  Tesla,  Kiva,  B  Lab,   money  but  are  also  good  at  making  the  world  a   Grameen  Bank,  Khan   beZer  place.” Academy,  Okabashi,   Whole  Foods,   For  more  informaCon,  go  to   “We  are   Virgin  Unite,     Lululemon,   reinventing  the   Acumen     world  and   Fund  and   Earth   redefining  the   Charter   rules  of   InternaConal.   All  focus  on   business” the  triple   boZom  line  and   must  pass  the   GameChangers  DNA  Test,   which  assesses  the  business  based  on:  Their   ObjecCves,  How  they  Treat  People,  and  How   they  Treat  the  Planet.  allows  visitors  to  peruse   featured  organizaCons  by  industry,  locaCon  and   categories  that  include  ExcepConal  Work   Environment,  Empowered  Employees,  Eco-­‐ Design,  Mission  Measurement,  and  more.  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 12
  • 13. VI SAMLAR PÅ AFFÄRSKONTAKTERAffärskontakter har ett samlarvärde som bara ökar med tiden. För alla bra affärer bygger på kontakter.Vi vet vad som krävs och ser till att rätt personer träffas under rätt förhållanden. Vi bygger affärsnätverkoch arrangerar utbildningar för dig som brinner för att ständigt utvecklas och bli bättre. Våra medlemmarrepresenterar företag som tillsammans omsätter miljarder. Våra nätverksträffar är effektiva, inspirerandeoch framför allt lönsamma. Låter det intressant? Ring på 08-522 81 597 eller gå in på www.arndts.seUTVECKLA DINA AFFÄRSMÖJLIGHETER. PROVA EN NÄTVERKSTRÄFF HELT KOSTNADSFRITT. Affärsnätverk
  • 15. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND ERIK KRUSE Erik  Kruse,   magazines  and   Strategic   newspapers  as  well  as   MarkeCng   TV.    Erik  has  completed   PhD-­‐   Manager,   courses  in  Business  administraCon  at  Stockholm   Ericsson School  of  economics  and  Stockholm  School  of   Business  and  a  B.A.,  Business  AdministraCon  and   Social  Sciences  at  University  of  Uppsala. EXPERIENCE Erik  Kruse  holds  the  Ctles  of  Strategic  MarkeCng   Manager  and  Networked  Society  Evangelist  at   Ericsson  Networked  Society  Lab.    He  is  an  expert   in  consumer  demands,  industry  and  societal   dynamics,  and  forecasCng  ICT  evoluConary   trends.  He  spends  his  Cme  working  with   Ericsson’s  strategic  markeCng,  focusing  on  future   opportuniCes,  business  models,  future  consumer   behavior,  transformaCon  of  networked   industries,  and  future  societal  needs.    Prior  to   joining  Ericsson,  he  worked  as  a  Manager  of   Future  Consumer  Research  at  Electrolux. FUTUREOLOGIST Erik  is  known  as  a  Futureologist  and  researches   future  trends  in  technology  and  society.    He  has   co-­‐authored  The  Networked  Home,  InnovaCon   "Innovation Radar—Future  Media  and  Content  Delivery,  and   is  the  author  of  A  Journey  to  the  Third  Place,   distinguishes between a based  on  research  among  early  adopters  of   leader and a follower." informaCon  technology.    He  has  received  a   Special  MarkeCng  award  2010  for  the  2020   - Steve Jobs shaping  ideas  project  and  has  extensive  media   exposure  through  his  arCcles,  interviews  in  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 16
  • 16. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND NILS CARLSSON Nils  Carlsson,   a  turnover  of  1   COO   billion  SEK  to  6   Netbooster,   billion  SEK.  Mr.   former  VP   Carlsson  then  spent  a   MarkeCng  for   year  as  the  MarkeCng   Telenor  &   Director  for  Starthouse  before  returning  to   Vodafone Vodafone  as  the  Head  of  Product  Development.   From  2001  to  2003,  Mr.  Carlsson  was  responsible   for  the  launch  of  10  new  services  that  brought  in   more  than  900  million  SEK.  Nils  Carlsson  then   became  the  Director  of  Business  Services  and  INTERNATIONAL  EXECUTIVE was  instrumental  in  the  creaCon  of  an  innovaCve  Nils  Carlsson  is  a  senior  internaConal  execuCve   mobile  service  that  led  to  strong  gains  in  the  with  experience  working  worldwide  in   company’s  market  share.        Mr.  Carlsson  lep  operaConal  roles.  He  has  a  solid  track  record  of   Vodafone  in  2005  to  become  the  Vice  President  overseeing  vast  improvements  in  organizaConal   of  Product  Sales  and  MarkeCng  for  Telenor.  Over  processes  and  financial  results.  Nils  has  been   the  course  of  the  next  year,  his  capable  handling  with  NetBooster  Group  since  2006.     upliped  the  company  from  losses  and  a  declining   market  share  to  profitability.   In  2006,  Nils  Carlsson  joined  the  Netbooster  CAREER Group  as  its  Chief  OperaCons  Officer,  a  posiCon  Nils  began  his  career  in  the  mobile   he  holds  to  this  day.  This  role  puts  him  in  charge  communicaCons  industry  in  1994  as  a  Senior   of  eight  managing  directors.  Mr.  Carlsson  is  also  Project  Manager  with  Dynapac,  a  Swedish   a  member  of  the  board  of  directors  for  a  dozen  company  based  in  Karlskrona.  In  1995,  he   of  the  company’s  subsidiaries.accepted  a  posiCon  as  the  Senior  Product  Manager  for  the  MarkeCng  Department  of  Europolitan,  a  new  mobile  operator  in  Stockholm,  Sweden.  During  Nils  Carlsson’s  tenure,  the  company  increased  its  workforce   ”People dont buy whatfrom  50  to  500  and  saw  profits  rise  from  300  million  SEK  to  1  billion  SEK. you do, they buy whyIn  1998,  Nils  Carlsson  joined  Vodafone  as  the   you do it.”Head  of  MarkeCng  and  Business  Development.  Over  the  next  two  years  the  company  grew  from   - Simon Sinek Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 17
  • 17. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND JENNIFER RHULE Jennifer  Rhule,   Human  Resources,   MD  Leadership   in  2000  she  was   TransformaCon   appointed  to  the   Ltd,  former  SR   posiCon  of  OrganizaCon   VP  of  HR  for   Development  Director  for  the   Skandia,   Group  based  in  London.  In  2002  she  moved  to   Gearbulk,  Pepsi-­‐ Sweden  and  was  appointed  Director,  Group  HR   Co and  OD.  Prior  to  this  she  had  held    execuCve  /   senior  management  posiCons  at  Rank  Xerox   (UK),  Bank  of  America,  PepsiCo  and  J.Sainsbury  LEADERSHIP  EXPERT with  responsibility  for  Leadership  and  Cultural  With  over  20  years  of  experience,  Jennifer  is  an   Development,    Employee  Engagement,  TQM,  and  internaConally  experienced  OrganizaConal   Human  Resource  strategies.Development  and  Human  Resource  ExecuCve,   Aper  leaving  Skandia  she  became  Managing  with  a  successful  track  record  of  leading  cultural   Director  and  Founder  of  Leadership  development  and  business  alignment  strategies   TransformaCon  Consultancy,  in  2009  she  was  in  mulCcultural  global  organizaCons.   hired  by  one  of  her  clients  to  lead  a  Global  Her  years  of  experience  have  taught  her  that   change  program,  this  assignment  will  be  leadership  is  the  key  to  business  success,   concluded  by  the  end  of  2012.  She  is  currently  throughout  her  career  she  has  worked  closely   wriCng  her  first  book,  Leadership  Ascent  –  with  execuCves,  senior  managers  and  young   Conscious  Leadership:    What  The  World  Needs  potenCals  to  help  them  create  open  and   Today.  She  is  passionate  about  people  and  parCcipaCve  cultures  that  opCmize  human   helping  them  to  discover  and  develop  their  potenCal.   leadership  potenCal.  Jennifer  has  established  a  Jennifer’s  dedicaCon  and  humanisCc  approach   Corporate  Social  Enterprise  dedicated  to  has  led  to  naConal  and  internaConal   developing  leaders  who  want  to  make  a  posiCve  accreditaCon  e.g.  Fortune  Best  Company  to  work   contribuCon  in  a  changing  world.for,  Investor  in  People  and  EFQM  .  Jennifer’s  university  degrees  are  in  psychology  and   "It is better to lead from behind andsociology.     to put others in front, especiallyCAREER when you celebrate victory whenJennifer  joined  Skandia  in  1997,  iniCally  with   nice things occur. You take theSkandia’s  UK  insurance  Division  as  Head  of   front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership." - Nelson Mandela Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 18
  • 18. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND VESNA LUCCA Vesna  Lucca,  Head   co-­‐workers  and   of companies/clients   CommunicaCons,   have  valued   East  Capital tremendously.  She  has   a  Bachelor’s  Degree  in   Business  and  Economics  from  the  University  of   Lund,  Sweden  and  an  MBA  from  Harvard   University.  She  is  fluent  in  Swedish,  Serbian,   English  and  Italian.   COMMUNICATIONS  EXPERT Vesna  Lucca,  a  Serbian  naConal,  joined  East   Capital,  the  leading  independent  asset  manager   specializing  in  the  emerging  markets  of  Eastern   Europe  and  China,  in  2007  as  Head  of   CommunicaCons.  She  has  longstanding   experience  in  business  development  and   communicaCons,  having  spent  thirteen  years  as   senior  advisor  in  strategic  communicaCons  for   senior  execuCve  management  clients  at  Kreab   Gavin  Anderson,  a  global  strategic   communicaCon  consultancy  firm.   EXPERIENCE Prior  to  that,  she  spent  six  years  in  sales  and   markeCng  posiCons  at  EF  EducaCon,  the   world’s  largest  privately  held  educaCon   company,  based  in  Boston.   How do you want to make a Vesna  has  strong  intuiCve  communicaCon   difference in the world? skills  and  a  strategic  and  creaCve  mindset.     “There  is  power  and  harmony  in  companies  and  people  when   She  has  a  broad  internaConal  experience  and   their  thoughts,  feelings,  words  and  acCons  are  aligned.  I  wish  to   is  naturally  talented  with  understanding  what   see  more  of  that;  a  world  with  respect  and  consideraCon  where   the  market  needs  and  wants  to  hear  that  her   people  can  do  what  they  love  to  do,  which  is  what  they  are   meant  to  do.  Then  we  would  have  less  conflicts,  ego  power   games  and  the  like  –  and  realize  that  we  are  all  one  and  enjoy   the  ride.”Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 19
  • 19. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND DANIEL WEILAR Daniel   appreciate  his   Weilar,  MD   innovaCve  ways  of   Nyheter24-­‐ doing  business  and  his   Gruppen,   ability  to  communicate   Entrepreneur   ideas  and  concepts  with  great   enthusiasm. Daniel  has  a  Master  of  Business  AdministraCon   from  Uppsala  University.    He  is  also  acCve  as  a   board  member  of  Mopper  AB  and  Netric  Sales   and  is  an  Associate  Partner  at  Firm  Factory   Network.    He  is  married,  enjoys  spending  his  free  FORWARD  THINKING  LEADER Cme  when  he  has  it  at  his  country  home  and  is  Daniel  Weilar  is  the  MD  and  one  of  the  co-­‐ an  avid  traveler.owners  of  Nyheter24-­‐Gruppen.    He  has  been  responsible  for  its  explosive  growth  during  a  downturn  in  the  marketplace  because  of  his  understanding  of  strategic  digital  media  sales.    He  has  increased  sales  1400%  in  his  role  as  Sales  Director  and  founded  and  developed  the  company’s  enCre  digital  media  concept  sales.    He  joined  Nyheter24  when  they  acquired  his  company  Weilar  Media  AB.    Prior  to  this,  Daniel  has  worked  for  SF  Media,  SBS  Radio,  Leo  BurneZ,  and  Philips  InternaConal  in  several  capaciCes  internaConally  in  Singapore  and  Paris.ENTREPRENEURIAL  SPIRITAn  entrepreneur  spirit  and  his  ability  to  see   ”If you can clearlyfuture  trends  has  kept  Daniel  on  the  cujng  edge  of  several  industries  including  Internet,  Media,   articulate the dream or theRadio,  and  Telecom.    He  is  talented  at  building  businesses  and  delivering  what  the  markets   goal, start. “wants  and  needs.    His  clients  and  co-­‐workers   - Simon Sinek Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 20
  • 20. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND LISBETH Lisbeth   Hospital,  Intoi   Gustafsson,   AB,  The  Swedish   GUSTAFSSON board   Retail  InsCtute   member   (HUI),  SYSteam  AB.   experience   Ms.  Gustafsson  also   with  Kitron   served  as  a  Director  in   ASA,  Evry   Swedish  Post  Office  AB,   ASA,     IT-­‐kommissionen,   SYSteam,   Bibliotekstjänst  AB,  Handelns  UtredningsinsCtut,   WM-­‐data  AB,   ITFöretagen,  and  Invest  in  Sweden  Agency  (ISA).   Prevas  AB,  Axel   She  has  been  a  Director  of  Logica  AB  (alternate   Johnson  InternaConal   name,  WM-­‐Data  AB)  since  2002,  EVRY  since  May  AB  and  Karolinska  Universitetssjukhuset 2011  and  Kitron  ASA  2007.  She  served  as   Director  of  Prevas  AB  since  2000  and  EntracCon   Holding  AB  (alternate  name,  24hPoker  Holding  STRATEGIC  LEADERSHIP AB)  since  2006.  Ms.  Lisbeth  Gustafsson  has  vast  experience  in   Ms.  Gustafsson’s  addiConal  board  appointments  both  operaCons  and  at  a  strategic  board  level   have  included  Member  of  the  Board  of  nocom  with  numerous  companies.    She  is  currently   AB,  Axel  Johnson  InternaConal  AB,  Swedish  running  consultancy  business  in  Leadership  and   Research  InsCtute  of  trade,  eAM  execuCve  OrganizaCon,  and  is  an  acCve  Board  member  in   AcCon  Management  HB,  Partner  and  Kitron  ASA,  EVRY  ASA  as  well  as  Ersta  and   ConfederaCon  of  Swedish  enterprise.  She  served  Chairman  of  the  board  for  Trygga  Hem   as  a  Director  of  Catella  AB  (alternate  name,  Skandinavien  AB.    She  has  served  as  the   Scribona  AB)  since  2003.  Ms.  Gustafsson  earned  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Orre  &  Nyberg  Capital   a  degree  in  Sociology  from  Stockholm  University  AB.    Ms.  Gustafsson  also  served  as  the  President   and  a  Management  educaCon  at  INSEAD  in  of  Digital  Equipment  AB  and  Business  Unit   France.Manager  and  Head  of  Sales  at  Posten  Sverige  AB  (Swedish  Postal  Service).  Ms.  Gustafsson’s  other  managerial  responsibiliCes  and  experience  have  included  Svensk  Handel,  the  Swedish  Governments  IT   "The key to successfulCommission,  Bibliotekstjänst  AB,  the  Swedish  NaConal  Student  Board  of  Aid  (CSN),  Prevas  AB,   leadership today is influence,and  Invest  in  Sweden  Agency  (ISA).  She  has   not authority."served  as  the  Vice  Chairman  of  Svensk  Handel  AB  and  as  a  Director  of  Karolinska  University   - Kenneth Blanchard Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 21
  • 21. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND PER ADOLFSSON Per  Adolfsson,   But  the  modern   CEO  Microsop   office  also  helps  of   AB course,  an  office  that  gives  you   different  environments  depending  on  what   type  of  work  you  set  out  to  do,  and  that   supports  collaboraCon  and  teamwork. IT  Guy:   Has  spent  25+  years  in  the  IT  industry,  mostly  in   Sales  Management  posiCons  in  US  companies   like  Compaq  and  HewleZ-­‐Packard,  but  started   his  career  with  Norsk  Data,  a  Norwegian   challenger  to  that  Cmes  greats  like  Digital,   Wand  and  Data  General.   Likes  the  American  management  philosophy,   but  also  thinks  the  Swedish  consensus  model   has  a  lot  going  for  it,  if  used  wisely.   Firmly  believes  that  the  people  make  the   difference,  even  if  great  products  help. The  New  World  of  Work Many  efforts  have  been  made  through  the   years  to  establish  a  more  flexible  workplace,   living  up  to  the  idea  that  “Work  is  not  a  place   you  go  to,  but  something  you  do”.  But  to  get   this  working  you  need  more  than  just  a  modern   office;  the  foundaCon  is  a  management   "Leaders must be close structure  that  is  built  on  trust  and   enough to relate to others, responsibility,  clear  targets  and  regular  follow-­‐ up.  You  also  need  modern  tools,  to  enable  you   but far enough ahead to to  work  anywhere  you  want,  as  efficiently  as  if   motivate them." you  were  in  the  physical  office. - John C. MaxwellAenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 22
  • 22. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND KARIN VOLO Karin  Volo,   of  understanding   Director  &  Co-­‐ people  well  and   Founder   knowing  how  to   Evoloshen,   help  them  improve   Author,  former   their  lives.    Her  sense  of   Headhunter humor  and  ease  is  contagious  as  she  brings  joy  and   strength  to  others.  Karin’s  clients  say  she  is   professional,  inspiring,  dedicated,  persistent,  and   determined.    They  appreciate  having  her  support   as  they  go  through  life’s  difficult  transiCons.EVOLUTION  SPECIALISTKarin  Volo,  an  expert  in  personal  and  career  development,  is  known  as  a  Dream  Life  Mentor     PURPOSE  DRIVEN  LIFEand  an  EvoluCon  Specialist.      She  is  also  the   Karin  has  been  mentored  and  coached  by  some  of  transformaConal  author  of  the  Bringing  Joy  series,   the  biggest  names  in  the  business  and  personal  and  one  of  the  contribuCng  authors  of  the  best-­‐ growth  industries.    Some  of  her  mentors  have  selling  books,  Turning  Points  and  Change  One   included  John  Assaraf,  Bob  Proctor,  and  Lisa  Belief.    She  is  also  the  founder  of  the  Joy   Sasevich.    Karin’s  passion  is  helping  people  beZer  Movement,  helping  to  spread  joy  in  the  world.    She   their  lives  through  sharing  all  she  has  learned  on  has  helped  many  individuals  and  companies  go   her  journey.through  transiCons  successfully  and  to  find  the  joy   Karin  is  also  a  dedicated  mom  and  wife.    Her  family  in  living.   is  her  greatest  source  of  joy.    “Live  a  life  with  a   fabulous  view”  is  Karin’s  moZo.    She  loves  to  help   others  break  through  the  bars  that  have  restrained  EXPERIENCE them  for  too  long  and  find  their  way  to  their  own  With  over  15  years  experience  working  in  ExecuCve   fabulous  view.    Her  purpose  is  to  inspire  and  teach  Search  on  two  conCnents,  Karin  brings  to  her   others  to  thrive  and  reach  their  full  potenCal.clients  a  unique  internaConal  perspecCve.    She  uses  her  skills  and  experiences  to  help  her  clients  thrive  through  tough  transiCons,  build  the  life  of  their  dreams,  and  learn  to  live  joyfully.Karin  has  also  successfully  navigated  more  personal   How do you want to make acrisis  than  most  people  can  imagine,  making  her  an   difference in the world?expert  at  surviving  huge  challenges.    Her   It  is  possible  to  love  your  work  and  have  a  great  balance  in  experience  has  given  Karin  an  incredible  resilience   life.    I  want  to  show  people  how  to  find  the  joy  and  to  overcoming  obstacles  and  to  seeing  life  from  a   inspiraCon  that  will  help  them  live  their  lives  to  the  fullest  higher,  more  posiCve,  perspecCve.    She  is  giped  at   potenCal.    Working  with  companies  by  helping  their  finding  the  lessons  in  any  situaCon,  and  has  a  talent   employees  discover  this,  can  transform  not  only  their  lives,   but  also  transform  the  company.    And  that  would  be  good   for  business,  good  for  the  people,  and  good  for  the  world. Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 23
  • 23. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND LISELOTTE HÄGERTZ ENGSTAM LiseloZe   Hägertz   Engstam,   INTERNATIONAL   Vice  President,   EXECUTIVE Head  Nordic   Prior  to  HCL,  LiseloZe  contributed  more  than  20   Region  for  HCL   years  in  various  internaConal  leadership   Technologies,   posiCons  at  IBM,  including  start  &  expansion  of   Formerly  with  IBM   several  new  service  lines.  She  has  extensive   mulCcultural  experience  leading  operaCng  units   and  teams  in  Nordic,  Europe,  US  and  Asia.    She  is  PASSION  FOR  INNOVATION  &   also  a  member  of  several  business  networks  as   Swedish  India  Business  Council,  Swedish  ENABLING  LEADERSHIP Corporate  Board  AssociaCon  network  &  Ruter  LiseloZe  Hägertz-­‐Engstam  is  an  experienced   Dam  Alumni  network  and  is  a  Board  member  at  internaConal  execuCve  leader,  currently   Boarding  For  Success.    In  addiCon  to  a  Master  of  responsible  for  HCL’s  business  in  the  Nordic’s.   Science,  she  has  concluded  several  ExecuCve  HCL  is  a  global  services  company  originaCng  from   Programs  at  universiCes  such  as  Harvard,  London  India  and  recognized  by  Harvard  as  having  one  of   Business  School,  INSEAD  and  IMD.    She  is  the  most  modern  management  in  the  world.   cerCfied  from  board  programs  with  Styrelsekrap  LiseloZe  has  successfully  established  HCL  with  a   and  Styrelse  akademin.      Her  customers,  partners  differenCated  strategy,  becoming  the  fastest   and  co-­‐workers  say  “LiseloZe  is  a  dedicated  and  growing  R&D  and  IT  services  company  in  Nordic   innovaCve  leader  with  a  passion  for  business  region,  now  with  more  than  2000  passionate   who  is  thrilled  with  challenges  and  sees  soluCons  HCLites  serving  Nordic  customers.  In  KPMGs   even  in  complex  scenarios.”survey  of  major  Nordic  Services  Providers  year  2012  HCL  was  recognized  as  #1  in  InnovaCon  by  the  Nordic  customers.    With  a  passion  for  innovaCon  &  enabling  leadership  pujng  employees  first,  she  has  also  implemented  broad  organizaConal  social  media   “When people feel passion andprograms  and  mentored  and  pioneered  CSR  programs.  Her  strong  background  in  services   responsibility for what they do, notincludes  strategy  consulCng,  R&D  engineering-­‐,   only can they transform a company,business  process-­‐  and  IT  services,  and  uClizing   they can also transformthe  benefit  of  both  local  and  global  delivery  elements.   themselves.” Vineet Nayar, Employees First, Customers Second Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 24
  • 24. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND STEVEN VON Steven  von   Born  in  New   Kohorn,   York,  raised  in   KOHORN Chairman  at   Australia  and   World  Mobile   now  dividing  his   Media,   Cme  between   Entrepreneur,   France,  England,   Author India  and  the  USA.     Steven  is  publishing  his   latest  book  called  The  Brand-­‐I-­‐Vidual,  which   explores  key  issues  and  educates  the  reader  in   the  specific  processes  required  to  build  a   powerful  and  lasCng  personal  brand  for   GLOBAL  ENTREPRENEUR individuals  as  well  as  corporate  execuCves. Steven  von  Kohorn  wears  many  hats  in  a  very   More  than  just  a  book,  The  Brand-­‐I-­‐Vidual  comes   diverse  selecCon  of  markets  and  across  many   with  a  mobile  applicaCon  to  provide  a  simple,   countries  and  cultures.  The  diversity  of  his  roles   user  friendly  dashboard  to  co-­‐ordinate  the   in  industries  with  virtually  no  commonality  is  as   personal  brand  management  for  busy  people  on   challenging  as  it  is  interesCng:  from  mobile   the  run  as  well  as  a  website  that  conCnues  to   communicaCons  and  media  to  business   educate,  provide  new  insights  and  keep  users   applicaCons  sopware  development,  online   challenged  and  entertained  while  they  evolve   publishing  and  educaCon  to  manufacturing  solar   and  fuel  their  personal  brand. powered  mosquito  traps  to  prevent  malaria  and   One  of  the  key  issues  that  Steven  has  explored  is   dengue  fever  in  3rd  world  countries  as  well  as   the  dichotomy  between  personal  brand   manufacturing  eaCng  utensils  for  people  with   development  for  the  individual  corporate   severe  disability. execuCve  and  whether  this  waters  down  the   Steven’s  innovaCve  thinking  has  been  rewarded   corporate  brand  value  or  enhances  it.     with  the  2008  Regional  Enterprise  Award  in   Companies  can  embrace  and  support  the   Australia,  patents  and  product  innovaCons   development  of  unique,  individual  personal   across  numerous  industries  and  the   brands  by  high  achieving  execuCves  within  the   establishment  of  businesses  on  five  conCnents   organizaCon  thereby  increasing  the  loyalty  and   all  of  which  he  sCll  majority  owns  and  acCvely   stability  of  management. controls. Steven  has  hosted  his  own  talk  back  breakfast   radio  program,  conceived  the  world’s  largest   How do you want to make a billboard  for  Nike  during  the  Sydney  Olympics,   difference in the world? he  became  involved  with  the  internet  in  its  very   early  days  and  now  teaches  people  how  to  use   I  believe  that  there  is  vast  untapped  ocean  of  innovaCon,   the  internet  to  build  their  personal  brand.   imaginaCon  and  creaCvity  in  all  of  us  that  is  condiConed  by  our   society  to  remain  repressed  due  to  imposed  duCes,   responsibiliCes,  social,  cultural  and  employment  limitaCons.  I   INTERNATIONAL  EXPERIENCE hope  to  turn  the  tap  in  everyone  I  meet  or  am  fortunate  enough   to  communicate  with.  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 25
  • 25. Nu rivervi Sverigesbästaarbetsplats.Microsoft är Sveriges bästa arbetsplats 2012!* och vår syn på flexibelt arbete, vi kallar detVi tackar för utmärkelsen och river omgående Det nya arbetslivet. Här ser du också vilkahela rasket. Varför? För att 2012 inte längre spännande tjänster som finns att söka.är framtiden. Hoppas vi ses på vårt nya kontor! Ny teknik skapar nya möjligheter. När mankan jobba var och hur man vill behöver konto-ren förändras. I allt från trådlöshet till hur deinspirerar. Därför river vi och bygger nytt. *Priset delas årligen ut av Great Place to Work och Samtidigt söker vi flera nya medarbetare. baseras på en medarbetarundersökning och en analysPå kan du läsa mer om oss av företagskulturen.
  • 26. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND What  Are  B  Corps? B  Corp  cerCficaCon  is  to  sustainable  business   movement  grows,  it  has  become  an  increasingly   what  Fair  Trade  cerCficaCon  is  to  coffee  or  USDA   powerful  agent  of  change.  We  are  passing  laws.   Organic  cerCficaCon  is  to  milk. We  are  driving  capital. B  Corps  are  cerCfied  by  the  nonprofit  B  Lab  to   Government  and  the  nonprofit  sector  are   meet  rigorous  standards  of  social  and   necessary  but  insufficient  to  address  society’s   environmental  performance,  accountability,  and   greatest  challenges.  Business,  the  most  powerful   transparency. man-­‐made  force  on  the  planet,  must  create   Today,  there  is  a  growing  community  of  more   value  for  society,  not  just  shareholders.  Systemic   than  600  CerCfied  B  Corps  from  15  countries  and   challenges  require  systemic  soluCons  and  the  B   60  industries  working  together  toward  1  unifying   Corp  movement  offers  a  concrete,  market-­‐based   goal:  to  redefine  success  in  business. and  scalable  soluCon. Over  600  businesses  have  already  joined  our   community,  encouraging  all  companies  to   Why  B  Corps  MaQer     compete  not  just  to  be  the  best  in  the  world,  but   to  be  the  best  for  the  world.  As  a  result  of  our   “B  Corps  might  turn  out  to  be  like  civil  rights  for   collecCve  success,  individuals  and  communiCes   blacks  or  voCng  rights  for  women  —  eccentric,   will  enjoy  greater  economic  opportunity,  society   unpopular  ideas  that  took  hold  and  changed  the   will  address  its  most  challenging  environmental   world.”Esquire  Magazine problems,  and  more  people  will  find  fulfillment   CerCfied  B  CorporaCons  are  leading  a  global   by  bringing  their  whole  selves  to  work. movement  to  redefine  success  in  business. The  B  Corp  movement  is  about  creaCve   By  voluntarily  meeCng  higher  standards  of   destrucCon  -­‐-­‐  a  new  way  of  thinking  that  makes   transparency,  accountability,  and  performance,   the  old  way  obsolete.  B  Corps  are  simply  a  beZer   CerCfied  B  Corps  are  disCnguishing  themselves  in   way  to  do  business,  a  way  to  integrate,  not   a  cluZered  marketplace  by  offering  a  posiCve   compromise,  our  values  and  our  work.  We  need   vision  of  a  beZer  way  to  do  business. your  creaCvity  to  help  inspire  others  to  support   We  hope  that  you  are  inspired,  not  just  by  our   the  movement. vision,  but  by  the  movement’s  ability  to  translate   For  more  informaCon,  go  to   ideas  into  acSon.   B  Corps  create  higher  quality  jobs  and  improve   the  quality  of  life  in  our  communiCes.  And,  as  the  Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 27
  • 27. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND What  the  Market  Has   To  Say  About  Amazing   Companies We  ran  a  contest  with  Entreprenör24  to    •   When  both  management  and  the  employees  are  living   reach  out  to  the  market  about  Amazing   the  "brand" Companies.    Here  is  a  sample  of  the    •   Amazing  staff quesSons  we  asked  and  some  of  the    •   InnovaCon answers  we  collected.    It’s  good  to  see  what    •   creaCve  spirit  mixed  with  new  thinking  and  a  constant   A   the  market  has  to  say  about  these  topics  as   hunger  to  always  be  the  best  in  their  industry! well.  •   desire  to  change  the  world  through  their  business A    •   company  that  strives  to  develop  both  their  employees   A   What  makes  an  Amazing   and  the  working  environment  •   Amazing  for  me  is  taking  responsibility.  For  the  staff,   Company? environment,  the  whole  process.  •   company  that  listens  to  their  employees  and  value   A   •  Staff  and  the  vision their  progress  and  achievements  as  much  as  the  corporate   growth.  A  company  that  create  value  for  the  local   community  and  the  global  world.  •   Employees  having  fun,  bringing  all  customers  along  for   the  ride. What  is  the  most  important  value    •   The  people  behind  it.  Their  dedicaCon  and  commitment   you  want  to  see  from  a  company? to  their  costumers  is  a  really  important  part  in  a  business.    •  I  want  companies  to  show  true  dedicaCon  to  values  of  sustainability  and   They  should  care. social  good.  But  that  means  not  only  saying  it  -­‐  it  means  doing  it,  every   day!  •   New  thinking,  don´t  swim  with  the  stream  together  with    •  Great  Customer  Service. all  the  other  fishes.  Do  basic  but  new  thinking.  •  Integrity.  There  will  be  moments  were  a  company  have  the  possibility  to    •   good  company  is  a  company  built  by  creaCve  and   A   earn  more  money  but  compromise  its  name  and  purpose  in  the  process.   logical  people  who  always  takes  care  of  its  employees  and   The  company  should  never  forget  why  they  started  out  in  the  first  place.   Money  can  never  surpass  the  choice  of  doing  whats  right  in  my  eyes! value  the  companys  vision  •  The  most  important  value  of  a  company  is  all  the  employees,  of  course.  •   Small  details  and  big  values  •  That  the  company  always  takes  care  of  the  environment  and  aims  to  be    •   The  team,  without  a  doubt  if  you  don’t  have  an  amazing   sustainable  in  the  future. team  you  can’t  sell  anything.  People  love  the  people    •  Responsible behind  the  brands,  the  products  the  idea.  The  Richard    •  InnovaCon  in  all  ways  from  how  they  deal  with  customers,  what  they   Branson,  Steve  Jobs,  Mark  Zuckerberg  etc. sell,  how  they  go  to  market.  InnovaCon  and  a  good  CSR  value  of  giving   back  through  their  innovaCon. NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 28
  • 28. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND  •  Transparency theyre  doing  it.  Their  products  are  reaching  out  to  the    •  Good  values  and  environmentally-­‐friendly  policies goodness  of  people,  it  lets  them  communicate  and  come    •  WholisCc  approach together.  All  the  possibiliCes  an  iPhone  gives  you  are    •  Team  spirit,  that  everyone  is  working  together  and  not  for  themselves.  I   amazing  and  youll  enjoy  the  feeling  of  having  one  in  your   believe  that  this  is  one  of  the  keys  to  success  and  you  can  also  tell  if  a   pocket. company  has  got  this  great  team-­‐feeling!  •   When  I  do  things,  I  Smile  when  Im  doing  them!  My    •  The  relaConship  and  that  their  goals  are  aligned  with  mine compassion  glows  •  an  inspiring  vision  •   want  the  company  to  be  environmentally  friendly  and   I    •  The  humans  behind  the  company,  I  want  to  feel  their  glow! take  acCons  against  animal  cruelty  •  concept  •   IdenCficaCon  with  the  brand/company  values  •   What  their  vision  is,  to  feel  that  you  are  part  of  a  journey   What  makes  you  a  loyal  and   through  the  way  they  tell  that  story  through  their  products   or  services. Raving  Fan  for  a  company  that  you    •   When  they  inspires  me  to  think  out  of  the  box love  or  that  you  admire?  •   That  I  daily  buy  their  products  and  become  saCsfied  and    •   When  their  acCons  go  hand  in  hand  with  my  beliefs  and   happy  when  I  see  the  companies  commercials  and  sales   convicCons  I  will  gladly  and  vividly  engage  and  become  a   numbers loyal  fan  and  supporter.  •   IdenCfy  with  the  profile  •Read  all  news  and  updates,  follow  on  Facebook,  if  possible      •   Design  is  always  appreciated,  but  simplicity  and  customer   –  Im  a  customer.  No,  I’ve  not  read  the  book. support  are  the  two  keys  to  my  business  heart  •   really  love  Apple.  They  have  really  accomplished  a  lot  by   I    •   When  you  feel  that  they  go  that  extra  mile  and  do   their  product  and  markeCng  but  at  the  end  of  the  day  I  think   something  new  and  personal  for  me  as  a  customer. it  has  a  lot  to  do  with  their  values.  They  know  what  they    •   Services  and  genuine  interest  in  what  products  their  offer. do,  they  know  how  they  do  it  and  they  also  know  why   THIS IS NOT A HOTEL Well it is, and it isn´t. At heart we are a boutique hotel with 82 beautiful rooms right in the middle of Stockholm. But what really sets us apart is the rest of the house. In addition to the hotel, there are two top restaurants; Berns Asian and Berns Bistro, a night- club; 2.35:1, ample event spaces and to top it off; one of Sweden’s most historical and best concert venues. WWW.BERNS.SE NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
  • 29. THE WAY WE CHALLENGE the status quo is by helping companies to focus in their soul and core,by making our program work from the inside out using a fun and simple methodology, and by creating aunique experience which evolves companies to Amazing Companies with Raving Fans. Want to be one?
  • 30. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND With  Complexity  now  the  Norm  for  Global   Business,  Corporate  Leaders  Seek  Ways  to   Embrace  it,  finds  KPMG  Study For  at  least  half  of  these  companies,  the   common  methods  used  to  improve  informaCon   management,  undertake  business  reorganizaCon   and  manage  human  resources  programs  are  not   proving  effecCve  in  dealing  with  complexity.   Least  effecCve  of  all  were  efforts  to  influence   Increasing   public  policy  which  worked  well  for  only  one  in   complexity  tops  management  agenda three  of  survey  respondents. Causes  of  complexity  common  across  the  world,   but  form  varies To  address  the  challenges  and  uncover  the   Both  mi7ga7ng  and  harnessing  complexity   opportuniCes  hidden  within  complex  business   cri7cal  for  innova7on,  success situaCons,  over  50  percent  of  senior  leaders  said   they  would  be  tesCng  new  or  different   TradiConal  methods  of  management  are  no   approaches  in  the  next  two  years.   longer  sufficient  to  confront  what  is  today  a   given  for  doing  business  globally:  managing   “To  address  the  challenges  complexity  presents,   complexity.  According  to  a  global  study  from   successful  management  teams  are  seeking  new   KPMG  InternaConal,  complexity,  a  primary   and  perhaps  unprecedented  ways  to  embed   source  of  addiConal  risk,  cost  and  management   agility  and  innovaCon  into  their  corporate   challenges,  is  a  real  and  serious  issue  for  senior   cultures  and  develop  flexible  structures  to   decision  makers.  But,  it  also  presents   manage  the  demands  and  needs  of  their   opportunity.     markets,”  said  Helene  Willberg,  CEO  KPMG   The  KPMG  survey  reveals  that  global  business   Sweden. leaders  are  faced  with  a  conCnuous  stream  of   These  perplexing  challenges  are  highlighted  in   issues  and  are  striving  to  find  new  soluCons  that   ConfronCng  Complexity-­‐  Research  Findings  and   can  harness  the  complexity  and  also  take   Insights   advantage  of  the  opportuniCes  it  brings.     a  survey  from  KPMG  which  draws  on  interviews   with  1,400  senior  execuCves  running  large   Leaders  worldwide  report  that  managing  their   businesses  in  22  countries  in  the  Americas,   companies  is  becoming  steadily  more  difficult   Europe  and  Asia-­‐Pacific.   primarily  due  to  increasing  government   regulaCon,  rapidly  changing  technology  and   problems  with  managing  informaCon.  The   challenges  these  condiCons  bring  are  increased   risk,  escalaCng  costs  and  an  ever-­‐growing  need   for  new  skills.     NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDENPage 32
  • 31. BUSINESS BUILDING 2013 AND BEYOND När!resultaten!bröts!ned!på!landnivå!stod! Sverige!ut!som!i!särklass!mest! optimistiskt,!trots!att!företag!i!flera! tillväxtekonomier!ingick!i!undersökningen.! Mer!än!90!procent!av!de!tillfrågade! Developing economies positive svenska!företagsledarna!såg!nya! The  survey  uncovered  some  important  variaCons   möjligheter!för!sina!verksamheter!som!en! in  how  complexity  is  experienced  and  managed   följd!av!den!ökande!komplexiteten.!Detta! in  different  parts  of  the  world.   kan!jämföras!med!genomsnittet!för! Europa!på!69!procent.!! ! Among  the  mature  economies  in  North  America   ”Som!en!relativt!liten!och!exportberoende! and  Europe,  regulaCon  was  seen  as  the  No.  1   ekonomi!är!anpassningsförmågan!bland! cause  of  complexity  today,  followed  by  issues   svenska!företagare!naturligtvis!av! with  informaCon  management.  But  for   betydelse.!Att!den!svenska!optimismen! developing  economies,  parCcularly  Brazil,   inför!förändringen!till!och!med!är!större! Mexico,  China  and  India,  speed  of  innovaCon  was   än!i!tillväxtekonomier!ligger!i!linje!med! the  leading  cause,  and  while  informaCon   signaler!vi!får!globalt!och!från!våra! management  and  regulaCon  were  also  important   kundföretag”,!säger!Helene!Willberg!VD! for  these  countries,  tax  policy  featured  much   på!KPMG.!!!! more  strongly  in  their  responses. ! Reducing  risk  through  reorganizaCon Developing  economies  were  also  more   Restructuring  the  business  up  to  and  including   concerned  than  their  established  compeCtors   merging  and  acquiring  new  businesses,  was  also   about  rising  costs  as  a  challenge  of  complexity.   a  common  response  to  simplifying  complex   And  they  were  more  likely  to  see  complex   situaCons,  among  60  percent  of  respondents  and   markets  as  an  opportunity  to  develop  new  and   remains  a  top-­‐ranking  opCon  to  complexity  in   innovaCve  business  strategies. the  near  future.   “Complexity  is  not  staCc.  It  changes  as  markets   Embracing complexity and  economies  develop,    so  that  in  one  year   KPMG’s  conclusion  is  that  companies  have  an   managers  might  be  struggling  with  an  important   opportunity  to  embrace  complexity  and  use  it  as   new  technology  ,  and  in  the  next,  when  they   a  spur  to  drive  innovaCon  and  force  constant   have    mastered  the  technology,  they  have  to   improvement. deal  with  new  regulaCons  introduced  to  control   The  report  says  that  managing  the  problems  of   it.  The  key  is  to  be  able  to  move  easily  from  one   complexity  in  business  is  made  easier  when   problem  to  the  next.”  Said  Helene  Willberg. companies  have  a  clear  and  well-­‐arCculated  idea   of  their  purpose,  their  appeCte  for  risk  and  the   InformaCon  management  –  A  challenge  and  a   principles  on  which  they  do  business.   soluCon InformaCon  management  stood  out  both  as  a   About KPMG major  cause  of  complexity  and,  for  8  out  of  10,  a   KPMG  is  a  global  network  of  professional  firms   way  of  trying  to  deal  with  it.  But  nearly  60   providing  Audit,  Tax  and  Advisory  services.  We   percent  said  that  their  efforts  to  manage  this   operate  in  150  countries  and  have  138,000   problem  were  not  parCcularly  effecCve. people  working  in  member  firms  around  the   world. NOVEMBER 6, 2012 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Page 33
  • 32. Are you interested in accessing top talent from around the world? Are your employees your most valuableAIESEC Stockholm provides you with global-minded young professionals. Today, more than 8.000 organizations - from multinational to small and medium scale business, non-profit to government and UN - are partnering with AIESEC to access top talent. AIESECs unique network offers a lot of opportunities for organisations to obtain highly competitive international talent. AIESEC Stockholm provides flexible and customized programmes to provide talent that fits the company’s culture and processes. As a partner of AIESEC Stockholm, companies will enrich their work force with global-minded young professionals by having access to a platform of students from over 113 countries via an efficient and centralized sourcing process.  Candidates will be working as interns to support the companys organizational needs and initiatives and may range from current students to recent graduates of top bachelors, masters and MBA programs from 2,400 universities globally. Contact us to get started today! Roa Eliwi Kajsa Hemmingsson Vice President of Incoming Exchange Vice President of External Relations Make a difference to your company with AIESEC Stockholm. Access top-talented young professionals from around the world.
  • 33. Entreprenör24 Contest Winners Johan  Wikland,  Founder   Maciej  Strama,   and  CEO  of  c/o  Gerd MarkeSng  Director,   Mobuylr   We  wanted  to  create  an   ecologically  and  biologically  Despite  my  age,  I  am  a   friendly  company  focused  on  creaCve  and  business-­‐minded   beauty  and  skin  care  products.    entrepreneur.  So  far  I  have   And  we  wanted  to  do  it  in  developed  a  mobile  payment   Jokkmokk,  in  northern  soluCon  that  have  been   Sweden.    In  2010,  we  awarded  “The  best  business   launched  forty  products  and  in  idea”  2011  in  Solna.  The  award   February  2011  we  moved  into  made  the  startup  possible  and   our  800  square  meters  large,  the  company  got  nominated   modern  factory.  In  2012,  more  for  the  “Best  business   than  30  products  to  see   Zakaria  Hersi,  MarkeSng  soluCon”  at  Telecom  city. Victor  Björkund,   todays  ljus.    Our  products  sold   Manager  for  Coursio Financial  Manager  at   in  Sweden,  Norway,  USA,    For  more  informaCon,  go  to   AIESEC  Stockholm Japan,  Saudi  Arabia,   Australia  ...,  well  almost  all   Zakaria  has  a  degree  from   A  young  guy  with  a  passion  for   over  the  world.  The  airline  SAS   Stockholm  University.  He  has   leadership  and  innovaCon.    I’m   has  chosen  us  as  their  partner   sat  on  the  board  of  four   the  financial  manager  at   for  SAS  EuroBonus  Shop,  as   companies  and  founded  two   AIESEC  Stockholm,  a   well  as  airlines  NextJet  and   of  them.    Now  he  is  the   studentorganisaCon,  and  the   EChad.   MarkeCng  Manager  for   coordinator  at  Morgan,  a   Coursio  and  Managing  Partner   gathering  of  companies  acCve   Welcome  to  c  /  o  GERD.  A   for  4Weeks4Life,  the  first  was   in  the  Swedish  mobile  service   Swedish  organic  companies   voted  one  of  the  hoZest   industry.   that  want  to  affect  people  and   startups  in  Sweden  2012  and   the  environment!       also  won  Best  New  Recruit   Category  in  ArcCc15.   Page 35
  • 34. The  Most  Amazing   Who  would   you  most  like   Company  Leadership   to  see  here   Conference  and  Gala next  year? October  2013 Lisa  Nichols,  Best  Selling   John  Assaraf,  Best  Selling   Author  No  Ma8er  What,   Author  of  The  Answer,  an   teacher  from  The  Secret,  a   entrepreneur,  researcher   popular  public  speaker,   and  explorer  of   charismaSc  teacher  and   consciousness  and   powerful  coach,  founder  of   human  behavior,  founder   MoSvaSng  the  Masses of  6  mulSmillion  dollar   companies Richard  Branson,  CEO  Virgin Stedman  Graham,  an  American   Jack  Canfield,  moSvaSonal  speaker   educator,  author,  businessman   and  author.  He  is  best  known  as  the   and  speaker,  although  he  is   co-­‐creator  of  the  Chicken  Soup  for  the   primarily  known  as  the  partner   Soul  book  series,  which  currently  has   of  media  mogul  Oprah  Winfrey nearly  200  Stles  and  112  million   copies  in  print  in  over  40  languages Join  us  next  year  for  the  exciSng  Awards  Ceremony   for  the  Most  Amazing  Company  and  the  Most   Amazing  Employee!Do  you  want  to  get  global  recogniSon  for  being  a  Most  Amazing  Company  and  give  one  of  your  employees  to  shine  as  they  win  the  Most  Amazing  Employee  award?    Call  us  for  details  on  how  you  can  parScipate!    Karin  Volo  +46  70  301  1968