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One company utilizes a blast from the past to offer something bold and new in small appliances

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  2. 2. RETAILERS, TAP INTO HOME ENTERTAINING BOOM ln—Line Product (70%) .3/’ 2006 Novelty Open—To-Buy Product (10%) A; ./ ‘i K , Modular In-Line 1 /4rr> , _ Product P-f. (90%) 2001 The category of home entertaining specialty appliances designed for family fun continues to grow to the extent that some of the products originally deemed seasonal, such as ice cream makers, are seen as having the potential for a much wider selling window. Specialty”treat making‘ appliances have grown to become a huge category, with many getting into the act. Niche companies as well as major small appliance companies have introduced a variety of products falling under the home entertaining rubric. Home entertaining product development is driven, to a large extent, by what developers see happening in restaurants and catering halls. Two major product categories have recently arisen from the catering segment: retail versions of the chocolate and beverage fountains often seen at weddings. The products attempt to recreate at home a food, meal or treat typically enjoyed outside the home. A wide range of items capitalize on the home entertaining phenomenon, including smoothie makers, quesadilla makers, pizza ovens, hot-wing cookers, hot-dog rollers, panini makers and indoor grills. On the non—e| ectrics front, categories like wine accessories, raclettes and fondue pots, “EAsE—oP-USE & CONVENIENCE ALSO ARE IMPORTANT. AS IS HITTING THE PROPER PRICE POINT” spinning. which focus on adult--oriented home entertaining, also have been gaining traction. Menu items also are a rich source of product-development inspiration. Suppliers say success requires several ingredients, perhaps most importantly, a ”wow"factor, as well as the inclusion ofa level of interactivity for the consumer. Products that embody this tend to put on a show for the consumer, allowing them to view the popcorn popping, the chocolate flowing, the cotton candy By offering small appliances and other types of products designed to leverage trends from catering halls and such, suppliers can realize a number of benefits, first and foremost, the chance to ride the coattails of something with proven popularity. Ease—of—use and convenience also are important, as is hitting the proper price point. If a product is so new that there is nothing else llke it on the market, a company is then free to create the price—value relationship, enabling retail partners to enjoy higher margins before the competition moves in.
  3. 3. WITH HELMAN SPECIALTY ELECTRICS, FUN HAS NEVER BEEN SO PROFITABLE I n the small appliance industry, where increasing consolidation is putting more shelf space in fewer hands, smaller suppliers need to be innovative and quick thinking. One supplier successful at doing just that is The Helman Group, Ltd. " Helman is the company behind Nostalgia Electrics”: specialty small appliances that debuted with old—fashioned popcorn machines and now include a wide range of home entertaining appliances, such as slushie makers, chocolate fountains, buffet servers, hot dog rollers, and margarita makers. "We have an advantage in that we are small, " said company partner Gregg Bond/ We take chances and always have about 30 new items that we are working on. “ To be competitive, Helman is always thinking out of the box, keeping an eye on restaurant and catering foods and treats that would be difficult for the consumer to prepare at home. Then, the company develops a home appliance aimed at allowing the consumer to make the item at home. “I look for a twist of new technology to give us an edge in the small appliance arena, " Bond said. The key is to create a high—perceived value. as well as a "wow“factor. Cotton candy, for example, can be purchased in a bag, but when the consumer puts sugar in the appliance and they and the kids can watch it turn into something they can roll a cone in, that makes for a "wow"product: It brings ’/ Q” a level of theatricality, as well as interactivity. All these ingredients go into creating a story that Helman can tell buyers that allows them to mentally conjure an image they can relate to so they will buy into the idea of the new product. Helman has a leg up on its competitors in terms of sell-in in that it has a variety of success stories under its belt, which makes it easier to get distribution. Helman also helps get the products off the shelves — and into consumers'shopping carts. it does so by focusing on circulars, the Internet. signage, public relations, SkyMall and other catalogers to create interest. Packaging is paramount: 'We need to make sure our packaging screams, ‘Funl’and tells the story quickly, " Bond noted. Some new products from Helman include the Slush-Ease” Countertop Home Slush Drink Maker, which offers the drink made famous in convenience stores in the privacy of your own home. The Double Auger Home ' Chocolate Fondue Fountain permits the use of two flavors of chocolate at one time. The 3-Station Buffet Server” features a handy warming tray. The full sized Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart” makes up theatrical-style popcorn. The Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller“ features a removable roller and griddle pan. The Margarator” has a i—galIon capacity and mixes margaritas, various frozen and slush drinks using a patent pending grind _ and shave mechanism, ‘
  4. 4. The Helman Group, Ltd. ” Phone: (805) 487~7772 Fax: (805) 498-9975 Visit us online at: www. helmangroup. com Dear Customer, We at The Helman Group, Ltd. ” thank you for supporting our Nostalgia Electrics" branded product line. It is our ongoing goal to continue to develop and provide fun and entertaining appliances for the home. Currently we have over 30 products in development that will be rolling out over the next several years. It is this breadth of newness that keeps our line fresh and alive—and fueling incremental sales for your store. With the introduction of our latest-generation appliances, we believe 2007 will be our best year yet! Our products are aimed to appeal to all age groups and to create both a WOW! factor and interaction, while ' at the same time carrying retail prices that are both affordable for the consumer and profitable for you, the retailer. We look forward to seeing you at the International Home and Housewares Show and Gourmet Show so that we can introduce you to our many new product innovations, as well as reinvigorated versions of older models, for 2007 and beyond. We wish you a successful and profitable year. Regards, Gregg Bond Andrew Helman Barry Helman NQSTALGJA ELECTRICSTM