Why Relying Party´s should implement OpenID


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A presentation on the businesscase for Relying Party´s to implement Open Digital IDentity

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Why Relying Party´s should implement OpenID

  1. 1. Welcome• Todays Program is part of the OpenID Foundations Global Outreach: a review of the OpenID Connect and Account Chooser standards.• We want collaborate on the problems we are trying to solve, where we are at today and encourage your contributions.
  2. 2. The OpenID FoundationSecures and defends the intellectual property of OpenIDtechnology protocols.Facilitates innovation in open identity technologies.Promotes global adoption and enhancement of OpenIDtechnology
  3. 3. Current board Community Board MembersNat Sakimura John Bradley Mike Jones Axel Nennker Greg Keegstra Kick Willemse (NRI) (independent) (IMicrosoft) (Deutsche Telekom) (JanRain) (Prooflink) Chairman Treasurer Secretary Community Rep. Corporate Board Members Eric Sachs Anthony Nadalin Nico Popp Pam Dingle Farhang Kassaei (Google) (Microsoft) (Symantec) (Ping Identity) (PayPal) Vice-Chair Don Thibeau Executive Director
  4. 4. Sustaining Corporate Members Corporate Members
  5. 5. Connecting identity to your business? OpenID Workshop London
  6. 6. For over 25 years we have wrestled with the evolvingchallenges of Internet identity
  7. 7. Now a compelling business case to take action• Double digit growth in eCommerce• A password management system in place, self asserted username-passwords• Business budgets are allocated to projects that increase revenue, save costs;• The "key necklace" of our customers is not primarily our business problem
  8. 8. New and expanded onlineservices puts identity on the agenda of decision makers
  9. 9. How do we recognize customers over multiple channels and provide a compelling user experience? *
  10. 10. How best to manage userconsent with our customers over social networks? *
  11. 11. How best to engage customers oremployees a seamless login with cloud services? *
  12. 12. How best to provide customer data to other apps with user consent?*
  13. 13. How best to implement multi- channel two factor authentication, or lower password risks? *
  14. 14. A positive business case for identity Attract new You already know new customers customers Sell products in new online channels (marketshare) No e-mail validation drop out Increase Revenue Cross sell opportunities because you know More revenue existing customers your customer and his personal interests Easy login, decreases risk of buying Reduce Churn somewhere else Online loyalty program Lower costs per Sale-order costs, single click check-out order Outsource Know Your Customer costs. Business Value Lower Costs xxx Internal operational identity management Save other costs system Integrate with cloud services Reduce Company Decrease risk of data leakage Risk Company Risk Legislation Comply with Legislation on right to know what data legislation Privacy, Multi-factor legislation
  15. 15. Connecting business today andwith the network effect of digital identity!