How the Net aids dictatorships


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slides for Evgeny Morozov's TED talk about Internet & democracy

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How the Net aids dictatorships

  1. 1. Evgeny Morozov TED Global 2009
  2. 2. Praise for Belarus... “Last outpost of tyranny in Europe!” Condoleezza Rice “Not free!” Photo: Antonis/Flickr CC Freedom House "A model social state like the one we're beginning to create!" Hugo Chavez Photo: Lhoon/Flickr CC
  3. 3. Information Revolution Marches On Photo by oceandesetoiles/Flickr CC
  4. 4. US Presidents ♥ the Internets "The Goliath of totalitarianism will be brought down by the David of the microchip" Ronald Reagan, 1989 Photo: National Archives “Trying to control the Internet is like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall” Bill Clinton, 2000 Photo: White House “Imagine if the Internet took hold in China. Imagine how freedom would spread" Photo: White House John Lennon George Bush, 1999
  5. 5. “Blogs are the new faxes” Photo: Marcin Wichary/Flickr CC
  6. 6. Welcome to Cyber-Utopia! Connectivity X Devices = Democracy Photo: Gadl/Flickr CC Photo: Jeremy Visser/Flickr CC
  7. 7. iPod Liberalism Photo: Slff/Flickr CC Photo by myuibe/Flickr CC
  8. 8. “Drop iPods, not Bombs” Photo: Mager Leagues/Flickr CC Photo: United States Army
  9. 9. Intended vs Actual Photo: Anitacanita/Flickr CC source: CrookedBrains
  10. 10. Spin + Internet = Spinternet Photo by ajax/Flickr CC
  11. 11. Spining vs Censoring Photo by Mr.Enjoy/Flickr CC
  12. 12. China: “Elude the Cat”
  13. 13. Authoritarian Deliberation Photo by dunechaser/Flickr CC
  14. 14. Uses of “authoritarian deliberation” 1. Generate information useful to government: wikis 2. Share the blame for failed policies with the public: spin 3. Increase legitimacy (both at home and abroad): scale
  15. 15. Iran: Twitter counter-revolution? Photo by nomaan/Flickr CC
  16. 16. But what about “digital natives”? Photo by Trynes/Flickr CC
  17. 17. Cyber-Activism vs Cyber-Hedonism Photo by fhashemi/Flickr CC Photo by linlin/Flickr
  18. 18. Catalyst of change vs opium for the masses HKmPUA Photo by HKmPUA/Flickr CC
  19. 19. Digital Renegades vs Digital Captives Photo by murplejane/Flickr CC Photo by seandreilinger/Flickr CC
  20. 20. Brave New World of Cyber-Hedonism Category China US % of teenagers addicted 42 18 to the Web % of teenagers with 61 13 “parallel life” online % of teenagers not 25 12 feeling OK going w/t Internet for a day % of teenagers who 32 11 said Internet broadens their sex life Young Digital Mavens”, JWT/IAC, Fall 2007
  21. 21. Hierarchy of Cyber-Needs CAMPAIGN: Amnesty, HRW LEARN: Wikipedia, TED SHARE: Facebook, Twitter TALK: Email, instant messaging, blogs HAVE FUN: pornography, BitTorrent, YouTube Some Right Reserved, Evgeny Morozov
  22. 22. Which way freedom? Photo by abhijeetrane/Flickr CC
  23. 23. Thank you!
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