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  • -I was born in Palermo, Sicily.\n-My family and I moved to the US when I was only 2 years old. \n-They were in search of better jobs.\n-Leaving Sicily did not mean that we were leaving our culture behind. \n-We brought it with us and it is a major part of my life. \n\n
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  • -Artists\n
  • -And another famous artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti\n-Painted the Sistine Chapel\n-Rome\n-The David Sculpture \n-Florence\n
  • -Famous composers\n
  • -Founder of America, was the Italian explorer: Christopher Columbus\n-Famous Italian scientist who invented the telescope was Galileo Galilei.\n
  • -There are 20 regions in Italy and each region contains a capital and a few provinces or cities.\n-Italy also has 2 independent countries, Vatican City and San Marino.\n-Although, Italian is the official language, each region has its own dialect that they use. \n-Variety is vocabulary and grammar.\n
  • -Italy is a long, thin peninsula surrounded by 4 seas.\n-Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Adriatic.\n-The Alps are in the north of Italy and the Apennines run along the center, almost looking like it splits the boot in half.\n-These landforms determine the areas of tourism, activities, and work.\n-So let’s start in the north and work our way down south. \n\n\n
  • -Northern Italy.\n-35% of italy contains mountains that are over 2,500 feet tall.\n-2 mountain ranges in italy are the Alps and Apennines. The Alps are the tallest mountains in Italy.\n-The mountains shield the surrounding cities and lakes from extreme temperatures.\n-The western edge of the Alps is Italy’s most important river, the Po.\n-The Po region also consists of a valley.\n\n\n
  • -The Po Valley is Italy’s flattest and most fertile stretch of land.\n-Po Valley contains Italy’s most productive farmland.\n-Grain, especially rice, corn, and wheat. \n-The cities in the Po Valley are home to Italy’s biggest industrial centers.\n\n
  • -Milan is Italy’s second largest city.\n-The country’s financial and commercial capital.\n-Richest city.\n-Milan is the fashion capital of Italy.\n-Picture of inside the Duomo.\n\n
  • -Duomo di Milano\n-3rd largest church in Europe.\n-Begun in 1386 but not finished until 1813.\n\n\n
  • -Milan is home to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and the world’s first opera house.\n-Andrea Bocelli \n-Began playing the piano and taking singing lessons at the age of 6. At the age of 12, while playing soccer he fell and hit his head and damaged his optic nerve causing his blindness, but that only made Andrea work harder in his music career.\n-Is the biggest and most popular Italian opera singer. \n
  • -Italian fashion designers have brought great distinction to the country. \n-The city is home to some of the world’s most important design labels.\n
  • -Trendy clothing for kids by Luciano Benetton.\n
  • -Extraordinary men’s and women’s wear by Giorgio Armani\n
  • -Unusual, but elegant fabrics by Miuccia Prada.\n
  • -Gucci classic clothing and accessories.\n
  • -A formal and timeless collection by Dolce & Gabbana.\n
  • -Homemade shoes and exquisite clothing by Salvatore Ferragamo.\n
  • -Another industrious city in the Po Valley is Turin.\n-Important business center and home to Fabbrica Italiana de Automobili Torino (Fiat)\n\n
  • -Fiat is Italy’s largest and most popular manufacturer. \n-Fiat is the world’s 6th largest automobile manufacturer.\n-Operates in 61 countries and earns more than $56 billion a year. \n-Sells 2.5 million cars a year.\n\n
  • -A vespa is a motor scooter.\n-At the age of 14 is when you can get a vespa. \n-Vespas are affordable and more efficient than cars.\n-Easier to get to your destination because you can curve around all traffic and always find a parking spot.\n-Vespa means wasp because the sound that the vespa makes sounds like a buzz.\n-When you turn 18 you can get your license to drive a car.\n
  • -Built on 118 islands, supported by millions of wooden stakes and linked by 400 bridges\n-Venice is the only city in the world that is built entirely on water. \n-This romanic city is noted for its art and architecture.\n-Influenced writers, poets, and painters for centuries.\n-A pro to that is that there are no cars.\n-A con to that is flooding.\n-Gondolas\n
  • -A gondola is a long, narrow, flat boat used to travel through Venice’s tight canals.\n-A gondola ride is 40 min long\n-Gondolas hold 6 people.\n-Price is $110 per gondola not per person.\n-After 7pm it’s $140.\n-You can choose to have the ride with or without music.\n-Gondolier must be licensed.\n-Their uniform consist of black pants, a striped shirt, and closed dark shoes. \n-They usually have a special hat but don’t usually wear it. \n-Singing is not a requirement for a gondolier. Some do and some don’t.\n-They stand up and row with one oar because that is the best way to row through the narrow canals of Venice. \n-It’s extremely rare for a woman to be a gondolier. \n-Most gondoliers do speak English.\n
  • -Center of Italy’s shipbuilding and birthplace of Christopher Columbus.\n-The largest city in the Po Valley.\n\n
  • -Known for its cheese and ham.\n-Proscuitto and parmigiana reggiano.\n-Lunchmeat to Italians is very important. \n-They get fresh lunchmeat everyday. \n\n
  • -Is home to the Barilla Pasta Factory. \n-Barilla is the world’s leading pasta producer.\n-The company has 25 factories.\n-20 in Italy and 5 abroad. \n
  • -Great tourist destination if you like people and food. \n-Culinary capital.\n-Pasta shops, vegetable markets, and delis.\n\n\n
  • -Maggianos may be the closest to Italian cuisine we can get, but really it’s nothing like the cuisine over in Italy.\n
  • \n
  • -Before being seated, guests will be served what we call shirley temples, but the only difference is that Italy’s version is thicker. \n-Just a little shot.\n-A popular hors d’oeuvre is sliced white bread with mayo and ham cut into 4 triangles closed with a fancy toothpick and 1 green olive.\n\n\n
  • -Stuzzichini on the left.\n-Amarena on the right. \n\n
  • -Soda includes Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Chinotto (root beer) and that’s all.\n-On your table you will always have acqua (spring water) and acqua frizzante (sparkling water)\n-Wines have to correspond with the main entree. White wine goes with fish and chicken and red wine goes with red meat.\n
  • -Typical appetizers include:\n- Insalata di mare which usually includes: shrimp, octopus, black or green olives, carrots, onions, oregano, olive oil and vinegar. \n-Caprese salad which contains fresh mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes. \n\n
  • -Hot, fresh bread dipped into olive oil is a must.\n-Olive oil is huge in Italian food.\n-One of the biggest ingredients.\n
  • -The first dish is pasta, soup, or rice.\n-Italian pasta dishes have less sauce than Americans are used to. In Italy, the type of pasta is more important than the sauce.\n-Choice of any kind from gnocchi to pesto sauce or arrabiata to a seafood pescatore. \n
  • -Meat, poultry, or fish. \n-Meatballs to chicken cutlets (milanese) or chicken scallopini to smoked salmon.\n
  • -Vegetable, potato, or salad.\n-Roasted potatoes with green peppers and onions.\n-Fried broccoli rabe with garlic and lemon.\n-Tomato salad with cucumbers, red onions, olive oil, salt, and oregano.\n
  • -Fresh fruit and nuts are served.\n
  • -Pastries are huge.\n-Ricotta cheese is a big filling for pastries.\n
  • -Espresso is considered cafe italiano.\n-One cannot wake up without their espresso.\n\n\n\n
  • -A family meal usually lasts 2+ hours. \n-After eating dinner, the family engages in conversation, by talking as loud as they can and laughing and just having a great time. \n
  • -Tuscany is one of the 20 regions.\n-Countryside.\n-Home to its wine and art.\n\n
  • -Italian vineyards produce a variation of wines, making Italy the world’s largest wine producer.\n-Alcoholic beverages are served day and night at bars and restaurants.\n-There is no age limit for drinking alcohol, but in order to purchase it you must be 16. \n-A child gets their first taste of wine at a young age with their family and they learn how to appreciate wine and not abuse it. \n
  • -The town of Pisa is an old, but beautiful town.\n-It is the home place of The Leaning Tower of Pisa.\n-Believe it or not, without the tower’s tilt, tourism in Pisa would drop significantly. \n-The tilt was a complete accident.\n-Every year it sinks into the soil more and more, but it is still completely safe.\n-Declared to be safe until at least 2301.\n
  • -Florence is one of the most popular travel cities in Italy.\n-One of the Renaissance cities.\n-Has some of Italy’s best museums, cathedrals and churches, and interesting streets and squares with never-ending shops.\n-Walking around the squares are like walking along an outdoor museum because beautiful Renaissance art is everywhere.\n-Piazza della Signoria- biggest square with most attractions and shops.\n-Florence has a number of open air markets selling food, clothing, and antiques.\n\n
  • -Markets are usually open once a week, depending on where you are either Saturday or Sunday mornings.\n-Prices can be bargained. \n-Keep your money and valuables under at least one layer of clothes. \n-Crowded areas in a little space.\n\n
  • -One word to describe an Italian’s social life is “passeggiata”\n-A passeggiata is a daily evening routine, usually between 5-8 pm, before dinner. \n-It’s a slow stroll out with friends or family through the town.\n-They dress up in their best clothes to see and be seen.\n-During the passeggiata and the lively conversations, everyone window shops, and it is certain that you will bump into a friend and talk for no less than half an hour, even if it is someone you see everyday.\n-You know you’re really stuck when your friend tells you, “Come on let’s go grab a coffee from the bar and it’s on me.”\n-”fracetto” arm-in-arm\n\n\n
  • -That big peak is called the Monte Titano.\n-Flag symbolizes the three towers of the country: Guaita, Ceste, and Montale\n-Symbolizes Saint Peter.\n-Square flag\n
  • -1 of the 2 independent countries within Italy, is the Republic of San Marino.\n-There are no level grounds, all hills.\n-From that summit you can see the Adriatic Sea perfectly.\n
  • -The Adriatic Sea is another tourist center.\n-Lies to the right of the boot.\n-Many cities within.\n\n\n\n
  • -The 2nd independent country is Vatican City.\n-Smallest country in the world.\n-Size of Central Park in NYC.\n-Has its own newspaper, stamps, prison, and radio and tv stations.\n-Created in 1929 and is located in Rome.\n\n\n\n
  • -Most important structure in Vatican City is St. Peter’s Basilica.\n-The world’s largest church.\n-Roman Catholic.\n\n\n
  • -Surrounded by Swiss Guards that make up the world’s smallest army.\n-Trained in martial arts.\n-They carry a light weapon for protection of the pope, Pope Benedict XVI.\n
  • -265th Pope and has only been pope for 6 years. \n-The Pope comes out to greet an audience every Wed.\n-When Catholics see him, they shout “Long Live the Pope”\n-When Catholics meet him they call him “Holy Father” or “Your Holiness.”\n
  • -The country of Italy is Roman Catholic.\n-According to a survey, only 35% of Catholic Italians attend mass every week.\n-Dropping dramatically, but that does not mean Catholicism is dropping.\n-Catholics still continue to have more faith in the church than in their own government!\n-Celebrating Catholic holidays is huge.\n-Easter Sunday parade.\n
  • \n
  • picture\n
  • -Holiday that lasts for one whole week. \n-Their version of Halloween.\n-Dress up in a different costume each night.\n
  • \n
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    1. 1. ITALIAN CULTURE By: Elisa Vetrano
    2. 2. THESISThe Italian culture is known throughout theworld as one of the healthiest lifestyles becauseof the great passion for life itself, the strongsocial connection with family and friends, andthe value of the simplicity in life.
    4. 4. INFLUENCES ON THE ITALIAN CULTURE Historical figures Geography
    5. 5. Leonardo da Vinci
    6. 6. Michelangelo
    7. 7. Giuseppe Verdi Giacomo Puccini
    8. 8. Christopher Columbus Galileo Galilei Galileo’s Telescope,_1636.jpg/225px-Justus_Sustermans_-_Portrait_of_Galileo_Galilei,_1636.jpg
    9. 9.
    11. 11. ALPI
    12. 12. Va l le de l Po
    13. 13. Milano
    14. 14. Duomo di Milano
    15. 15. Andrea Bocelli The Last Supper Painting
    16. 16. FASHION
    17. 17.
    18. 18. Armani
    19. 19. Prada
    20. 20. Gucci
    21. 21. Dolce&Gabbana
    22. 22. Ferragamo
    23. 23. To r i n o
    24. 24. Biggest Manufacturer: FIAT
    25. 25. TRANSPORTATION Vespa Cars Foot Bus
    26. 26. Ve n e z i a
    27. 27. GONDOLIERS
    28. 28. Genova
    29. 29. PARMA
    31. 31. BOLOGNA
    32. 32. X
    34. 34. ITALIAN CUISINE 1. AperitiviAmarena Mixture of sprite and a flavored syrup. Equivalent to our Shirley Temples.Stuzzichini Equivalent to our Hors d’oeuvre.
    35. 35.
    36. 36. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 2. Bibite Soda & Winehttp://
    37. 37. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 3. Antipasti Appetizers
    38. 38. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. Bread and olive oil
    39. 39. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 4. Primo Piatto Pasta
    40. 40. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 5. Secondo Piatto Main Entree
    41. 41. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 6. Contorni Side Dishes,+2009.jpg
    42. 42. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. 7. Dolce Dessert
    43. 43. ITALIAN CUISINE CONT. After Dinner Drinks
    44. 44. Americans: Will eat at your dinner table and leave.Italians: Will spend hours there, talking, laughing, and just being together.
    45. 45. To scana
    46. 46. WINEhttp://
    47. 47. PISA
    48. 48. Firenze
    49. 49. M e rc a t o
    51. 51.
    52. 52. S a n M arino
    53. 53. Mare Adriatico
    54. 54. Cittá del Vaticano
    55. 55. Basilica di San Pietro
    56. 56.
    57. 57. POPE BENEDICT XVI 265th Pope
    58. 58. RELIGION “Whether he goes to church or not, Catholicism is still part of the Italian’s psyche in the same way as lungs or a kidney are part of his body.” -John Haycraft
    59. 59. EASTER SUNDAY Video
    60. 60. EASTER SUNDAY
    61. 61. CAR NE VALE
    62. 62. CARNEVALE Video