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Lots of bills from around the country

Lots of bills from around the country

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  • 1. PowerwoRx Electric Bills Submitted Note: Because utility rates have varied from one year to the next the only meaningful finding of savings is being calculated based on KWH usage. (Kilowatt Hours) Kw Savings Experienced Wallace Gummere Savings, Stratton, Nebraska: I installed my PowewoRx on May 21st This is a chart for June, July, August 2007 compared to 2008. As you can see I have saved a lot in KWH usage. The $61.49 the savings may not seem like much but the rate is higher this year. Using last years rate it would have been $93.52 Will keep track for the year. Wally Gummere July- August- June-2008 2008 2008 Total Savings 2007 1404 1521 2318 5243 Kw KWH 1007 1534 1699 2008 Reduction Higher Reduction of 29% in KWH of 27% in KWH KHW by 1% KWH 4240 Kw 2007 $ 494.86 Power Cost $133.39 $143.46 $212.02 2008 Power Cost $105.35 $153.48 $168.55 $ 427.38 Savings $28.04 $-10.02 $43.47 $61.40
  • 2. Iowa Dick Rahe This statements shows a drop from 64.5 Kilowatt Hours per day to 39.05 Kilowatt Hours per day. Same period of time, same temperatures. This is a reduction of 40% for the month of July, 2008- We anticipate posting additional bills for August 2008 and on for tracking this member's KWH savings.
  • 3. Florida Kathryn Eddy I have a total of 2821 KWH for July-August-September, 2008. This is a savings of $340.43 for the three month period. At this rate the PowerwoRx will be paid off in less than 12 months. In the month of June, 2008 we saw an 18.5% reduction in KWH and cost; the unit was installed for only 20 of the 30 day cycle. For the month of August, 2008 we saw a 35.5 reduction in KWH and cost. The month of September, 2008 showed a 44% reduction in KWH and a 44% savings. However, the month of September we were gone for 10 days of the month with the air conditioning unit set to a higher temperature and Phoenix experienced a cooler September period; we believe the savings claim from the PowerwoRx should be reduced from 44% to 24% for September.
  • 4. 09/21/08 Brad Near Electric Bill (PDF) - Phoenix Arizona showing a 44% savings on our September bill. We were out of country for 10 days of this cycle but our air conditioning remained on but at a higher temperature setting. Also Phoenix experienced a 91.4 average daily temperature this year vs. a 96.8 average temperature last year. All in all I would reduce the savings from 44% to 24% due to these factors; but am happy with 24%!