Zoha's empathy map


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Zoha's empathy map

  1. 1. Empathy map & Problem statement Stakeholder: Summary of our talk:  19 going on 20  Fun  Hardworking  Cheerful  Outgoing  Motivated I met Sarah (that’s what I’m gonna call her), and we talked about her main problem when bridging from school to work. Soon, we focused on job interviews and her experiences regarding this.
  2. 2. Say Do Think Feel “Me! Like more than a 100 interviews A couple were ok, but so many unsuccessful ones.” She rolled her eyes upwards each time she was thinking. I think she has had many horrible experiences at job interviews. I felt that at moments she really wanted to sob. “I just dunno what exactly II should say. To say a little or a lot and what to include and what to exclude.” When she was talking about her job interview memories, she kept laughing. Maybe if the interviewers were nicer to her, she would have a better job and wouldn’t be so much afraid of job interviews. I feel that implicitly she was begging for help. “(laughs) ya, luckily I got a job I liked to have. It was around 9 months ago. Now I have found a better opportunity. But, I’m so scared of the upcoming interview.” She did a face palm and a slight scream when she was talking about her upcoming job interview. I think she hates physics. I feel that she has been shy to ask for more help. “Um, I think the formalities scare me. O ya, the interviewers, too. Some of them look at me as if they are policemen investigating a case. God! Can’t you just smile a bit?!” She put her hand on her heart when she wished for a course called Job Interview at High School. I think hardly anyone helped her to go through job interviews. I feel that she was so potential of having a better job. “I wish instead of physics, there was a course called Job Interviews. Man! That could be super helpful!” I felt that at moments she really wanted to talk about some bad experiences, but decided not to. “It’s been a year I have graduated from High School. The first 3 months were a disaster! Just going to a zillion job interviews. I don’t ever wanna go back to those day.” I feel that she is in urgent need of help! “Some friends at school gave me some advice, which helped me a lot. Need to ask for more again.”
  3. 3. Problem/Need Insight Sarah needs to be guided for job interviews.  She kept saying she didn’t know what to do,  She has the chance of a better job,  She wished for a course named Job Interview,