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Opening presentation First Crisiscamp Ireland.

Opening presentation First Crisiscamp Ireland.



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Crisiscamp Ireland Opening presentation Crisiscamp Ireland Opening presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Using technology in crisis management and disaster relief #ccireland
  • Crisis Commons
    • Crisis Commons is a global network of volunteers who use creative problem solving and open technologies to help people and communities in times and places of crisis.
    • Crisis Commons members organize response events called CrisisCamps. #ccireland
  • How it started…
    • Crisis Commons was founded in June 2009 in Washington DC by a group of technologists and communications professionals who wanted to use their skills to help prepare for and react to crisis situations – both at home and around the world #ccireland
  • Evolution
    • 1995 Kobe earthquake – limited communications
    • 2001 9/11 – Listserv activity
    • 2004 – Indian Ocean Tsunami – Blogs, Sahana
    • 2004 - OpenStreetMap
    • 2005 – Hurricane Katrina –People Finder, Wiki
    • 2008 – Hurricane Gustav – Mapping, 500 ppl in 48 hrs
    • 2008 – Ushahidi
    • 2009 – CrisisCommons created #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • Haiti Earthquake
    • In January 2010 the Haiti earthquake provoked a massive volunteer movement and Crisiscamps were founded around the world #ccireland
    • January 23 rd , 2010 – 1 st CrisisCamp attended by approx 140 volunteers (one of the largest camps)
    • Feb 13 during - 2 nd Boston CrisisCamp approx 40 volunteers continued working on existing projects
    • Projects: Haiti Voice Needs, Open Tweet Feed, Tweak the Tweet, UN RSS Feed and Aggregator, Ushahidi Automation Tools #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland Worldwide CrisisCamps
  • What does Crisis Camp do?
    • Provides people, skills & time to improve existing (technological tools) used in crisis and development scenarios
    • This supports:
    • Organisations who are already in the field (international NGOs, local organisations)
    • Organisations who already operate in the space (mapping, telecomms etc) #ccireland
  • Who volunteers?
    • Technical - Software developers, web developers, web designers, user experience/user interface experts, geocoders, geo mappers, GIS experts, technologists, beta testers
    • New Media - Bloggers, videographers, podcasters, photographers, social media trainers, social media users, collaborators, crowdsourcers
    • Organizational - Organizers, open source community planners, project managers, emergency response planners, crisis communicators
    • Other - Researchers, lawyers, trainers, teachers, librarians, technical writers, event planners, translators, innovators, entrepreneurs, anyone with a laptop
    • What do they do?
    • Code, test tools, translate, map, communicate, collaborate, brainstorm, research, analyze, report, create content, and document process #ccireland
  • Crisiscamp London #ccireland
  • Building Partnerships #ccireland
    • Governmental
    • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Crisis Response Organizations
    • Volunteer Technical Communities
    • Private Sector
    • Academic
    Craig Fugate, Administrator FEMA CrisisCongress, July 2010
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
    • “ We saw the ability of digital natives and the
    • networked world, using lightweight and easily
    • iterated tools, to do something rapidly that a
    • big organization or government would find
    • difficult, if not impossible, to do. The
    • question is: Can we get that same magic to
    • happen when people aren’t dying?”
    • Richard Boly
    • Director of eDiplomacy,
    • US State Department #ccireland
  • Other Volunteer Technical Communities (VTCs)
      • Ushahidi, Swift River and Crowdmap
      • Sahana Foundation
      • OpenStreetMap
      • Frontline SMS
      • Crisismappers
      • Random Hacks of Kindness
      • Humanity Road
      • Geeks without Bounds
      • And many more #ccireland
  • Types of Tasks
    • Code and test tools.
    • Translate.
    • Map.
    • Communicate, collaborate, brainstorm.
    • Research, analyze, report.
    • Create content, and document process. #ccireland
  • Lesson #1
    • There is a vast army of useful, intelligent, and motivated people who can now be mobilized through internet technology... #ccireland
  • What Crisis Camp has helped with
    • Crisis responses: Quakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, China, US Oil Spill, and floods in Pakistan.
    • Crisis tools: Ushahidi, Open Street Map, Sahana, People Finder, Tweak the Tweet, translation and 50 other projects
    • Crisis information: UNOCHA, CDAC #ccireland
  • Worldwide CrisisCamps… #ccireland Iceland Paris Bogota Argentina Austin Brooklyn Calgary Boston Chicago Istanbul Boulder/Denver Los Angeles Northern California Miami New York City New Orleans Pittsburgh Portland Toronto Seattle Silicon Valley Washington DC Santa Barbara Rochester London *Virtual working Cambridge Peru
  • #ccireland Where does Fit in all this?
    • Charitable trust founded in response to Haiti Earthquake
    • Initial aim was to build “open” wifi networks for use by disaster response workers, NGO, medical personal etc.
    • First team deployed to Haiti in April 2010
    • Has since shipped networking & IT equipment to an est. value of $280.000 to Haiti.
    • Since expanded into providing internet access & IT equipment to hospitals, schools, clinics etc.
    • Also provides IT consultancy & support to other NGO’s working in Haiti.
    • Now expanding into other areas & services.
    • Operations run from Ireland by 3 trustees (with volunteers on the ground). #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • #ccireland
  • What we’ve learned
    • Technology is an invaluable tool in disaster preparedness & response.
    • Information/Data is king.
    • Information/Data is available but not accessible.
    • Civilian volunteers can make huge contributions & have positive impact. #ccireland
  • What CrisisCamp Ireland hopes to achieve
    • Get people interested: strength is in numbers!
    • Stimulate grey matter: come up with new ideas & approaches.
    • Establish a core of volunteers to work on projects and assist in disaster response situation. #ccireland
  • Comms & coordination
    • Skype
    • Twitter (#ccireland. #crisiscamp, #smem)
    • IRC: irc://freenode/crisiscommons & irc://freenode/crisiscamp
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Google Groups: #ccireland
  • Resources
    • #ccireland
  • #ccireland