How you can use social media to bring more website visitors


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"Today, I just want to cover
how you should be using social media as part of your online marketing strategy and how
you integrate that in to your website. "

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How you can use social media to bring more website visitors

  1. 1. Have More Questions? Evergreen Profit News Update How You Can Use Social Media To Bring More Website VisitorsHi this is Justin Meadows with another website news update. Today, I just want to coverhow you should be using social media as part of your online marketing strategy and howyou integrate that in to your website.Firstly, how should you be using social media as part of your overall online marketingstrategy. The best way to do this is to use socialmedia as a form of traffic to your website. You Use social media as part ofwant to engage with them through social media, your online marketingstart conversations with them, start getting themfamiliar with who you are and what you are strategyabout and what sort of information you have andwhat you have to offer for them. Then, take them from those social medial platforms backto your website.Don’t put your eggs in one basket – social media rules changeYou don’t want to be doing all of your business on the social media platform because therules are constantly changing with the social media platforms. Also, social media platformswill be coming and going. Facebook is pretty solid. It has been around for a long time anddoesn’t show any signs of disappearing any time soon, but it changes it rules as regularly asyou take the beans out. Sometimes, these rules can really have a big effect on how you’reusing the Facebook page to market to your customers.Reboot Your Business Website Page 1
  2. 2. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comIntegrate social media into your websiteNow, there are a few different ways that you can integrate social media with your websiteto amplify this effect and to sort of make use of that viral social exposure. What you shouldbe doing first off is having share and like buttons readily available on each page of yourwebsite, especially on pages that you think are the ones that people are going to want toshare with their friends and that you actually want people to be going to. The things like theproduct sales pages or content that you have put out of valuable information for yourcustomers.So, you want to have a like button, a Google Plusbutton is a good one, mainly for its effects in yourGoogle rankings. Not many people actually use Incorporate a FacebookGoogle Plus as a social media platform but it is Like, Google+ button,handy for Google rankings. Twitter is a good one Twitter and Pinterest intoand it is nice and easy. There are quite a fewpeople that use that. LinkedIn may be a good one, your pagesdepending on your market and Pinterest is anothergood one if you have a very visual element and lots of images in you content and on yourwebsite.Also include Follow buttonsSo, apart from having the like buttons and share buttons readily available, the other thingthat you may want to do is have follow buttons so that people can follow you on Facebookand they can click on the button that takes them away to Facebook and they can hit “Like”and start engaging with you on Facebook.Now, you need to be careful with this. You don’t want that to be the main highlightedfeature on your website because what you areessentially doing is that you are sending people away Don’t place to muchfrom your website when you do that. You arebleeding customers away from your site. You want emphasis on the Facebookto be doing the reverse. You want to be bringing Share buttonthem from Facebook to you, but you want to havethat option available. It is worth putting it there but perhaps not giving it so muchemphasis.Reboot Your Business Website Page 2
  3. 3. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comFacebook Like box is a great toolAnother great tool is the Facebook like box. This allows you to have a little widget in thebottom or in the sidebar of your website whichdisplays the faces of people who are following you A Facebook Like box showson Facebook. It also may show the latest item thatyou have published on to your Facebook page. This images of people whocan be really powerful, especially if you do have a follow yoularge fan base because it will show, by default, thefriends of the person who is viewing your website. It automatically links up with Facebook.If they are logged in to Facebook it will show them their friends who “Like” you already andthat could be a really powerful message to be sending to people. It is well worth havingthat, especially once you have established a decent fan base on Facebook.Allow people to place their commentsAnother great integration tool between Facebook and your website is Facebook comments,especially for a blog. This will allow people tocomment on your blog using Facebook comments Comments from people whowhich gives them the option to automatically postthat comment to Facebook as well. That Facebook follow you will drive otherscomment will appear in their fate and show all of to your sitetheir friends that they just commented on your blog.It then drives their friends to your blog and builds more social interaction. Again, it has thateffect of showing the faces of the other people that have commented and the other peoplethat have liked that page. It can also be a very powerful message.Another reason that I like to use Facebook comments is because you need to be logged in toFacebook, it is a lot less prone to spam comments, which is a problem which is faced byevery blog owner. When you allow comments on your blog, you are opening yourself up tospam comments and Facebook really reduces that.I hope that you got a lot out of this. If you have any other questions, please comment belowusing the Facebook comments underneath this blog post and I will talk to you soon. Cheers!Reboot Your Business Website Page 3
  4. 4. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comFree Consultation and Website AuditI hope you have gotten a lot of value out of our website news training. I would like to offeryou a free ½ hour consultation and website audit. To make sure you get the most out ofyour online marketing.We have worked with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries and can help put youon the right track. There is no obligation to buy anything, we simply want to help you outand make sure you are making the right choices.Give me a call on 1300 33 77 14 and I will help put you on the right track.So that you can build yourself as a leader in your market, get more sales from your websiteand rise above your competition in the search engines.CheersJustin MeadowsOnline Marketing StrategistEvergreen ProfitReboot Your Business Website Page 4