Getting better google rankings with on site seo


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Get to know methods to increase Google rank using on page seo

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Getting better google rankings with on site seo

  1. 1. Have More Questions? Evergreen Profit News UpdateGetting Better Google Rankings With On Site SEOHi, this is Justin Meadows with another website news update and today I want to talk to youabout SEO which is Search Engine Optimization and how you can get your website betterGoogle rankings.Myths about SEOFirst thing I want to dispel a few myths about search engine optimization. In the past, someof the tactics that have been used have been stuffing a bunch of keywords into thebackground of your website in what is called the Meta keywords data and other tactics thathave been used in the past have been to buy a bunch of links that point back to yourwebsite. You can get these for pretty cheap off the Indian SEO Services that spam yourinbox once a week, I am sure. These things simply don’t work.So do SEO links work or not?Now I want to just clarify that. Getting links to your website does help your Googlerankings. However, if you have a poorly constructedor thin website that doesn’t offer valuable Too many links just do notinformation or solutions to your customers and isn’tregularly updated then getting links isn’t enough work anymoreanymore. In the past, you could get a one-pagewebsite up to the top of Google by just throwing a few thousand links to it from somecrappy sites. That doesn’t work anymore. Google has changed the way that the searchengine works and you will now get filtered out of the search engine all together if youcontinue to use those spamming sort of tactics.Reboot Your Business Website Page 1
  2. 2. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comMethods that work nowWhat works now? This has always worked, but nowa lot of the cheaper shortcuts don’t work anymore. Your website must beNow what you need to be doing is publishing qualitycontent on your website that solves your customers’ about solutions toproblems or that provides solutions or great advice, customer needsvaluable information that customers will like toconsume and also share with their friends. Things like videos and images and PDFs, aregreat ways to publish shareable content. You also want to make sure that you arepublishing stuff that is relevant and interesting for your users or your customers.Provide solutions to customer needsNow for some businesses you need to be a bit inventive and perhaps you might not betalking necessarily about the products and services that you provide but perhaps otherReboot Your Business Website Page 2
  3. 3. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comsolutions and related problems or solutions that are associated with your business that youknow your customers have problems with. You don’t need to think too narrowly and yourwebsite doesn’t need to be about your business. Your website needs to be about yourcustomers and your customers’ problems and solving those problems or helping them outmaking their life easier or more enjoyable, depending on what business you are in.Update your content regularlyApart from quality information Google is also putting a lot of emphasis on freshly updatedregular content. Google likes authority blogs and they like websites that are kept alive andfresh, because they know that they have lots of information they are valuable to thecustomers. They are going to serve those websites up higher on the search engines than awebsite that is only updated one a year or only gets one blog post out of it per month. Ifyou can publish once a day or once a week or as much as possible you’re going to have abetter chance at getting higher Google rankings. You are also going to have a better chanceof being shared on social media by customers who value your work but also you are simplygoing to provide more solutions to your customers and get a stronger following.Let’s talk about keywordsNow another thing is keywords. As I had touched onbefore, in the past stuffing a bunch of keywords, back Use one keyword per pagein the very start of Google and the internet, did to tell what the page is allactually help you get found a little bit better but nowthat doesn’t work at all. Having the keyword in there aboutmore times doesn’t make it rank better. You onlyneed to have it in there a couple of times to make it clear that is what the page is about.Too much can get you penalizedIn fact, if you put it in too many times that page will be seen as spamming and will bepenalized. You need to be focusing one page on oneparticular problem. Make it clear in the structure ofyour website. You might need to talk to your SEO Publishing fresh contentconsultant about how you do that, or your webmaster. results in higher GoogleThings like your page title and your Meta description,your Meta data, these things they need to be written rankingsfor the benefit of the user not stuffed with a wholebunch of keywords. That simply does not work anymore.Reboot Your Business Website Page 3
  4. 4. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comKeep it simple and focusedYou don’t want to be trying to target too many different things with the one page. It is bestif you have one topic per page and you just dive into that one topic and make it clear to thesearch engines that that is what that page is about without trying to stuff in as manykeywords as possible. In Part 2 of this SEO video I am going to talk more about getting linksto your website, the types of links you should be getting and how you can go about gettingthose.I am Justin Meadows. This is EvergreenProfit. I will talk to you soon.Free Consultation and Website AuditI hope you have gotten a lot of value out of our website news training. I would like to offeryou a free ½ hour consultation and website audit. To make sure you get the most out ofyour online marketing.We have worked with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries and can help put youon the right track. There is no obligation to buy anything, we simply want to help you outand make sure you are making the right choices.Give me a call on 1300 33 77 14 and I will help put you on the right track.So that you can build yourself as a leader in your market, get more sales from your websiteand rise above your competition in the search engines.CheersJustin MeadowsOnline Marketing StrategistEvergreen ProfitReboot Your Business Website Page 4