The Emergence of the Smartphone


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Watch TV on Your Smartphone... Click Here for Great Media!

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The Emergence of the Smartphone

  1. 1. ==== ====Watch TV on Your Smartphone... Click Here for Great Media! ====Smartphones are the latest must-haves for many people. Stationary work environments are athing of the past as people are on the move and need to be able to take their work, family andfriends with them. A smartphone is a new wave in cell phone technology that includes personaldigital assistant capabilities too. They allow instant Internet access and have advanced featuresthat are like a laptop.Common Smartphone Features* Cell phone* E-mail access* Organizer* Touch-screen with high-resolution* Camera* Global positioning system* Calendar* Contact database* Ability to read PDF files* Music player* Image viewer* Video player* Internet accessComputer Access from Cell PhonesThe days of lugging around a large, weighted cell phone are gone. Todays cell phones are slim,sleek and functional. Smartphones take that a step further and incorporate data management andcomputer use with cell phone technology. The idea has been well received and people are using
  2. 2. smartphones for business and personal use.The iphone is Apples latest and highly popular version of the smartphone. Other brands includeBlackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, HTC Excalibur and Palm. These smartphones run onoperating system (OS) software that allows them to share information from a computer or otherinterfaces. Such operating systems make it possible for users to access their computer files,graphics, history, memory, stage and more from their cell phones.Common Operating Systems for Smartphones1. Linux is one of the oldest operating systems in use and it is completely free. This system wascreated by a hobbyist and wasnt taken seriously for many years, but it is still around andconsidered one of the best shareware programs.2. Mac OSX is Apples version of a graphic operating system. It is a high-functioning program thatturns a regular cell phone into a high-tech smartphone.3. Solaris is Microsystems platform supported by Dell, HP and IBM. It is a trusted name incomputers and smartphones. It works on a variety of interfaces to meet the growing demand formobile PC usage.4. Palm OS is based on the PDAs that hit the market in 1996. It is exceptional at keepinginformation organized and makes file management and storage a breeze. It is easy to use, hashigh graphic resolution, and uses a touch- screen model.5. Microsoft Windows is probably the most recognized of the OS software programs. It makesInternet use on-the-go a reality.Will Smartphones Replace Laptops or Home Computers?Smartphones are high-end technical gadgets that are convenient because they combine cellphone features with organization and Internet access. New versions with improved features andgreater capacity continue to emerge. Smartphones probably wont replace laptops or homecomputers, though. As intelligent and sophisticated as smartphones are, they are not practical forlong-term use. Smartphones are great supplemental tools for business, home office andentertainment purposes. But try spending eight hours in front of a tiny screen, reading, texting,copying or any other tasks you would normally do on your computer. It would not be a pleasantexperience.The Future of SmartphonesThe future of smartphones is promising. We can look forward to increased battery power, largermemory capacity, the ability to watch TV and movies on the phone and the ability to be connectedanytime, anywhere. Aside from better functionality, smartphones will be available in a variety ofversions to appeal to a wider audience. As the competition for smartphones increases, the pricesare dropping and they are becoming more accessible to everyone.
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