Publishing with Kindle


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Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle!

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Publishing with Kindle

  1. 1. ==== ====Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle! ====Lets boil it down to the bare minimum: learn how to publish on Kindle, or forget about being in thewriters business. In a few years, people will no longer buy printed books.Although this might be a worst case scenario, you have to be prepared for a future that hasalready started.* People will no longer buy hardcover books. Although this is the kind of copy, I would probablycontinue to purchase myself, according to Amazon, the amount of hardcover versions sold in 2010was surpassed by Kindle versions. In January 2011, the number of Kindle-version salesoutnumbered hardcover versions in a ratio of 3:1.* People will stop paying for paperbacks. Paperbacks are smaller than hardcover books, and theprinting quality is often lacking. However, they are cheap. Even so, Amazon has noticed that forevery 100 paperbacks sold, they sold 115 Kindle-versions already in the first month of 2011. Thistrend is going to continue. Get ready for the Kindle revolution.* People will stop buying PDF-books. They are difficult to read on-screen, and if you want to printthem out, its expensive both in paper and ink. Amazon has sold a crazy amount of Kindle devices.People will crave their right to purchase eBooks in this format to obtain an agreeable paperlessread.* People will no longer buy newspapers or magazines the traditional way. Whats the point inpurchasing something printed to throw away the same day, when you can read it on an electronicbook-reader? Whats the advantage of standing in the bus, holding a huge paper, trying to read it,when you could do it comfortably with a Kindle?* Authors will start self-publishing books on Kindle. Since its so easy to do, and since its free, itsa win-win situation. You should aim to be among the first. Amazon has already made ituncomplicated for you. Their product is established. All you need to do is to ride the wave.Heres a crash course on how to publish on Kindle:* Create a customer account with Amazon.* Log in, and go to the Kindle Direct Publishing area.* Fill out the forms with your name and address.* Start a new title. Write the name of your book, a description, etc.
  2. 2. * Upload a cover picture, and the content, preferably in HTML format.* Price your book.* Wait a couple of days, and your book is live and can be found on Amazon.Obviously, theres more to it, if you want to be really successful. You need to learn aboutmarketing, getting good reviews, and further.To get more details about how to publish on Kindle, go to my blog at, you will also find a link to a free version of the eBook "Amazon + Facebook DOUBLYWhammy!" that teaches you how to combine the two to make more sales (no opt-in).Article Source: ====Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle! ====