Build Your Writing Career in Three Easy Steps


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Build Your Writing Career in Three Easy Steps

  1. 1. Thinking about starting a writing career? There aremany different kinds of careers which involve writing, so your so your first stepis to decide what type of writing youd like to do. Tip: remember that some forms of writing, like writing short stories andpoetry dont lend themselves to full time careers. 1. Decide What Youd Like to Build Your Career Around So, decide on what kind of writing, preferably well paid, youd like to do. Perhaps youd like to write copy and become a copywriter, or perhaps you wantto write a novel. When youve decided on the kind of writing which soundsinteresting and fun, research it. Find out what writers in your chosen fieldactually do. You should also find out how long it takes them to become full timewriters. You can research in several ways. You can talk to other writers. You couldalso read books about your chosen field of writing. Ask other writers who arealready working in the field in which youre interested how long it took them tobuild a full-time income. 2. Create a Plan -- It Will Be a Tentative One When youre completely without experience you wont be sure how to create aplan to build your career. However any kind of plan will do, you just need to beable to see the first few steps that you could take. Lets see how this might work out. Jim has marketing experience, and has written copy in his job, so he wants tobecome a full time copywriter. Hes not sure how to go about this, so he creates aplan on an index card. His plan is to become a full time copywriter within sixmonths. So how would he go about that? Nothing happens until someone pays him to write copy, therefore his firststep is to get a client. He makes a list of ways in which he could get a client,and works through the list. Before the end of the week he has his first client. A miracle? No, Jim just created a simple plan, and followed it until itworked for him. 3. Start Writing and Offer Your Writing for Sale In our previous example, Jim has already done this -- hes offered hiswriting, and has made a sale. This is how it works. You must offer your writing forsale, and sooner or later someone will pay you for it. Many writers find making their first writing sale is difficult, however theonly thing standing in their way is their own lack of confidence. So take yourcourage in both hands and make your first sale in any way you can. So there you have three steps -- generally easy -- to build your writingcareer. Take the first step today.
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