==== ====Motivationhttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ===="A little sound of applause makes a magical difference then a th...
Love - Love is a motivation which has the greatest impact to achieve the desires for your lovedones.Success - one gets mot...
For e.g. analysis of choosing what u want to wear?I would like to present an example that will illustrate the utility of t...
Anshu GoyalAnsh.goyal@gmail.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anshu_Goyal==== ====Motivationhttp://www.th...
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What you need to know!


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What you need to know!

  1. 1. ==== ====Motivationhttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ===="A little sound of applause makes a magical difference then a thousand rupee note".Motivation is a kind positive push, to a person to proceed further to achieve his wants and desire.In early 80s and 90s the term Motivation was not considered on higher terms neither it was usedbroadly. But as the time changed, people felt and saw the magic of motivation. It became a termwhich started being highly used in professional as well as personal lives. Motivation is one ofthose terms which has vast explanation and small meaning. It can be widely explore, reviewedand collected.Motivation - in a broader senseMotivation has to be started from the gate of an organisation, from the day one of the new entranttill his/her last day of the service. Motivation can be done at any stage of your service andemployment. It does not have any connection to your designation. It is also viewed in two broadmanners: self motivation and praise motivation. Self motivation is a motivation in which anemployee get aspire from the surrounding and initiatives made or done in a nearby environment. Itis one of the best ways to aspire the employee. As if an employee look that his fellow colleague isgetting some extra attention or been rewarded in terms of Applause, appreciation letter or moneyetc by management and others, he automatically feels motivated to work in the same direction inwhich he could earn more credibility as others are gaining.Motivation can be done in endless number of ways, but one should always remember that itshould be done in right way and in right manner. Oftenly employees get motivated towards thewrong things,for e.g. as if one employee is taking a leave without information which usually happens andmanagement never bothers to take any action or does not acts on a such behavior, anotheremployee gets motivated to do the same.Mode of MotivationAs per stated above, motivation can be done by any mode. Like: -Dreams are motivation - dreams are kind of motivation which can be seen unlimited by any one.Praise is a motivation - simple words from your boss like VERY GOOD or GREAT WORK is a wayof high effective motivation.Shopping is a motivation - people are motivated to buy new thing while doing shopping.
  2. 2. Love - Love is a motivation which has the greatest impact to achieve the desires for your lovedones.Success - one gets motivated to achieve the success so he/she makes his /her success amotivation.JealousyNeedsMovies - entertainmentSportsRelationshipsEtc are many few of the ways of motivation.Motivation - an adoption and a SatisfactionToday, motivation is also a part of self appraisal, self esteem and behavioral posture.Motivation = behavioral postureMotivation = Self esteemMotivation = Self appraisalSo many times we see and ask that why a human or an animal is engaged in certain or specificset of action (Criminals, actors, business, service etc)?What is there motivation behind that action? Let me explain the answer.Every human being has there own specific brain set. They like to indulge in what they believe andwhat they want to believe in. It is generally and commonly viewed that Doctors son will be adoctor; Lawyers son will be a lawyer. These are the norms which generally others think for others.As for example a son/daughter of a doctor will get the environment of his/her home different from alawyers home. Parents want that there children should adopt the same profession in which theyare involved in. So, the motivation from the environment and surrounding motivates a child tobehave, adopt and act accordingly.Motivation is also major part of self esteem. Self esteem makes you more confident and straight inyour communication and thinking. People want to be motivated in order to increase their moral andwant to be confident as others are. To boast up they motivate themselves to be confident toincrease their self esteem. Same goes with self appraisal.Self appraisal is a concerned sister of self esteem and again motivation is one of the big ways toachieve the sense of self appraisal.
  3. 3. For e.g. analysis of choosing what u want to wear?I would like to present an example that will illustrate the utility of the type of motivational analysisillustrated in the article. Most of us enjoy dressing up even without any special occasion. What arefavorite dresses? Colors - black, blue, orange etc? Jeans or trousers? Shirts or T-shirts? Long orminimal skirt? etc. When we dress up according to our own desire, we develop a sense of lookingbeautiful or handsome, which makes us more confident or increases are self esteem which landsus on the seventh level of sky. The feeling of getting noticed by the known and unknowns, gettingcompliments, being comfortable makes one flawing in the sky. The feeling of getting noticed byothers motivates us to do the same again and again as it starts giving us immense pleasure andsatisfaction which in turns boasts our confidence and increases our self esteem. Also a motivated,different and positive behavior can be seen in a satisfied personMotivation - a sense of achievement.So how can one create a better environment for himself and his employees? What can he dodifferently to motivate his employees? One very good answer is APPLAUSE. As stated above,applause is one of the best ways to motivate any human being especially if it is done in front ofothers/fellow colleagues/known ones. As if an employee performs well and his employer just visithis work desk with other high authority, surprisingly and applaud in there, front of others, teammembers, imagine......, the kind of satisfaction and credibility an employee earns. Such motivationis a push to an employee to achieve/gain his goals and targets towards his organization which isone of the best ways amongst other means of motivation. It is a human nature and it has beenproven that human being does not earn for himself, he earns to show others. It is a nature ofhuman being, that he is always hungry of praise; they are never satisfied to what they get, theyalways want more and more. So, by the feeling of being recognized amongst others eyes is a bestway to attain credibility and for that Applause sprinkles the magic.ConclusionBefore signing off once again I will say that motivation cannot be done only through rewarding anemployee by not only giving money but a small sound of applause is more powerful.To support my article I would like to include few quotations: -oWatch a sunrise.oPeople often say that motivation doesnt last. Well, neither does bathing - that is why werecommend it daily.oDesire creates the power.oThe ones who want to achieve and win championships motivate themselves.oInspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.With love and affection,
  4. 4. Anshu GoyalAnsh.goyal@gmail.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anshu_Goyal==== ====Motivationhttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ====