Poudre Valley Hospital’s Best Practices for Emergency Notification


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Poudre Valley Hospital’s Best Practices for Emergency Notification

  1. 1. Poudre Valley Hospital’s Best Practices forEmergency NotificationTim KlippertEmergency Preparedness Coordinator, Poudre Valley HealthcareSystemKeith TyndallProduct Marketing, Everbridge
  2. 2. About Everbridge• Everbridge empowers better decisions with interactive communications throughout the incident lifecycle to protect your most important assets• The world’s recognized leader in incident notification and management solutions• Everbridge helps more than 30 million people communicate in a crisis and connect on a daily basis.• The company’s notification platform is backed by an elastic infrastructure model that delivers near infinite scale, advanced mobile connectivity, and real-time reporting and analytics. l ti• More than 1,000 organizations in over 100 countries rely on Everbridge for their emergency needs 2
  3. 3. Agenda g Are you on Twitter? Follow us at @everbridge and t t@ b id d tweet t insights with your friends during the webinar using the hashtag #everbridgePart 1 PresentationP t 1: P t ti• Best practices for how to drive user adoption• Innovative new uses for notification within your organization and across departments• How to adapt your notification solution to department- y specific usesPart 2P t 2: Q&A 3
  4. 4. Note:Q&A Presentation slides are available on our Slideshare account at: http://www.slideshare.net/everbridge Use the Q&A function to submit your b it questions. 4
  5. 5. Poudre Valley Health System & Everbridge Tim Klippert, MBA/HCM, MEP Emergency Preparedness Coordinator tbk@pvhs.org
  6. 6. Some Background on PVHS and Everbridge• Initially purchased in 2007• Everbridge replaced an outdated system called g p y “Dialogic” that was used by our County as well as PVH• We were able to use HPP (ASPR) funds to offset some of the cost f th t• Everbridge is also used in our County (Larimer) for notifications
  7. 7. Everbridge Implementation• After the purchase, we started building groups of various Physician specialties and Clinical positions• We also built groups of non-clinical employees such as Senior Management and Marketing• We also started growing as an organization in 2007/2008 /• Today-5400 employees/2 Hospitals/159 Off site locations• How are we going to load the system with all of our employees contact info?
  8. 8. API or Application Programming Interface• This is when we learned about an API• An API is a way that all of our systems that hold employee data can talk to and download into Everbridge; we use Oracle, Meditech, Telecom, VIC (intranet), Cactus• Our API downloads new employee data and removes old employee data on a nightly basis• We used HPP funds to write the API
  9. 9. How the API Works
  10. 10. What we learned from the API• Everbridge is only as good as the data that goes into it for Notifications• D Department l level employee d l l data i more current than is h some data that resides in HR• We should have done a system wide contact update before going live with the API
  11. 11. Learning continued…• Contact changes should happen at the Department Level and with HR• Addresses were always up to date due to receiving a W-2• Education campaign about Everbridge prior to going live• Develop a way for employees to update their own contact information
  12. 12. Screen Shot ofour secure self- lfupdate page
  13. 13. How are we using Everbridge Today?• Emergencies• Exercises/Drills• Routine Testing• Joint Commission Survey• Daily Staffing for Inpatient Units at MCR• Daily Staffing for Emergency Department at PVH
  14. 14. Emergencies/Exercises/Drills• Severe Weather • Initial Notification – We notify all of our • Staff Call down offsite locations with – Employees weather information – Physicians ys c a s from the NWS f h • Conference Calling• For a community disaster – Command Center to of any kind Command C t C d Center
  15. 15. Routine Testing• All Physicians 2 times per year• Other groups as needed (34 Groups)• Depends on the response rate – If response rate is above 50% I consider the test effective – If below, do it again, (and maybe again)
  16. 16. Joint Commission• Specific Group Built (Code R-Regulatory) – Senior Leadership – Directors – Managers• When we learn that we are receiving a visit, the message goes out with further instructions to check email.
  17. 17. Pilot Program for Staffing Use• Our Organization is heavy into implementing Patient Care Lean methodology which L th d l hi h Unit Patient Care Employee Unit is all about doing tasks 15-20 calls more efficiently y• Making multiple phone calls to cover shifts is time consuming and ti i d Staffing Office inefficient 30-60 minute process
  18. 18. Comment from Staffing OfficePrior to Everbridge I would have to go down a list of employees(usually 15-20), wait for them to answer or leave a message.(Usually with several interruptions as my ASCOM is constantlyringing throughout the day). THEN my ASCOM wouldsometimes ring while I was leaving a message for staffmembers-I would h b I ld have people returning my call while I was l t i ll hilcalling others, and I couldnt answer their calls in time and wouldsometimes have to call them back AGAIN....you g the y getpicture. It was messy. :)
  19. 19. Daily Staffing for MCR Inpatient Units• Cardiac CNA • Mother and Family L and D Tech CM• Cardiac CNA Relief • Mother and Family RN Relief• Cardiac RN • Mother/Family Labor and Delivery Tech• Cardiac RN Census Managed • Mother/Family RN• Cardiac RN Relief • Mother/Family RN Census Managed• Cardiac Ward Clerk • Ortho Spine CNA• CICU RN • Ortho Spine PCC• CICU RN Census Managed • Ortho Spine RN II• CICU UA II • Ortho Spine UA II• CVI RN • Ortho Spine UA II Relief• CVI RN Census Managed • Post Trauma PCC• CVI UA II Census Managed • Post Trauma RN II• MCR Float Pool / RN • Post Trauma RN II Census Managed• MCR Float Pool CNA • Post Trauma RN II Charge/Preceptor• MCR Float Pool CNA Census Managed • Post Trauma UA II• MCR Float Pool RN Census Managed g • Post Trauma UA II Census Managed g• Medical CNA Census Managed • SICU PCC• Medical CNA Relief • SICU RN II• Medical RN Census Managed • SICU UA II• Medical RN II• Medical RN II Relief• Medical M di l UA II• Medical UA II Census Managed• Medical UA II Relief• Medical UA II Ward Clerk
  20. 20. Comments from Staffing OfficeAs the Staffing Coordinator here at MCR, Everbridge has beensuch a time saver for me. Having the ability to contact severalstaff members at once has helped me to fill open shifts veryquickly. What used to take me 30-60 minutes now takes lessthan 5. This, in turn, frees up time for me to dedicate to otherpertinent job duties, which helps me to be much more effective inmy role. Thank you! ~Tammy
  21. 21. PVH Emergency Department• Everbridge is used almost daily• All Charge RN’s are trained and have access to their g department groups for messages• Saves time calling so more time can be spent on patient care• Same 30-60 minute process to cover a shift as with the MCR Staffing Office
  22. 22. Added Physicians to the API in 2011• 965 Physicians• All loaded into one Group• Created the ability to Filter by Specialty and Credentialed Location• 67 S Specialties and S Secondary S Specialties• 7 Locations• Example-Call all Trauma Surgeons Credentialed at PVH
  23. 23. Why are Filters and Attributes Helpful?• Can call out by Specialty and Location• Can be more specific in the request• The API feeds from Cactus which is the Medical Staff Credentialing software g• I don’t have to worry about updating the data
  24. 24. Future ideas• Pull position and department information across in the API for all employees• Pull location information across in the API• Possibly tie into Kronos (scheduling software) so calls are made to off shift personnel only• Members are called on and off shift – (Only negative feedback so far)
  25. 25. Everbridge Aware Mass Notification System It is important for you to know how PVHS will communicate with you at the yCommunication is always an issue during a disaster. To beginning of a disaster situation andimprove in this area, PVHS Emergency Preparedness possibly during one. Please make sure that your personal contact informationhas started utilizing a mass notification system called is up to date in your department andEverbridge Aware. Everbridge Aware enables one with HR. Routine testing will start HRperson to initiate a call down of key staff members that taking place among select PVHS staffare needed in an emergency. By utilizing this system, we members. It is important for you toare able to communicate in less time to a greater amount respond to the real and test messagesof people using fewer resources. An example of a so we know that we can reach you.message you might hear is to the lower right. “This is an important message from Poudre Valley Health System Please listen to the message in its How Everbridge entirety, please do not hang up. This Works message is a test of the PVHS emergency notification system. If this would have been a real emergency, you would have been given further instructions or information. Thank you for your participation”.
  26. 26. Closing• Everbridge works very well for us the way we have it set up, especially with the API• I would recommend an API f the larger organizations ld d for th l i ti• Check your processes for how contact info is updated for y your entire organization g – Department data and HR level data can differ• The more you use Everbridge, the better you get at sending messages and the better they are received
  27. 27. Keith TyndallK ith T d llProduct Marketing, Everbridge
  28. 28. Trusted by Healthcare OrganizationsEmployee Protection & Life Safety Community Health Support• Safety Alerts • Community Information Line• Public Health emergencies • Community Health Education• Facilities Evacuations • Public Health Alerts• Shift Filling/Cancelations • Vaccination CoordinationIncident Response & Management• Code Alerts• STEMI Alerts• Response T R Team A ti ti Activation• Regional CollaborationCompliance• Drills and Mock Surveys• Regulatory Agency Visits• Message Confirmations & Interactive Surveys• Reporting and Analytics 29
  29. 29. Improve Staff Productivity by50% During Incidents g“ We’re prepared for patient surges and wildfires, but we hadn’t planned on a localized incident like a highway blockage that would Incident • A solution that didn’t require significant hospital IT and staff time to implement • Interested in flexible solution for both emergency prevent 40% of our staff from and non-emergency use g y reporting to work in non- Solution emergency circumstances. Using • Exceptional ease-of-use for non-technical staff Everbridge Aware, I contacted • Rolled out first-time use of notifications to hundreds of patient care regulatory compliance office to improve response employees in the time it used to take to make one call and fully “ “ rate to CMS and Joint Commission surveys staffed the shift within the hour. hour The Everbridge Advantage Steve Storbakken • One 20 minute session fully trained hospital Director of Safety, Providence response team San Fernando Valley • New use for nurse staffing increased productivity by 50% from filling shift gaps to core tasks 30
  30. 30. Advanced Connectivity for a Mobile World • Communicate from anywhere, under any circumstances or conditions • Low-bandwidth optimized to ensure reliability in adverse conditions • Native application designed for specific mobile platforms
  31. 31. Note:Q&A Presentation slides are available on our Slideshare account at: http://www.slideshare.net/everbridge Use the Q&A function to submit your b it questions. 32
  32. 32. Everbridge Resources On-Demand Webinars:Contact Information www.everbridge.com/webinars White papers, case studies and more www.everbridge.com/resources Follow us:Tim Klippert www.everbridge.com/blog @everbridgetbk@pvhs.org facebook.com/everbridgeincKeith TyndallKeith.tyndall@everbridge.com Reminder Everbridge Insights webinars qualify for Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) for DRII certifications. Visit www.drii.org to register your credit.Thank you for joining us today! Item Number (Schedule II): 26.3 Activity Group: A 1 Point for each webinar