Everbridge Webinar: Learn Marathon Petroleum’s Top Data Management Best Practices for Incident Communication
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Everbridge Webinar: Learn Marathon Petroleum’s Top Data Management Best Practices for Incident Communication






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Everbridge Webinar: Learn Marathon Petroleum’s Top Data Management Best Practices for Incident Communication Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Learn Marathon Petroleum’s Top DataManagement Best Practices for IncidentCommunicationPat McCaffreyER Coordinator, Marathon PetroleumKeith TyndallProduct Marketing, Everbridge
  • 2. About Everbridge• Everbridge empowers better decisions with interactive communications throughout the incident lifecycle to protect your most important assets• The world’s recognized leader in incident notification and management solutions• Everbridge helps more than 30 million people communicate in a crisis and connect on a daily basis.• The company’s notification platform is backed by an elastic infrastructure model that delivers near infinite scale, advanced mobile connectivity, and real-time reporting and analytics.• More than 1,000 organizations in over 100 countries rely on Everbridge for their emergency needs 2
  • 3. Agenda Are you on Twitter? Follow us at @everbridge and tweet insights with your friends during the webinar using the hashtag #everbridgePart 1: Presentation• Learn Marathon Petroleum’s notification process best practices• Identify new opportunities to utilize your notification system• Optimize the ROI on your notification system deploymentPart 2: Q&A 3
  • 4. Emergency Notification Pat McCaffrey Emergency Coordinator
  • 5. Overview Notification history Justifying the need Heirarchy Future application5
  • 6. Notification History In The Beginning there was the phone tree – Banging rocks together, smoke signals and pony express just as effective – Slow and labor intensive – Did not meet the intent of regulatory requirements Then there were pagers – Initial pagers were numeric, but 911 was well understood – AlphaMate paging was awkward – Nationwide and Local service do not have full coverage6
  • 7. Notification History, cont Multi-device paging is good – With better technology character limits aren’t an issue – Multi-pathways give assurances during regional outages Reports drive accountability – Effectiveness of Paging system – No more, “I didn’t get my page”7
  • 8. Meeting Marathon’s needs Top level responders are based and travel nationwide Minutes count when battling refinery fires Hurricanes and Pandemics drove new BC needs Paging must be done as simply as possible8
  • 9. Everbridge meets the need Everbridge – Simpler interface with QuickLaunch – 4 intuitive steps – Unique page to unique group easily accomplished – Great acceptance by group leaders – Client base is growing9
  • 10. Current usage Most Critical – Calling out internal fire departments; minutes count; best practice – Initial page – Follow-up page or two – All clear Degree of damage is directly related to ROI10
  • 11. Current usage, cont ROI for Marathon – Previous non response rate of 30 – 50% Those who did not receive the page – With Everbridge, the non response rate is now 10 – 30% Those who did not receive the notifications have legitimate reasons, such as vacation, sickness, etc. Notification of Incident Teams – Management, community monitoring, medical, security, operations……11
  • 12. Current usage, cont Maintaining notification during regional power outages – Texting almost always works – Cell towers start dieing ~ 36hrs – Out of area backups can send pages Internal humanitarian feedback – Supplement to Web based Pier system – Head counts – Basic necessity determination12
  • 13. Hierarchy, Marathon’s Approach CERT owns the system (master Org) – Business Unit (BU) determines their needs – Corporate does the setup and site training – BU maintains contact information – BU administrator is site owner (sub-Org) – Corporate does higher level support Our Philosophy: This is an emergency notification system13
  • 14. Wide Usage of System Marathon CERT Refinery 1 Refinery 2 Refinery 3 Marine Transportation Retail Pipelines IT Refinery 4 Headquarter potential add Office Complex 9 BC Groups14
  • 15. Future Usage Reverse 911 – Community notification Hazard weather alerts – Incoming conditions – lightning, high winds – Office status open or closed – flooding, severe snow – Maintenance condition – ice and snow Hazardous condition alerts – Security conditions – HazMat situation15
  • 16. Managing Data Response teams are best managed manually. Org leaders know who comes in and out. Lead administrator reports on accountability HQ office complex is working on an automated dump from SAP Adopted the use of Super group leaders for BC groups16
  • 17. The Office is Closed Today17
  • 18. Keith TyndallProduct Marketing, Everbridge
  • 19. Aligning Your Data with EverbridgeEverbridge’s Organizational Hierarchy Align member data to match current businessstructure Manage members based on your team’scommunication needs Improve message effectiveness with tailoredmessages to specific groups
  • 20. Data Management with Everbridge
  • 21. Advanced Connectivity for a Mobile World • Communicate from anywhere, under any circumstances or conditions • Low-bandwidth optimized to ensure reliability in adverse conditions • Native application designed for specific mobile platforms
  • 22. Everbridge Resources On-Demand Webinars:Contact Information www.everbridge.com/webinars White papers, case studies and more www.everbridge.com/resources Follow us:Pat McCaffrey www.everbridge.com/blog @everbridgepsmccaffrey@marathonpetroleum.com facebook.com/everbridgeincKeith TyndallKeith.tyndall@everbridge.com Reminder Everbridge Insights webinars qualify for Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) for DRII certifications. Visit www.drii.org to register your credit.Thank you for joining us today! Item Number (Schedule II): 26.3 Activity Group: A 1 Point for each webinar