Everbridge: Notification in a Heartbeat


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Everbridge: Notification in a Heartbeat

  1. 1. Notification in a Heartbeat With Promise Regional Medical Center - Hutchinson Victoria O’Neal Beth Worden Telecommunication Manager Administrative Director, Cardiovascular Services
  2. 2. About Everbridge • Leader in incident notification systems • Everbridge has the exclusive endorsement of The American Hospital Association for its Emergency Notification System. • Fast-growing Fast growing global company with more than 1,000 clients in more than 100 countries • Serve the Global 2000 healthcare 2000, systems, state and local government, federal government, military, financial services firms, and universities • 100% focused on incident notification solutions that merge technology and expertise 2
  3. 3. Agenda Part 1: Presentation • Why replace your STEMI alert system? • A “swiss-army knife” notification system • Satisfying compliance requirements • Saving money with a notification system Part 2: Q&A 3
  4. 4. Note: slides are currently Q&A available to everyone on blog.everbridge.com Use the Q&A function to submit your questions. questions 4
  5. 5. Notification in a Heartbeat With Promise Regional Medical Center – Hutchinson Victoria O’Neal Vi t i O’N l Beth Worden B th W d Telecommunications Manager Administrative Director Cardiovascular Services
  6. 6. • Leading Midwestern site for cardiovascular treatment and interventions • Center uses advanced technology often not gy found in larger metropolitan hospitals 7
  7. 7. We’re prepared for live-saving moments p p g 8
  8. 8. What is a STEMI? A STEMI is an acute heart attack that deprives the heart of blood and oxygen, leading to irre ersible o gen irreversible heart damage or death if not treated within hours of the onset of symptoms. 9
  9. 9. The Heart & Vascular Center Heart Team • Available 24x7, 365 days: Always ready! • Standard: Team to arrive within 30 minutes of activation 10
  10. 10. CMS quality measures q y • PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) p performed within 90 minutes of arrival • Known as “Door-2-Balloon” 11
  11. 11. Communication is ready too From a communication and notification aspect, the Telecommunications department is ready too thanks too, to Everbridge Aware 12
  12. 12. Audience poll p Do you have a STEMI alert protocol? О Yes О No Does your f ilit meet CMS standards f d D facility t t d d for door-to-balloon ti ? t b ll time? О Yes, we are in the 60-90 minute range О Yes, we are in the 30-60 minute range О N we d 't currently meet CMS standards No, don't tl t t d d
  13. 13. STEMI Alerts before Everbridge Aware g • An operator in the hospital’s communications center manually contacted the team and tracked: • Time required to reach the cardiologist • Cardiologist response time • Team activation • Team response time • Pager is one way - operators had to wait for the one-way team to call back to confirm • If no confirmation was received within five minutes, operator had to call team members one-by-one, with the STEMI alert clock ticking and other duties in the wings 15
  14. 14. STEMI Alerts using Everbridge Aware g g • Beginning the implementation process • C fi i contact preferences from on-call staff Confirming t t f f ll t ff • Determining the most effective way to utilize “burned capcode” paging group • Our solution: creation of STEMI scenario • Voice and text are pre-recorded pre recorded • Operators literally click 2 buttons to initiate notification • The scenario allows us to send email notification to Beth, one page t the capcode group, and “ h to th d d “chases” th on-call ” the ll team until they confirm receipt.
  15. 15. Message mapping g pp g A STEMI alert is like a mini crisis… 17
  16. 16. Enterprise-wide utilization of Everbridge Aware functionality • External disaster notification: severe weather, mass casualty • Internal disaster notification: infant abduction, facility lockdown • Messages to staff from organizational leadership • Courtesy meeting reminders to physicians 18
  17. 17. The ROI of Everbridge Aware g • Nursing department staffing use • Joint Commission compliance • Surveyor awareness 19
  18. 18. Making the business case for emergency notification • Get creative. Think about all the ways you can apply the Everbridge system to operations, from emergency preparedness all the way down the line to patient safety and internal communications. • Share the knowledge. Explain the benefits of the Everbridge system to employees and anyone else you will be contacting. y y g • Keep it current. Update your emergency preparedness manual to include Everbridge in every disaster protocol protocol. • Use the tools. Use filters and attributes to help y target communications. p you g 20
  19. 19. Audience results
  20. 20. Audience results
  21. 21. Reporting
  22. 22. Promise Regional equation
  23. 23. Healthcare Incident Notification Marc Ladin VP of Marketing, Everbridge 25
  24. 24. Incident notification solutions address common healthcare communication challenges • Communicate quickly, easily, and • Free key personnel to perform efficiently with large numbers of critical tasks by automating people in minutes, not hours, making manual, time-intensive, sure that information about STEMI error-prone processes alerts, joint commission site visits, disaster preparation is communicated • Satisfy regulatory requirements quickly with extensive and complete reporting of delivery attempts and • Use all contact paths especially two-way acknowledgements f t k l d t from when constituents are dispersed in recipients multiple locations yet need information fast • Ensure two-way communications to know who may need immediate assistance i t 26
  25. 25. The Everbridge difference technology + expertise = empowerment t h l ti t technology + expertise = confidence technology + expertise = solution technology + expertise = your success gy p y Everbridge, the world’s recognized leader in incident notification systems, merges technology with i d t expertise t h l t t h l ith industry ti to help millions of people communicate in a crisis, manage operational incidents, and connect on a daily basis. , y 27
  26. 26. Key evaluation criteria for an incident notification system • Experience & Expertise • Ease of use • Ability to reach all contact paths, including voice email native SMS voice, email, (over SMPP and SMTP), IM, and more • Ease of integration 28
  27. 27. Note: Q&A slides are currently available to everyone on blog.everbridge.com Use the Q&A function to submit your questions. questions 29
  28. 28. Missed anything? Never fear, the recording and slides from today s today’s webinar are just a click away. blog.everbridge.com Reminder Everbridge Insights webinars qualify for Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAPs) for DRI certifications. Visit www.drii.org to register your credit. i di Item Number (Schedule II): 26.1 Activity Group: A 1 Point for each webinar 30
  29. 29. Communication Contact information resources Everbridge Aware for Hospitals everbridge.com/healthcare Victoria O’Neal White papers, case studies papers studies, onealv@promiseregional.com literature 1-620-513-3727 everbridge.com/resources Beth Worden wordenb@promiseregional.com 1-620-665-2061 1 620 665 2061 blog.everbridge.com Marc Ladin twitter.com/everbridge facebook.com/everbridgeinc f b k / b id i marc.ladin@everbridge.com 1-818-230-9700 31