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MLearning Revolutionizes Education - Even Yawen Wu
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MLearning Revolutionizes Education - Even Yawen Wu


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Created by Even Yawen Wu for Film260

Created by Even Yawen Wu for Film260

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. EducationRevolutionizePhoto:Blake PattersonA flipbook created byYawen Wu
  • 2. –education that you canhold in your handmLearning:Photo: Ross Pollack
  • 3. M-Learning Technologies Include:MP3playersPhoto:blakespotHandheldGame console
  • 4. TheLinguaphone’sLanguagelessonsonwaxcylindersin1901Photo:Barrie Sutcliffemobile learning:
  • 5. "the US market for Mobile Learning products and services is growing at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 21.7% … the demand is relatively immune from the recession.” ~ Ambient Insight (2008)Photo:NASA Goddard
  • 6. Smart phonesare transforming how we accessshared knowledgeby keeping us constantly connected tonear-infiniteinformation.Photo: Fabiana Zonca
  • 7. M-learning focuses on theof the learner.Photo:Simona Kmobilityanywhereaccessible from virtually
  • 8. unprecedented instantaccess to expertise frominformal cooking lessonson YouTubeto onlineuniversity coursesPhoto:JD Hancock
  • 9. “Education is in the process of Technology has given us opportunities thepeople who taught me didnt have. ” ~ Jonathan Reeschanging
  • 10. Education needs new modelsto avoid losing touch with the needs of:Toddlers who are as comfortablewith touchscreens as with booksStudents who questionthe value of physical campusesAdults who hope to earn newskills in spare time to secure a jobPhoto:Massimo Regonati
  • 11. key themes that drivemLearningtenPhoto:byronv2
  • 12. CONTINUOUSLEARNING1Photo: Maurizio Costanzo
  • 13. EDUCATIONALLEAPFROGGING2Kids can skip past outdatedformal school systemsWith low-pricedcell phones in the hands,Photo:AFS-USA
  • 14. NEW CROP OFOLDER, LIFELONGLEARNERSPhoto:Neil MoraleeAvailabilityreduces the complexity.People in their 60sare being pulled intomLearning more than ever,motivated by the need tostay in touch with grandkids.
  • 15. BREAKING GENDER BOUNDARIES,REDUCING PHYSICAL BURDENS4mLearning promises toPut women ofAll agesin contact withhigh-qualityEducationprivatelyAnd on theirown time.Photo:Ding Yuin Shan
  • 16. photo:TheeErinLearningsoftwareprogramminglanguagesMLearningUshers In a boomOf interest ingainingsoftwareexpertiseintroducesopportunitiesforeconomicgrowthA NEW LITERACYEMERGES:SOFTWARE LITERACY
  • 17. 6existing educationalmaterials could be madeaccessiblevia mobile channels. mLearning canoffer solutionsfornichePhoto:Jack Fussellaudiences
  • 18. TEACHERSAND PUPILSTRADE ROLES7kids who are raisedwith programming createeducational materialsfor peers,or share knowledgein return toadultsPhoto:Jenny downing
  • 19. SYNERGIES WITHANDINITIATIVESMOBILE BANKINGMOBILE HEALTH8better education can improvevirtuous cycleimprovespersonalandnationaleconomiesfinancial conditionand positively influence healthPhoto:Håkan Dahlström
  • 20. 9: NEW OPPORTUNITIES FORTRADITIONAL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONSmLearning will notcompete withSchools butcomplementandextendtheir offeringsPhoto:aluedtmLearning findsnewpromising studentsor researchhow people learn
  • 21. students of anyageorbackgroundcan pursue knowledge that isrelevantandRealistic10: A REVOLUTION LEADING TOCUSTOMIZED EDUCATIONPhoto: Coal Miki
  • 22. Theof mobile learning- brings new technology into the classroom.- devices are more lightweight than books and PCs.- can diversify the types of learning activities- supports the learning process rather than being integral to it.- can be useful add-on tools for students with special needs.- can be a ‘hook’ to re-engage disaffected youth.- devices are cheaper than PCs and laptops.- provides multimedia content delivery and creation optionsPhoto: Drew Stewart
  • 23. If people spend too much time with one technology,and less time interacting with people,that could hinder the developmentof communications skillsbrain is highly sensitive to stimuli, like smartphone screens.Photo:Alexander Rentsch
  • 24. which often have imperfections,will come to know a world where shiny screens give thema false sense of intimacy without riskPhoto:Khan Mohammad IrtezaPeople who do not learnrealinteractions,
  • 25. Sources:Adkins, S.S. “The US Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2008-2013 Forecast and Analysis”. Ambient Insight. 2008.C.Savill.“Mobile learning in practice:Piloting a mobile learning teachers’ toolkit in further education colleges”Curt Hopkins.“Future U: fear and loathing in academia” 2012.Fabio Sergio “10 Ways That Mobile Learning Will Revolutionize Education WRITTEN”.2012.“Mobile Learning Community” Mobile Learning History. 2010.Nick Bilton“The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind”. 2013.Photo: Yawen Wu@Toronto
  • 26. All images are licensed under theCreative Commons Non-Commercial share-Alike Agreementand sourced from Flickr.Photo by Yawen Wu @ Yunnan, ChinaContact: