Integrating GIS to financial data


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An estimated 80% of all data in many form based applications can be mapped. Most of finance systems are disconnected from the GIS resulting in an incomplete view of the data.
In this presentation, Pacific AllianceTechnologies will present the benefits of integrating financial data to the Map using iVAULT (web-mapping solution)

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Integrating GIS to financial data

  1. 1. Mapping Vadim Data in iVAULT Developed by Pacific Alliance Technologies A member of StarDyne Technologies
  2. 2. Pacific Alliance Technologies  A market leader in GIS, web mapping and spatial data management  Develops and implements iVAULT web GIS application  We specialize in the customization and implementation of customer-driven software solutions  Fully support and integrate to Finance and Asset Mgt Systems  StarDyne ranks in the Top 25 Software Companies in Canada: Canada’s Highest-Performing Tech Companies “It’s not only about experts delivering innovative solutions but a company that is driven by the passion to satisfy and pleasantly surprise our customers!! We focus on the customers’ needs, working as a partner to provide the better service in the industry” – Chris Webber, Founder – Pacific Alliance TechnologiesPage 2
  3. 3. What is G.I.S.? GIS = Geographic Information Systems a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data merging of cartography, statistical analysis, and database technology Consisting of layers ofinformation, such Transportatio as: n  Fixed Assets  Tourism  Property Parcels  Terrain  Planning  Telecom.  Parks  Utilities
  4. 4. Everyday Uses of G.I.S. include:  DirectionsGPS  Weather Patterns  Population DensityElection Results  Emergency Management  Epidemics, Pandemics  Impact of Recession  UrbanPlanning  Social Media  Municipal Data
  5. 5. Benefits of Mapping Finance Data GIS allows your organization to  Enhance your understanding of risk, customer interaction, and economic conditions using spatial models based on geography and geodemographics.  Improve profitability and operational performance by sharing knowledge-based decision making across departments.  Grow line-of-business collaboration across departments with economic forecasts, neighborhood studies, and territory analysis.  Reduce business complexity through a more accurate analysis of real-world market conditions.  Increase your market understanding based on a single, common view of business performance using geocoded data within business processes
  6. 6. Benefits of Mapping Finance Data Let non-Vadim users to view Vadim data and non-GIS users view GIS data without incurring desktop licensing Helps cities mitigate liability by showing change over time When bringing together tax rolls (or utilities information) with mapping data many Cities have found properties that arent taxed - immediate ROI
  7. 7. Vadim Applications include..Preventative CemeteryMaintenance/Fixed Assets Application Property Database Utility Billing Municipal TicketsPermittin g Property Taxation Business License
  8. 8. Unlock the Location in your Data! GeoCoding = The process of assigning a latitude, longitude, elevation (X,Y,Z) to a non spatial database record Finance systems are full of data which can be mapped by:  Address  Property Parcel  Postal CodesZip Codes  Area Codes  Census Boundaries  Municipal Boundaries An estimated 80% of all data in many form based applications can be mapped; Most finance systems are disconnected from the GIS
  9. 9. iVAULT ArchitectureEasy integration, Open Approach and Cross-Platform Support Application Vadim Level Integrated Suite of Spatial and Nonspatial Functionality Tempest Integration Publishing Engine iVAULT Admin iVAULT Web Diamond Cartegraph WorkTech Data Level Spatial iVAULT CityView Integration Data Admin DB Client Database(s) Publishing Engine = ESRI ArcGIS Server Desktop Spatial Editing (AutoCAD, Or Autodesk MapGuide Map3D, ArcGIS Desktop, MicroStation, Or Google Maps Manifold, MapInfo)
  10. 10. iVAULT Web Portal Web based Silverlight Interface Menu for map •ArcGIS Server navigation •MapGuide and data •Google interactionMultipleBase Maps Configurable Quick Maps turn onoff common layers Multiple maps can be displayed and overlaid with BING base maps; all maps are role based and assigned by user; Interactive thematic map layers are available in the legend Key Map to reference users to location Role based system with Active Directory Integration
  11. 11. Base Maps
  12. 12. Preconfigured Searches
  13. 13. Consolidated View of Database Values Database values from many other Map layers are applications can interactive and be linked to the selectable; same map feature Database values from Vadim applications are presented in results panel
  14. 14. Access to Data is the Key! Default Reports; database attributes show up on report; role based Open selected data in MS Excel Export to a table Grid View
  15. 15. Generate Mailing Labels Buffer selected map Generate Mail features and select all outs labels parcels that intersect the area Preformatted Mailing labels open in MS Word
  16. 16. Link to Existing Forms Link the GIS directly to existing Vadim forms
  17. 17. Conduct Detailed Analysis Use the Query Builder tool to query Vadim data directly to conduct what- if scenarios and run ad- All Properties hoc queries against the with an database Assessed Value between 200- 300k
  18. 18. Theme the Map Layers Geographically view trends and Theme Map anomalies in Layers from Define all the Vadim database parameters of your data values the query
  19. 19. Draw on the Map Add points, lines, polygons, text and circles to the map
  20. 20. Print Maps Create your own map template or select from predefined map templates
  21. 21. iVAULT Administrator Manage System Design a custom Access and Site to match the integrate to branding of your existing IT organization groups Connect to Define searches maps, and integrate to databases, other municipal reports and applications create quick maps and edit forms
  22. 22. Who benefits from an iVAULT-Vadim Integration? Administrative Staff Planning and Development Engineering and Public Works GIS and IT Finance and Economic Development Emergency Services
  23. 23. City of WhitehorseCase StudyiVAULT helps the City of Whitehorse successfully integrateGIS with financial and asset data.Pacific Alliance Technologies delivered a web mappingsolution that integrated ESRI ArcGIS Server 10 with the Financialand Asset Management systems.Whitehorse was able to achieve an easy to use, visual portal intothe municipal enterprise data from a spatial perspective.“A self-service system will free our GIS and other staff from time-consumingmap and data tasks while providing the city with a “value added” innovativeapproach using our existing framework and designing a solution to speed up the implementation process by re-using common components.” Mike Merrett, GIS/Database Specialist at the City of Whitehorse
  24. 24. iVAULT at City of Whitehorse
  25. 25. iVAULT Demo-Webhttp:sales.pat.caivault_arcgis
  26. 26. Contact Information Jeff Lamb – Contact Us: Visit our Websites: Head Office 604.676.6000 Toll-free 877.691.9171 Seattle 206.409.9105 Email: sales@pat.caPage 26
  27. 27. Thank YouPage 27